The Magic Touch

The Shabuhragan (which means book of Shapur) was the bible of the Manichaean religion and written by Mani (left) sometime between the years 210 and 276. The book was dedicated to King Shapur I, who ruled the Sassanid Persian Empire. This religion was a synthesis of Christianity, Zoroastrianism and Buddhism, and it became a dominant religion of the world for a brief time, and lasted in pockets into the 12th century. All copies were destroyed, although a few fragments have been uncovered in modern times.

“If by the mercy of the Gods I can heal this sick girl, then I ask you to turn away from the Christian religion and follow the lord Mani,” said Garbyab. But then he spoke to the Christians: “Christ was a miracle-working lord, who healed the blind and the lame, and also brought the dead back to life, and it is a rule that the son has the genes of his father, and the student modeled after his Rabbi. Jesus Christ said, ‘Where you place your own hand, there shall I improve with my divine hand.’ So if you truly are disciples of Christ, you can heal my daughter of her illness.”

But the Christians were not able to heal her. So on the 14th, Garbryab prayed to Jesus during the full moon: “You are a great lord and waker of the dead. Help me heal this girl so your divinity will be known to all.”
And he immediately asked for oil and water. Blessing it with the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, he rubbed the oil and applied the water. And suddenly, on the spot where he had rubbed, the girl was pure from that impure disease. And the whole night Garbryab and his friends sang hymns until the sun rose. And Garbyab stood before the glorious sun and said, “You are the bright eye of the world, as well as the path for all souls. Unworthy and unhappy are those who do not believe in you, and have turned their eyes away from your glory. Help me, oh great God of Light, and by our hands grant this girl life so she may know goodness, and also the souls for whom deliverance is prepared, might reach a new avenue to the land of escape!”

And he asked for oil and water, blessed it, and told her to rub it in and to also ingest some. And instantly, on the spot, she became healed of the sickness, whole and without defect, and her body stood as if it had never known illness.

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