The first whistleblower

Very little written by Dionysius has survived, although we do know he tried to blow the whistle on the widespread forgery occurring during the early days of Christianity. The New Testament was written in Greek and Hebrew, although Jesus would have spoken Aramaic if he’d actually lived, although there is zero evidence he did. The bulk of the New Testament was crafted by Paul and his associate Luke, neither of whom ever met Jesus, and the stories seem largely constructed to anoint Paul as the true leader of the Christian faith.

Since there are no original documents to consult, just copies of copies of copies, we will never know the truth because at any stage in the copying process, changes could have easily been made by corrupt scribes, and it would be naive not to believe changes would not be made as Christianity formalized its dogmas.

The first 300 years of the church were documented almost exclusively by Eusebius, an obvious fabricator working to construct a myth for the benefit of his emperor Constantine. Constantine’s mother was a Christian, and after he became emperor he supposedly had a vision while looking at the sun. He allegedly saw an image in the clouds and heard the words: “By this symbol conquer.”

That’s when he got the idea to put the cross on the Roman shield, instantly transforming Christianity from a religion serving the poor to becoming the symbol of Roman aggression. Eusebius also welded the names “Jesus” and “Christ” into one word. Prior to his arrival “Christ” was not attached to another word and just meant “anointed.”

Two hundred and thirty years after Jesus was allegedly crucified, a prophet named Mani was crucified in Persia. Mani had successfully integrated Zoroastrianism, Christianity and Buddhism, and his religion was sweeping the world faster than anything in history, and upsetting the status quo everywhere.

Since integrating religions is not in the interest of the empires, which rely on religion to make war for profit, I have to wonder if the sudden transformation of Christianity into the state religion of the Roman Empire wasn’t in some way connected to the fear of a new enlightenment manifesting throughout the realm.

Mani was the most famous Christian of his day, but he worshiped the light of the moon as Jesus. Christ means “anointed” in Greek and originally just referred to anyone wearing the holy anointing oil of the Old Testament, the recipe of which can be found in Exodus. The main ingredients are cannabis and olive oil.

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