Narcos: great on style, weak on history

From the opening sequence, when the narrator introduces Colombia as the center of gravity on magical realism, I knew two things were happening. One, these writers were a lot more inventive than the average action-adventure hack, and this series was going to play fast and loose with the facts. And I was not disappointed on either account. In fact, I don’t think I’ve had such a satisfying TV binge since Netflix released the Euro version of the Borgias. I watched all ten episodes of Narcos in two days.

Side note: Although you’ve been led to believe the term “magical realism” began with Jorge Luis Borges and Gabriel Garcia Marquez, it actually is as old as time and had surfaced in Europe during Germany’s Weimar Republic, one of my favorite periods, alongside expressionism and surrealism. A generation later, it was being used to describe the work of painters like Ivan Albright, who received a commission for the film version of Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray, one of the great horror classics, and an immensely rich (though heavily censored) philosophical ramble through the corridors of hedonism and spirituality.

Dorian is a remarkably beautiful young man, who somehow retains his youthful good looks while everyone around him ages. Only his portrait changes and with each sin Dorian foments in the aid of his career, the painting becomes progressively ugly. When the film was released in 1945, the painting must have had a profound effect on a generation. Although shot in black & white, the film flipped to color at the very end, when the painting was finally revealed. The painting makes a wonderful illustration for the soul of Pablo Escobar.
Magical realism has a history that predates Borges, who is Argentinian, although Marquez is the most famous Colombian. Too bad the series doesn’t delve into Pablo’s relationship with Marquez, who served as go-between with Castro, whose brother was put in charge of cocaine smuggling. Much of the cocaine moving into Miami comes through Cuba, where smuggling has been an art form for centuries.

There is a ton of magic in Colombia, however, and I prefer to think the origin is related to the country’s biodiversity. Only one other country has more plant and animal species and that’s Brazil, and they have 7 times the acreage. And when it comes to birds, Colombia beats out Brazil. And bird feathers have always played a huge role in ceremonial magic. But then, so have intoxicating substances.

Narcos is told from the point-of-view of the DEA agent who claims credit for bringing Pablo down, so this is the officially sanctioned, DEA-approved version of the story, so viewer beware, disinfo rabbit holes abound. Still, there’s a remarkable amount of magical realism conveyed, like when the DEA employs terror tactics and becomes the bad cop in the good-cop versus bad-cop games. Reminds me of our CIA agents on the ground in Vietnam, who laid the groundwork for the Phoenix Project, our nation’s largest assassination program that’s been officially admitted to in Congress.

So when CIA asset Barry Seal is shot down, they refer to him as “ex-CIA” and don’t discuss his destination (Mena, Arkansas) or the fact he was ID’d by Oliver North’s testimony in Congress, and a Colombian hit squad hired so it would look like the cartel killed him, when the real problem was Seal was threatening to tell the world he worked for George Bush and Oliver North if they hung him out to dry, which they did. Bush’s phone number was found on Seal’s dead body.

When the Cali cartel emerges to compete against Escobar, who is making $60 million a week tax free and spending thousands every week just on rubber bands to hold the cash together, the series isn’t going to delve into the long and murky relations between the Cali cartel and the CIA.

Just google “Michael Abbell.” He was the top dude at Justice overseeing extradition of drug kingpins before departing to become the lawyer for the Cali Cartel. He eventually earned a 5-year sentence for money laundering, but that offense must have gone away, because he maintains his Washington DC law practice as well as his expertise in fighting extraditions.

As long as a drug kingpin runs his money through the right bank and makes the right payoffs, he won’t be bothered. Problem is, Pablo got too big, and his pride got to him, and he had a burning desire to be President of Colombia, but after he engineered a seat in Congress, the oligarchy shamed him and made it clear he would never be allowed to join their sons and daughters in their private ceremonies. I don’t know if Pablo was a psychopath before that happened, but he certainly became one afterwards, evolving into one of the most vicious serial killers in history, and paid out millions in assassination fees over the years.

The Cali Cartel assisted the DEA and Colombian forces take-down of Pablo, and afterwards, upped Pablo’s 80% world market share to 90% for a time, and were just as ruthless and vicious as Pablo, but a lot more low-key in the media. Plus, they had the advantage of amazing intel, and always seemed to know what the Americans, police and military were up to. And they ran their money through the right banks.

The Ford Foundation is not what you think

Ford Foundation HQ in New York City.

If you think the Ford Foundation has anything to do with the auto industry, or the legacy of Henry Ford, you are wrong. Even though it was founded with a $25,000 grant in 1936 by Edsel Ford, the foundation began divesting Ford holdings in 1956 which allowed Ford Inc. to go public. The foundation currently has assets over $10 billion and hands out between $400 and $500 million per year in grants, and it was easily the world’s largest foundation for decades, although now surpassed by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Howard Hughes Medical Trust, and England’s Wellcome Trust. In 2012 the foundation archives were transferred to the Rockefeller estate in Sleepy Hollow, indicating the Rockefeller Trust may have some interest in the current operation.

H.R. Gaither.

San Francisco attorney and investment banker Horace Rowan Gaither sculpted the foundation charter, and he also created the CIA-connected Rand Corporation, Hollywood’s answer to the England’s Tavistock Institute.

Gaither put John J. McCloy in charge of the foundation, and McCloy handed the job to Richard Bissell, who passed it off to Bonesman McGeorge Bundy.

It should be noted that before the arrival of Cheney and Rumsfeld, McCloy and Bundy were Washington’s most dynamic duo.

Richard Bissell.

Funny story about Bissell: he attended Yale but rejected the offer to become a Bonesman. It was Bissell who came up with the idea of hiring the Sicilian men-of-honor to assassinate Fidel Castro, a hit team that later diverted to kill JFK, and he and Dulles initiated this plan by holding a private meeting with Chicago Godfather Sam Giancana. You’ll find the dirtiest players in the world of intel circling around Bissell, a list that included W.A. Harriman, Allen Dulles, James Angleton, Tracy Barnes, Cord Meyer, E. Howard Hunt, and Lee Harvey Oswald’s handler, David Atlee Philips. From the Bay of Pigs to the coup in Guatemala, you’ll find Bissell and his go-to team in charge.

Gaither also put his relative Peter in charge of the Asian accounts. Peter’s son had the most amazing trajectory, from Dartmouth, to Kissinger Associates, to Council on Foreign Relations, to President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York by age 42.

Ann Dunham.

A Congressional investigation in 1976 revealed half the Foundation’s international grants were actually being funded by the CIA as the foundation very quickly morphed into the primary propaganda tool of the CIA, and its staff peppered with spooks, especially staff posted overseas.
Ann Dunham (Barack Obama’s mother) worked for the Ford Foundation in Jakarta and also received funding from the World Bank. In 1965, her second husband, Lolo Soetoro, assisted the CIA coup against President Sukarno that resulted in the savage massacre of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians suspected of being communist sympathizers. Rockefeller feared his oil operations in Indonesia might be nationalized, a fate already awarded to Dutch Royal Shell, so a holocaust was arranged to prevent it.

Peter Gaither supervised Ann Dunham’s Ford Foundation microfinance programs. Isn’t it somewhat odd that their offspring would rise to the tippy-top of the pyramid and at such young ages?

Allen Hulton, a retired postal worker, gave a sworn affidavit to Maricopa County, Ariz., Sheriff Joe Arpaio concerning Thomas and Mary Ayers, whose home in Glen Ellyn, IL, was on his daily postal route. Hulton had many conversations with Mary over the years and learned the couple was helping sponsor a foreign student from Indonesia into Harvard. A few days later, Hulton met the young lad.

“He was very polite, dressed nicely, but informally, slacks and a dress shirt, and spoke with no accent. Immediately this young black man entered into conversation with me. He told me he had taken the train out from Chicago and had come to thank the Ayers family personally for having helped him with his education.”

Hulton asked the man about future plans and he “told me he was going to be president of the United States. There was a little bit of a grin on his face when he said it. He sounded sure of himself, but not arrogant. I know how people will say things because they have an ambition, but it did not come across that way. It came across as if this young black male was telling me he was going to be president, almost as if it were the statement of a scientific fact that had already been determined, as if his being president had been already prearranged.”

Imagine Hulton’s surprise when the young man, who he identifies as Barack Obama, fulfilled his dream.

Maybe you’re wondering what happened to the Ayers’ offspring, and if their child had such a remarkable trajectory as well. Yes, he did. Their son Bill became the FBI’s most wanted terrorist after founding the Weather Underground and instigating several deadly bombings. Ayers and his compatriot Bernadine Dohrn were responsible for destroying the student youth movement by driving it off a cliff, something the CIA was certainly interested in having happen. And afterwards, these two terrorists would be rehabilitated as “anti-war activists” and given cushy professorships in Chicago. The rank and file of their tatty organization suffered great privation during their years of operation, but Ayers and Dohrn were known to have always eaten well and slept between sheets, while sipping expensive wines.

Maybe you can put the rest of the pieces of this puzzle together? Maybe you know now why Obama’s resume is so closed from public scrutiny. I think it’s great we had a president of color, and hope many more follow, but don’t kid yourself: our elections are completely rigged by big business and the CIA and they always will be until the entire system is given an overhaul.

Origins of the Radical Left

Raskin and Barnet

You might think Washington DC think tanks are conservative by nature, but the first one created is decidedly leftist: the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS), founded by former concert pianist Marcus Raskin and Boston lawyer Richard Barnet in 1963.

Strangely, Raskin was an aide to McGeorge Bundy, while Barnet worked for John J. McCloy at the State Department.

You’d be hard-pressed to find two more well-connected members of the oligarchy than Bundy and McCloy. Bundy was the Bonesman offspring of two powerful Boston Brahmin clans who rose to head the CIA-connected Ford Foundation. He was an intelligence officer during WWII and afterwards co-wrote Bonesman Henry Stimson’s autobiography. In 1949, he was appointed secretary of the powerful Council on Foreign Relations and began having private meetings with General Dwight Eisenhower, who would soon be president, and Allen Dulles, who Eisenhower would put in charge of intelligence operations.

These meetings no doubt involved David Rockefeller, who would soon chair a committee to completely reorganize the government. In 1954, Rockefeller was made special assistant on psychological war, and the following year he created the Planning Coordination Group for running covert counterintelligence responses to national security issues.

McCloy and Bundy in private session with LBJ.

McCloy served as head of the World Bank and became a member of the highly sensitive Warren Commission. Before WWII, McCloy was North American attorney for I.G. Farben, largest corporation in Europe, and after the war he was Bonesman Stimson’s aide when Stimson devised the Black Eagle Fund and disappeared billions in Nazi and Japanese stolen gold, which was divvied up into hundreds of secret funds in banks around the world, while dividends and interest used to topple democracies unfavorable to Wall Street interests, while fomenting right and left-wing terror squads to drive the dialectical confrontations.

The US military HQ was set-up inside Farben’s massive complex, which strangely was never bombed during the war, even though it represented the nerve center of Germany’s industrial and chemical operations, perhaps due to the close relations between Farben and Rockefeller’s Standard Oil, companies that did business throughout the war. Farben quickly became Hitler’s biggest corporate booster and financial sponsor, while its in-house intelligence network became the brains behind the SS and Gestapo. In fact, Farben had been the brainchild of John Foster Dulles, Eisenhower’s  Secretary of State, and Dulles helped design the immense complex housing over 200,000 workers.

I find it disturbing the US high command occupied the same offices where Zyclon B was designed, and immediately began transferring 700 Nazi scientists (as well as many sadistic war criminals) into North and South America with new identities, a highly secret project called “Paperclip” that was greatly assisted by the Vatican, whose bank was cut into the action on the Black Eagle Fund through Opus Dei operatives in the Philippines, which is why you’ll find so many Malta Knights at the top of the CIA today, and why Opus Dei commands so much power inside the Vatican Bank. McCloy was put in charge of Germany and swiftly pardoned any Nazis they wanted recruited.

Now what are the odds aides of these immensely powerful insiders (whose families were long-time Republicans) would create a center of energy on radical activity in America? Whenever I find operations like this, I suspect spooks at work.

Funding for IPS came from two sources: Philip Stern, heir to the Sears fortune in Chicago, and banker James Warburg, whose father designed the Federal Reserve, a privately-held banking cartel that rules our money supply and sets interest rates. Warburg’s uncle, Jacob Schiff, financed the Japanese attack on Russia and was partners with Bonesman E.H. Harriman. Schiff’s father was the primary broker for the Rothschilds and the family played a leading role in funding Zionism. These deep connections indicate IPS was no accidental grassroots emanation, but a conscious construction of a system it was designed to attack, which is standard spook operational procedure because if there’s going to be something attacking you, it’s best if you secretly manipulate it so there’s no unintended harm to your bottom line.

I suspect IPS appeared shortly after the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) released the Port Huron Statement because SDS was gathering momentum quickly and threatening a socialist youth revolt. However, by 1969, SDS was shattered by internal divisions fomented by undercover agents, while its center of energy was stolen by a small group of fanatics who supported terror tactics and murder. They called themselves “The Weathermen” after a Bob Dylan song and they were funded by IPS. The Weathermen destroyed the student youth movement by driving it off a cliff.

“I was right there,” says Patti Astor. ” SDS was really gathering steam and poised to become a real force and the Weather Underground blew the whole thing to shit. It was a serious, like almost a body snatching scenario, where one day everything was fine, and the next…people you KNEW were screaming about getting in cells and tons of crazy shit.”

The true leaders of the Weather Underground were Bernadine Dohrn and Bill Ayers. Ayers’ father was immensely wealthy. He was CEO of Commonwealth Edison and sat on many boards, including Sears’, where he likely would have been seated next to IPS sugar daddy Philip Stern.

Peter Weiss.

Dohrn also had a privileged upbringing in Minneapolis and ended up at the Rockefeller-funded University of Chicago Law School, where she became the first student organizer for the communist-infested National Lawyers Guild (NLG). In fact, IPS was run by Yale law school grad Peter Weiss, an Austrian-born lawyer and prominent leader inside NLG, although his wife Cora also seems to have played a prominent role.

Although they deny it today, Dohrn and Ayers were the most blood-thirsty instigators and always ready to up the stakes. Dohrn’s most famous quote came at the “Wargasm” they organized in Flint, Michigan. In reference to the recent murder of Sharon Tate, she announced: “First they killed those pigs, then they ate dinner in the same room with them, then they even shoved a fork into the pig Tate’s stomach! Wild!” In homage to Hitler, she created a three-fingered fork salute. They painted Manson as culture hero and role model.

Leary copped his guru style from John Griggs, founder of the Brotherhood of Eternal Love.

When Timothy Leary was busted in California and jailed for ten years for possessing two joints, President Richard Nixon already considered him the most dangerous man in America. Leary was a brilliant psychologist and designed a personality profile quiz he was forced to take when he checked into prison. The problem with Leary, however, is that he was already blanketed by spooks when he arrived in California. The Weathermen seized on his incarceration as an opportunity to bust Leary out and whisk him to Africa, and they employed the escape as a publicity stunt to enhance their visibility.

Dorhn declares total war on America.

Dohrn wore a button on her blouse: “cunnilingus is cool, fellatio is fun” while showing off massive cleavage. Steve Tappis requested she button up and she responded by pulling out a breast. “You like this tit?” she said. “Take it.”  Eventually, participation in group orgies became compulsory inside the Weather Underground, resulting in widespread genital infections known as “weather crud.” In this regard, they resembled the Process Church of Final Judgment, who also deployed drugs and sex games to reprogram the flock.

On February 12, 1970, two bombs went off in the Berkeley Police station parking lot during a shift change, allegedly to maximize the death count, yet thankfully no officers were killed. But four days later another bomb went off during a shift change at a station in San Francisco, and this one did succeed in murdering an innocent officer.

Isn’t it strange that when Leary was captured and brought back to prison with his sentence greatly enhanced, he caved and told everything he knew about the Weathermen who’d broken him out of jail and whisked him to Africa with a fake passport. Funny, though, nothing ever came of his confession. Not a single arrest nor interrogation. Bizarre, considering the Weathermen are supposed to be the FBI’s number one target.

It gets even stranger because Ayers and Dohrn eventually became tenured professors in Chicago, holding down high-paying gigs at major universities. It’s unfathomable how two terrorists on the most-wanted list could live a life on the lam for over a decade and then emerge in 1980 and serve no jail time. In fact, Dohrn almost immediately got a gig with the most prestigious law firm in Chicago (the same one that hired Obama and Michelle). Most charges against the Weathermen had already been dropped. This is the opposite of what typically happens when cop killers come to court.

The most prominent spokesman for IPS is Noam Chomsky, who is a 9/11 conspiracy denier who faithfully supports the official cover-story. In fact, Chomsky claims the reason he knows 9/11 wasn’t an inside job is because if it had been, the hijackers would have been sheep-dipped as Iraqi and not Saudi. This position makes zero sense and ignores the close personal relationship between the Bonesmen Bush family and the ruling Saudi royal houses. The other primary supporter of the official story in the media is John Foster “Chip” Berlet, who used to oversee a propaganda network funded through the Ford Foundation.

Berlet was also a prominent figure inside the National Lawyers Guild (as well as the CIA-sponsored National Student Association) and Berlet was apparently an undercover FBI informant in Chicago for a time, and he seems to have some sort of relationship with the Mossad because he frequently appears in the media as an expert on their operations.

Berlet’s stockbroker father, Col. George Numa Berlet, Jr., named his son after John Foster Dulles, former Secretary of State and head of the most powerful law firm in America, Sullivan & Cromwell. It was John Foster Dulles who created I.G. Farben by convincing six German corporations to merge, and as bait, Dulles arranged huge loans from Wall Street to seal the deal. Farben was designed largely to mimic operations of Standard Oil, which became a major investor in Farben, joining Max Warburg and the DuPonts. Today, Berlet has become a leader in helping foment a new inquisition, which brands political heretics as lunatics deserving incarceration and forced medication simply for not accepting the official stories on 9/11 and the JFK assassination. He dubbed this imaginary mental disorder as: “conspiracism.”

The IPS works hand-in-glove with the oldest magazine in America, The Nation, run by Katrina vanden Heuvel, who sits on the IPS board and is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. Her father William vanden Heuvel was a protege of William Donovan, who headed the Office of Strategic Services, precursor of the CIA. Even more telling, vanden Heuvel was the personal attorney for Bonesman W.A. Harriman.

Maybe you can see the incredible tight-knit relationship between all these characters and why I suspect staged confrontations and propaganda psyops are in play. This is the real world, a spook-infested wilderness of mirrors, where up is down and black is white.

In Praise of Steve Kangas

So where are the accolades and honors for one of America’s greatest investigative journalists? I bet you’ve never even heard his name.

There’s no denying Steve Kangas was the real thing, a CIA spook who dropped out of the game and began revealing deep secrets. Thankfully, much of his journalism survives today because he was one of the first to realize the value of the Internet. I don’t understand why there’s no biography or compendium of his greatest hits. Hopefully, someday, these will emerge.

Kangas was posted in Berlin at the height of the Cold War and grew disgusted by dirty tricks and secret ops, so he got himself honorably discharged and moved to Santa Cruz to pursue some college degrees. He planned to go all the way to PhD with the financial assistance of the G.I. Bill. He was a chess master and quickly became president of the Santa Cruz chess club, which gives you an idea of his intellectual prowess. Had he lived, he’d be the most enlightened political pundit in the world today, so deep was his understanding of secret societies. It took me decades to catch up to where Kangas was in 1999 when he was murdered (although officially, it’s a “suicide” naturally.) There was another journalist working a similar trail even earlier named Danny Casolaro and he was also “suicided” back in 1991. But after Kangas was killed, the CIA went into overdrive inventing fake whistle-blowers to snatch control of the center of conspiracy research. If you see a so-called whistle-blower on the cover of Time magazine, rest assured that’s an op.

Kangas knew the CIA was designed not to foster democracy but fascist puppets favorable to rampant exploitation, which is why the CIA is known on the inside as the “company,” while agents are “assets” and overseas postings, “accounts,” terminology lifted straight from the big business universe they secretly serve.

Kangas was also aware of a deep Catholic connection inside the CIA, and the incredible overlap of CIA officials, corporate CEOs, European royals, heads of state, and Nazi war criminals, all of whom were Knights of Malta (essentially the Pope’s CIA), which means they held citizenship in the only landless entity on earth offering full diplomatic immunity. While masquerading as do-gooders, Knights can whiz easily through customs with nary a second glance, so if you want to move something secret or illegal across international borders, just hand it off to them.

One of Kangas’ most important revelations was Watergate was a CIA op designed to bring down Nixon, who had been trying to wrest control of international relations away from the CIA. Apparently, Nixon’s detente move with China did not have full CIA approval. Early on, Kangas recognized Bob Woodward as a spook, and not a real investigative journalist.

Richard Mellon Scaife became one of Kangas’ main targets and he spent months investigating Scaife’s operations. At the time, Scaife was puppet master of the “vast right-wing conspiracy” trying to bring down President Clinton, as he was pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into the effort to wrest the White House from the Democrats. Much of this activity was cloaked inside some highly influential foundations which had been created as tax shelters for the super rich, the biggest of which were:

  • Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation
  • Carthage Foundation
  • Earhart Foundation
  • Charles G. Koch
  • David H. Koch
  • Claude R. Lambe
  • Philip M. McKenna
  • J.M. Foundation
  • John M. Olin Foundation
  • Henry Salvatori Foundation
  • Sarah Scaife Foundation
  • Smith Richardson Foundation

One sticky problem Scaife needed to overcome was the large number of women supporting the Democrats, so he began grooming female pundits for his cause. He donated $450,000 to help create the Independent Women’s Forum, which greatly assisted the rise of Ann Coulter.

According to a former Scaife employee: “He has the emotional maturity of a very angry 12-year-old, and he has all this money and he can do whatever he wants with it.” While working as managing editor of a Scaife-funded magazine, Pat Minarcin was given a list of people Scaife wanted attacked in print. Minarcin resigned.

On February 8th, 1999, Kangas took a bus to Pittsburgh from Nevada, and visited the Scaife headquarters. We don’t know what happened next. Was he there to interview Scaife? We only know he was found dead in the men’s room on the same floor as Scaife’s office. And that Kangas’ computer was wiped clean the next day. The death was quickly ruled a suicide, while the police report and autopsy disagreed on the location of the entry wound. There was zero coverage in any media for weeks, and even then, not a single reporter conducted an independent investigation of the death. Eventually, the story was sculpted to assert Kangas had come to Pittsburgh to assassinate Scaife, and had gotten cold feet and shot himself instead, a completely absurd hypothesis accepted faithfully by the national media. My theory is he came to interview Scaife and perhaps tape record his answers when confronted with certain evidence. After the interview was concluded, Kangas stopped off at the men’s room, where Scaife’s goons began separating him from his recorder and evidence. Did Kangas actually possess a weapon, and carry it to Pittsburgh, and if so, why is there zero discussion about it’s forensic trail, because weapons have some.

But this was not the first unexpected death linked to Scaife. Robert Duggan was the powerful district attorney in Pittsburgh, and also boyfriend of Cordelia, Scaife’s sister. Duggan had shepherded Scaife into the highest echelons of the Republican Party in Pennsylvania, but after a federal investigation was launched against Duggan, Scaife planned to subpoena his sister Cordelia to spill whatever beans she knew. In response, Cordelia swiftly married Duggan to prevent any such testimony from taking place. On March 5th, 1974, the same day the corruption indictment came down, Duggan was found dead of a shotgun blast to the chest. The weapon was on the ground several feet away. Cordelia was convinced her brother was behind the killing and the two cut off all communication for decades, although they did reconcile shortly before Cordelia’s death.

On July 4, 2014, Scaife passed away from cancer one day after his 82nd birthday. He left his fortune to two foundations, and his two children immediately filed a lawsuit claiming the billion dollar fortune had been drained of hundreds of millions of dollars just prior to their father’s death.

My coda on this saga is Barbara Olson, one of the attractive right-wing pundits shepherded on a fast-track through the Scaife propaganda mills. Olson was an attorney for Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr, which may be the most powerful law firm in America (after Sullivan and Cromwell), before she became a professional pundit. She was on her way to another appearance on Bill Mayer’s Politically Incorrect when she boarded Flight 77. Although cell phones did not work above 1800 feet at the time, she allegedly called her husband from high altitude. The call, although technically impossible, was how the 9/11 hijack story was initially fed into the national media.

Barbara Olson had previously been the primary protector of Clarence Thomas in his battle against Anita Hill, and later morphed into the primary attack dog on Hillary Clinton. Her husband was the lawyer who successfully represented George W. Bush in Bush vs. Gore, a case that handed the presidency to a thief. Ted Olson was rewarded with the post of Solicitor General, a position he held from June 2001 to July 2004.

According to Ted, he received two phone calls from his wife on September 11th, the longest of which lasted for four minutes. The pilots and passengers had been herded to the rear of the plane by men armed only with box-cutters. Barbara asked her husband to provide instructions for the pilot standing near her. However, during the trial of Zacarias Moussaoui, the FBI revealed there was only one phone call from Barbara to Ted that day and it lasted 0 seconds. In other words, it was an unconnected call, which is what you’d expect from any call made above 1,800 feet. Another suspicious detail is the pilot, Charles “Chic” Burlingame, was a weightlifter and boxer, and more physically imposing than the alleged hijackers, many of whom seem to have been employing other people’s identities and not their own. Just as none of the video from the Pentagon has ever been released to the public, none of the phone records from that day have ever been released, increasing suspicion of a cover-up.

Origins of the Radical Right

There’s a lot of discussion about how Rockefellers and Rothschilds run the Illuminati, but in truth the trail into the oligarchies ruling the planet runs wider and deeper than two families from two countries. There are many others jousting for a slice of the skim. Here in the USA, the Duponts, certainly qualify, but also the Mellons.

Banker Andrew Mellon was appointed Secretary of the Treasury by President Warren Harding, known today as one of the most corrupt executives to occupy the Oval Office. His administration was brief, however, as Harding died unexpectedly under mysterious circumstances while visiting San Francisco. Some say it was flu, others blame a heart attack, but we’ll never know for sure because his widow refused an autopsy, while rushing back to Washington to quickly burn all his papers.

Mellon kept his job through two more administrations, which shows how immense his influence was. He invented trickle-down economics and cut the tax rate on the richest Americans from 75% to 25%, while reducing corporate and inheritance taxes.  Although he was a great friend to the super rich, eventually Congress launched an impeachment hearing against him and began marshaling evidence of corruption, which prompted Mellon to swiftly resign to become Ambassador to England, always a plum posting for oligarchy insiders. He remained only a year, however, before retiring from public life, indicating the move may have been a diversion from a sticky situation.

Among Mellon’s most notable accomplishments was the vast reduction of WWI debt owed by Germany and France, as well as the creation of the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs. He unleashed his nephew-in-law Harry J. Anslinger to foment a war on marijuana and jazz culture after the Bureau of Prohibition became obsolete. Creating a war on plants was Mellon’s solution for keeping his alcohol vice squad intact.

President Franklin Roosevelt detested Mellon and launched an IRS investigation which determined he owed two million in back taxes, even though Mellon was the third largest tax payer behind Rockefeller and Ford. Rather than pay up, however, Mellon justified his reduced payment by explaining that as Secretary of the Treasury, he could set his own tax rate on himself according to what he felt he owed. The IRS dropped the case after Mellon’s death.

In 1958, Richard Mellon Scaife  inherited a large chunk of the Mellon fortune after the death of this father Alan, who’d served as a major in the Office of Strategic Services, precursor of the CIA. In fact, a number of Mellons can be found in crucial positions in the OSS. While a freshman, Scaife was kicked out of Yale. He’d rolled a keg of beer down a flight of stairs, where it collided with another student, breaking his leg. When his mother died in 1972, Scaife became a billionaire and took control of the vast Mellon empire. According to his sister Cordelia, Richard, his mother and her were “gutter drunks.”

Scaife became a supporter of Barry Goldwater and was crushed by his resounding defeat at the polls. In order to take control of the country from the Democrats, it became necessary to muster a grassroots campaign to derail the exploding counterculture revolution. Scaife would soon either create or take control of countless propaganda fronts and think tanks, and by working divisive issues like abortion and gun control, the operation began constructing what became known as “the moral majority.”

Robert LeFevre was one of the first libertarians and founded a school in Colorado designed to indoctrinate leaders for a right-wing revolution. LeFevre became the model for a character in a Robert Heinlein novel, The Moon is a Harsh Mistress. Among those who attended the school was Kerry Thornley, who served at the secret Atsuki base in Japan and became a close associate of Lee Harvey Oswald, as well as members of the now-famous Koch family, who helped create the notoriously conspiratorial John Birch Society and also backed Goldwater’s failed presidential bid.

On the other side of the dialectic, however, Scaife’s cousin Billy Mellon Hitchcock became Tim Leary’s sugar daddy, and began bankrolling an LSD distribution network that was soon raking in illegal profits. One of Billy’s operatives was Ronald H. Stark, who apparently carried a copy of The Moon is a Harsh Mistress wherever he appeared. And Stark appeared in some of the strangest places, like a Zelig planted inside the counterculture.

In 1983, Scaife held a meeting with FBI informant John Rees and Chip Berlet, formally of the National Student Association, a CIA-front. The purpose of the meeting was to establish a hit squad on the emerging Lyndon LaRouche organization that was recruiting undergraduates (many of whom were of Jewish descent) into a political action hit-team aimed at discrediting both the counterculture and the new right-wing movement being fomented by key families around the country, most notably: Scaife in Pittsburgh, Bradley in Milwaukee, Olin in New York, Smith Richardson in Pittsboro, Coors in Denver, and Koch in Wichita.

Chip Berlet briefly became Washington DC editor of High Times magazine, and hosted A.J. Weberman when he came to investigate the JFK assassination. Thornley and Weberman would play key roles in sheep-dipping E. Howard Hunt as key instigator of the JFK hit, a rabbit hole I believe was cleverly devised by James Angleton to shield the real operatives, Ted Shackley and Johnny Roselli. They’d been charged with the mission to kill Castro, but after JFK called off the hit and began working for world peace, the CIA-sponsored hit team went off-the-shelf and hit JFK instead of Castro.

When you peer deeply into these events, it seems many of these famous altercations are staged dialectics for propaganda effect. By simultaneously funding Communists and anti-Communists, they sought control over debate parameters as engineered feuds have a way of building true believers on both sides of the divide.