Abraham Bolden & Thomas Vallee are keys to the JFK assassination

Twenty-three days before the assassination of JFK in Dallas, Lee Harvey Oswald walked into the FBI offices in Dallas and delivered a handwritten note for agent James Hosty. After JFK’s murder, Hosty was ordered to destroy this note and it took many years to uncover what that note might have said and why it had to be destroyed immediately after the assassination. The official story given by Hosty was it contained “some sort of threat,” but that later changed to the more ludicrous: “stay away from my wife.”

In fact, the note most likely claimed that a four-man assassination team had assembled in Chicago for the purpose of assassinating JFK on his way to Soldier Field for the annual Army-Air Force football game, an assassination scheduled to take place on November 2.

We only know all this because a Chicago-based secret service agent named Abraham Bolden was asked to investigate the allegation and two men were placed under surveillance and soon picked up later that day and brought to the Secret Service offices in Chicago, and then mysteriously released without being conclusively identified for the record. One of these suspects could have been John Roselli, or maybe he was one of the guys not picked up, but it’s clear the two suspects were spooks just from the way the investigation unfolded without arrest or noticeable investigative paperwork. Bolden only knew that the tip had come from an FBI informant named “Lee.” Bolden would later turn whistleblower and pay the career-ending price.

By strange coincidence, another chance encounter had put the assassination mission in jeopardy, as the patsy had inadvertently prematurely come under investigation. And that patsy bore an amazing resemblance to Lee Harvey Oswald. His name was Thomas Arthur Vallee and he’d been overheard making threats against JFK at a diner, where he was confronted by an undercover officer who reported the incident to Chicago Secret Service.

Two Chicago police officers were sent to investigate Vallee, and they both ended up rising rapidly through the ranks: Daniel Groth and Peter Schurla. Right around the time JFK cancelled his Chicago trip (just an hour before he was due to take off), Groth and Schurla went to see Vallee.

He told them he’d been assigned to a U2 base in Japan (just like Oswald) and had a small arsenal and hundreds of rounds of ammunition. He was a devoted member of the John Birch Society, which means he likely believed JFK was a communist agent bent on destruction of the United States.

Photos of his vehicle revealed that Vallee had a license plate that was protected by national security. He was also a certified mental patient with a metal plate in his head and a history of emotional breakdowns.

Since there was also another plot based in Tampa one wonders if an ex-Marine from a U2 base in Japan was also being moved into a tall office building overlooking a parade route.  Supposedly that shooter was positioned in the Floridan Hotel, then the tallest building in Tampa, while a Cuban named Gilberto Lopez was being set-up to take the fall.  The locations of Chicago, Tampa and Dallas are telling because that’s where Dulles and Angleton felt they had the most control over the situation.

But perhaps the most telling detail is the two cops sent to interview Vallee were later sent to assassinate Fred Hampton, the most respected activist leader in Chicago, and someone who was railing against the recently-created Weather Underground that was seeking a violent revolution in America. The Weathermen seized upon Hampton’s assassination as the reason everyone needed to take up arms and especially urged people to shoot cops and soldiers.

Shortly after 1963, Vallee moved to Indianapolis. A few years later he moved to Columbus. In the fall of 1966, the Secret Service conducted its first interrogation of Vallee. Although the serial numbers had never been checked on the original weapons found on him in Chicago, the Secret Service allegedly did check the serial numbers on his newly acquired rifles. Afterwards, Vallee relocated to Houston. He was tracked there by Edwin Black of the Chicago Independent.

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  1. I am former U.S. Secret Service and I too have suffered retaliation for exposing corruption within the Treasury Department and I know and support Mr. Abraham Bolden. It is obvious his case was a set up and entrapment and should never have made it to a judge or trail. The DOJ is corrupt. It is a shame we can still have the best of the best especially inside the Secret Service, but even they have corrupt officials who may have been involved in the assassination in 1963.
    Please contact or write Trump and ask for protection and Pardons of law enforcement whistle-blowers like Mr. Bolden and myself(John Carman) See my website: http://www.customscorruption.com

    1. From Wikipedia: “Bolden was interviewed for Lamar Waldron and Thom Hartmann’s 2005 book Ultimate Sacrifice: John and Robert Kennedy, the Plan for a Coup in Cuba, and the Murder of JFK and details of his account appear in throughout the book.[38][39] In 2006, he was interviewed for the television documentary Conspiracy Files: The JFK Assassination based on information in Ultimate Sacrifice.[40] The program asserted that mobster John Roselli was responsible for framing Bolden.[40] James W. Douglass interviewed Bolden seven times between 1998 and 2004, and devoted an entire chapter to the alleged plot in his 2008 book JFK and the Unspeakable.[41] Douglass stated that the Secret Service “deliberately destroyed” documents related to the plot in January 1995 after they were requested by the Assassination Records Review Board.[42]”

  2. I watched that program Conspiracy Files and remember no such allegation. However DeStefano was close to Richard Cain who did work with Roselli according to Waldron.

  3. very interesting. i didn’t know about the special license plates except in ca. . many years ago, when citizens could go to any police station, give a license number,and get the address of the owner,cops complained that people who got tickets might want revenge and target their families. so they got special plates for anyone in the family, that can’t be traced , for at least a month,by law. tickets must be delivered within a 3 week time period so no cop, or anyone in the family,ever has to pay for a ticket. years ago, the state changed the rules and nobody can find the address for any plate number, yet this protection still exists.run all the red lights you want,speed, fail to pay tolls, park in the handicapped zone, litter at will. the firemen, cps workers,etc. all were added to the system when they demanded equal benefits with the police. over a million have these special plates here. is this a nationwide thing ? only read about it once, in the orange county register.

    1. If you poke around you’ll find the story of the cop who ran his plate from a news photo. It came up shielded by FBI, which meant only FBI were allowed assess to the information. I don’t know if this story is real, or just another one of the many rabbit holes, this story has more of those than Alice in Wonderland.

        1. Not familiar with any link between Vallee’s plate and Oswald. The links I detail are: U2 in Japan, placement in an office building overlooking a parade route in November. But since Vallee was a Bircher, we can also assume Oswald’s Hunt letter referred to a possible penetration he’d made of the Bircher movement, which might explain his awareness of the Chicago plot.

  4. So it appears we’re now assuming that it was Lee Oswald who tipped off the secret service about the plot to assassinate JFK in Chicago. Why then would he suddenly go rogue a few weeks later and shoot JFK in Dallas? It makes absolutely no sense.

    What does make sense is that Lee Oswald was set up to be the patsy in a plot stage-managed by elements of the Mob employing shooters from offshore, anti-Castro Cubans and other CIA black operators. I’m pretty certain Roselli took a shot at JFK from the storm drain on Elm Street and hit him in the throat, possibly through the limousine’s windshield. Then seconds later a shot rang out from behind the picket fence.

    I think the recollections of assassination eyewitness Ed Hoffman are an important starting place from which to understand what really happened behind the fence on the grass knoll immediately after one or more shots were fired from there . Too bad none of the Dallas PD, secret service or FBI investigators who worked that crime scene took Hoffman, a deaf mute, seriously. Hoffman later said he saw a cloud of smoke which he thought was someone lighting a cigarette. Hoffman said after he saw the cloud of smoke he saw a well dressed man in a dark blue suit with white shirt and wearing a dapper looking hat (possibly Lucien Sarti in a police uniform) toss a rifle to a taller, older looking second man wearing coveralls which Hoffman believed was a railroad uniform. Hoffman recalled the “railroad worker” man “twisted” the rifle into two pieces and stashed both in a nearby railroad tool box. From there the “shooter man” in the blue suit began walking in a northwest direction, to follow the railroad tracks to the north, Hoffamn recalled that after stashing the rifle in the tool box, the man in the railroad uniform began walking northeast in the general direction of the book depository.

    So any serious look into what happened atop the grass knoll has to start by taking seriously the recollections of Hoffman, as well as other key witnesses like Lee Bowers and the eyewitnesses who were atop the triple underpass like S. M. Holland.

    1. You will find the testimony of Hoffman and Bowers on my site. Roselli was working for JM/Wave at the time. George H.W. Bush was too, setting up oil platforms that could be used to resupply the cigarette boats running arms and explosives into Cuba. The CIA was blowing up tourist hotels to destroy the Cuban economy. Oswald was a deep undercover CIA/FBI operative.

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