The Two Oswalds

Intelligence operations follow patterns and the most complex ones deploy diversions. It’s what a stage magician does when needing to hide something. First, he attracts attention to the other hand.
On 9/11, for example, it appears nearly simultaneous to turning off the transponders, the hijacked planes crossed paths with other planes, which may have been done to swap the two out, or just to muddy their trail.

Oswald in Mexco?

It was a huge problem that no photo of Oswald entering the Cuban and/or Russian embassy could be found. And neither did a voice recording emerge. Hard evidence on anyone who walked into and/or called the Cuban or Russian embassies in Mexico should have been easy to relocate, and if it did exist, it mysteriously disappeared. Of course, having a tape of someone impersonating Oswald on the phone would have been irrefutable proof of a larger conspiracy.

Minutes after the assassination, Deputy Sheriff Roger Craig saw Oswald exit the Texas Schoolbook Depository and enter a light-green Rambler station wagon driven by a stocky Cuban (probably David Morales) before speeding off in the direction of Oak Cliff.

The CIA had a safe house in Oak Cliff stuffed with anti-Castro Cubans. Oswald had recently left his wife and child at Ruth Paine’s in Irving, while renting a room in Oak Cliff over 12 miles away, perhaps because operations were heating up and becoming dangerous and he wanted to distance himself from his family and shield them from potential blowback. He’d spent the previous night at Paine’s with Marina.

Officer J.D. Tippit was involved somehow in this operation and was aware of the danger because he told his son that morning, “No matter what happens today, just remember I love you.” That was the last time his son saw his dad alive. It seems possible Tippit may have been one of the few policeman who knew Oswald’s true identity as a CIA/FBI undercover informant. He knew something big was happening that day, and he seems to have become panicked after he learned JFK was dead.

Tippit was driving frantically around Oak Cliff looking for someone, probably Oswald. A police car, perhaps Tippit’s, pulled up in front of Oswald’s rooming house right after he arrived home to retrieve his revolver. The car honked twice and then moved on, an obvious signal of some sort. Since two patrolmen had escorted the three tramps to anonymity earlier that day, however, I have to suspect those two cops could have been the same spooks who honked their horn, signaling it was time to go to the next stage of operations.  I’ll always wonder if those fake cops circled the block and then picked Oswald up at some prearranged location to deposit him at the Texas Theater, and then rushed off to 10th Street to plant Oswald’s wallet at the Tippit murder scene.

Tippit was blocking an alley on East 10th Street seven blocks from the theater when he rolled down his passenger side window to speak to a pedestrian. It seems a police car may have already been in that alley nearby as police were on the scene almost immediately after the shooting. When Tippit exited his car and came around to talk further, or perhaps to take the pedestrian into custody, the pedestrian shot him four times, including two point-blank shots to the head. Obviously, the shooter wanted insurance Tippit would not survive. Some sort of conversation took place and escalated from there and Tippit apparently didn’t comprehend the danger he was in or he would not have left his vehicle without drawing his gun. It was a mob-style execution and not a gun fight.
The first cop on the scene picked up a wallet next to the spreading pool of Tippit’s blood, and it had Lee Harvey Oswald’s military ID. There were also four empty cartridges discovered at the scene as the shooter had emptied his revolver while walking away. How convenient! It’s not often a murderer leaves his ID and spent cartridges like a trail of breadcrumbs to the magic kingdom. At this point there were zero suspects in JFK’s assassination, but immediately after Tippit’s murder, the story went out Lee Harvey Oswald was a suspect and had just murdered a policeman possibly as part of his getaway. Officer down! The response was staggering and almost every patrol car in Dallas converged on Oak Cliff. The focus was instantly concentrated entirely on Oswald and that focus never wavered.

By the time Tippit was shot, Oswald was already inside the Texas Theater. He’d been directed there by someone and was likely supposed to make contact with someone he didn’t know. A theater is a logical location for a clandestine rendezvous because safe houses need to stay safe and we know there was a CIA safe house nearby. Oswald sat first in the balcony, but soon bought popcorn and moved down to the main floor, sitting for a few minutes right next to someone before moving on to another person. After he sat right next to a pregnant woman and had a brief conversation, she got up and moved to the balcony while Oswald moved again to sit next to another.

Whoever shot Tippit also came to the theater, but not before dumping a windbreaker under a vehicle behind a gas station. Suddenly, like those planes crossing as transponders go off, the two Oswalds came in close proximity for maybe the first time, and one of them had the entire Dallas police force on his tail. My best guess is the double came in a few minutes after Oswald, and he went unseen up into the balcony where the pregnant woman was now seated.

When the police arrived, they stopped the film, turned on the house lights and approached the audience from the stage and began inspecting everyone’s IDs. When they got to Oswald, he allegedly jumped up and shouted, “It’s all over now,” and punched the nearest officer, who fell into the seats. He then pulled out his revolver and pointed it at the ceiling, or perhaps the floor, or maybe at the officer. Eyewitness testimony conflicts from this point. Witnesses claim to have heard the gun click, but no shots were fired. The arresting officer later somewhat absurdly claimed he’d placed his thumb on the hammer to prevent it from going off. Perhaps the revolver had a bent firing pin or was unloaded. Perhaps the speech was part of a script fed to him by his handler. Oswald was pummeled by many officers, handcuffed and taken out the front entrance to be greeted by an immense mob that included some media. He was not assassinated in the theater as might have been expected from flourishing a revolver shouting, “It’s over.” But then later on, some witnesses would say Oswald uttered those words while being led out of the building in handcuffs, and that’s the problem: the most theatrical version possible often gets written in stone.

It appears the police may have continued inspecting IDs after Oswald was removed from the theater and may have gone up into the balcony where a man who looked somewhat like Oswald was also taken into custody and also handcuffed, only this person was taken out the back door and never showed up at the police station. And I say this because we have many witnesses to an Oswald coming out the front and one witness to an Oswald coming out the back. One of the oddest points of this case is we only know the names of a few people who were in that theater out of more than two dozen who bought tickets that day.

It’s worth noting Oswald had a wallet on him when he was in the theater, leading to speculation about the mysterious wallet dropped at the scene of Tippit’s murder, the wallet that put Oswald on the map in the first place. Sorta like the passport found at the World Trade Center that was disappeared from the story later on.

But perhaps the most bizarre saga of the two Oswalds is the story told by a refrigerator mechanic to the FBI four days after the assassination.

On November 20th, at 10:30 AM, Ralph Leon Yates was driving through Oak Cliff and stopped to pick up a hitchhiker near the Beckley Avenue, where Oswald lived. The hitchhiker carried a package wrapped in brown wrapping paper about 4 foot to 4½ feet long, saying it contained curtain rods. Yates mentioned the upcoming presidential visit and the hitchhiker responded by asking if he thought a person could assassinate the president and whether that might be best accomplished from the top of a building or out a window high up with a rifle. The man then asked about the President’s parade route and whether that might be changed in the next few days.

When Yates got to work, he told his coworker about this strange incident and later gave his story to the FBI on November 26, and again on December 10, January 3 and 4, concluding with a polygraph test, which he passed.

According to JFK the Unspeakable, Yates was soon committed to Woodlawn Hospital for an evaluation and then moved to Terrell State Hospital for eight years, and then placed in two different hospitals for another three years. He never abandoned his story about giving Oswald a ride to work with the murder weapon, no matter how many electric shocks he got. The Warren Commission dismissed his story as a fantasy, probably because they had a better version for how the rifle got into the building from Frazier, although Frazier never believed the two-foot long package he saw on the back seat of his car was a 36-inch carbine, no matter how long they interrogated him, and Frazier was badgered for nearly 12 hours, and only released after he demanded (and passed) a lie detector test, which was pretty savy for a 19-year-old kid. To this day, Frazier believes Oswald was framed.

Yates, on the other hand, died in a psyche ward of congestive heart failure at age 39.

Mark Lane was one of the few skeptics allowed to testify at the Warren Commission, and could have easily shredded the official story had he brought attention to the Odio affidavit and a few others. Instead Lane launched into a bizarre attack on the backyard photo of Oswald as being a fake and also claimed the rifle in the photo was not the same as the rifle as found at the Texas School Book Depository because it had no scope. Lane had sought to examine the rifle in custody and complained bitterly about not being allowed to.

I find this fascinating because Lane was certainly aware of Deputy Sheriff Roger Craig’s testimony stating the rifle found on the sixth floor was a German Mauser. Why would he need to examine the highly inferior Carcano when obviously it was a swap-out? Before Lane appeared in Dallas, newspaperman Penn Jones was already on the scene, and highly suspicious of a military intelligence operation. Jones, however, was elbowed out of the spotlight and replaced by Lane. Apparently, seizing the center of gravity on a conspiracy is standard ops for counterintelligence, and they do it with every major conspiracy.

Even more suspicious is Oswald’s wife admitted taking the backyard photo, and a different take from same the photo shoot signed by Oswald had been presented to George de Mohrenschildt, a man who started out spooking for the Nazis. So why would Lane make this photo the crux of a conspiracy case, unless he was intentionally planting a rabbit hole with a time bomb?

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  1. Years ago, I read a book entitled The Oswald File. It was written By Eddowes and had the same conclusion more or less. If I recall he States that the real Oswald was killed in Minsk Russia. Height discrepancies… One was left handed when was right-handed etcetera.

  2. 8 out of 10 books on this case are bullshit unfortunately and they always wrap a lie into every kernel of truth, so the truth can later be swatted down. The complexities of the case are staggering and pitfalls and rabbit holes dot the entire landscape. So as far as the real Oswald goes, I’m pretty sure he died in that extra long ambulance ride to the hospital after Ruby shot him.

    1. Oswald (or the guy put into the fray under the name Oswald) definitely died and definitely was autopsied by Earl Rose. John Liggett magically resurrected after his ley de fuga escapade, but nobody survives an autopsy and having their brain taken out to be sliced in sections. There are pictures of Oswald on his autopsy gurney in the morgue, and there are pictures of Oswald in his coffin.

    1. Why were FBI agents (or posers) at Stirling High School on 11-23-63, confiscating the school records of one of the Oswalds so there would be less evidence of two Oswalds?

  3. Not really, I know he likely got led down one or two rabbit holes, like 8 out of 10 JFK researchers, and wouldn’t dream of spending $80 on his thousand page opus. The multiple Oswald evidence is all over the place, however, and easily found. And there are always grains of truth in most disinfo to establish bona fides before diving into the rabbit holes. Everybody brings something to the table.

  4. Steve, ignore O’Blazney, he’s a pestering troll. You show a very high level of understanding when you focus on CIA use of magician’s methods in their black ops. However you make a mistake and Armstrong is very credible. He has opened up the radioactive core of the Assassination with the Oswald doubles he’s discovered. You threaten your own credibility by not realizing how seriously credible Armstrong is. I mean what gives, your own article here is based on those very same Oswald doubles. FBI murdered Ralph Yates by institution exactly because he refused to back down from what he knew was a real Oswald double witnessing.
    There were 3 wallets. One at the Tippit scene that disappeared from evidence. One that Oswald left on the dresser, and one taken from him after his arrest. There was a good article on Officer Westbrook’s spook involvement in setting up Oswald at the Tippit murder scene on the Education Forum lately.
    We have a mutual acquaintance in Frank Garvey.

    1. I believe Armstrong has contributed significantly, especially on the ordering of the rifle and money order weirdness. Anyone who breaks ground is going to be instantly blanketed by spooks and led down a rabbit hole. No researcher is immune to the daggle of new incendiary infomation and spooks are the ones with those sorts of dangles.
      The biggest problem is the $80 price on the book. The second is he mines the info too deep and doesn’t realize they can fake documents anytime they want and float them into your view. Up is down, left is right, and you are inside the wilderness of mirrors.

  5. The spooks own the details, unfortunately, which is why characters like Mary Ferrell collected most of the data. When Oliver Stone’s JFK came out, they were already gearing up for round two of the big disinfo dump. Notice all these characters coming out now who never appeared during Garrison’s intensive investigation. The same thing was done to Garrison. He was snowed under by meaningless detail. The spooks try to get you to connect dots that don’t connect. The important part is that after all these decades, the muddy water is receding and you can see the lines running to JMWAVE, Harvey, Shackley, and Morales. And you can also see the operation was shielded from the rest of the CIA. So Bishop knew more than his superior Win Scott. The best way to tell the spooks from the whistleblowers is that the whistleblowers get whacked early on, while the spooks just keep going and going and get stronger with time.

    1. The extra spook disinformation doesn’t really matter once you establish the main skeleton like Armstrong did. The best researchers are able to compute a disinfo logarithm over that bogus input to establish an incriminating frame of truth. People don’t realize how deep some of these operations go or how wicked. Prior to Nazi Germany Eugenicists in all countries practiced some very weird Nazi-like experiments that were common in the uncontrolled medical world. It is very possible Oswald was part of some sperm experiments to make identical persons for purposes of espionage, probably against the Soviets. He was brought up as so and Armstrong caught the evidence. This Oswald program was then switched to killing Kennedy once CIA made the move. The man who saw the Oswald double taken out the back door of the Texas Theater is Bernard Haire. Like Armstrong, Garrison, despite being spooked and misled, had enough of the skeletal structure around Clay Shaw and New Orleans to show there was a conspiracy. DiEugenio has some good tidbits in his second edition of ‘Destiny Betrayed’. Shaw had prior knowledge of the assassination and went to California the day it happened. Dallas cop Roger Craig witnessed two Oswalds at the Book Depository after the assassination and was eventually assassinated because of it by black ops. We live in a fully fascist CIA Nazi republic with a bunch of ‘patriotic’ retards being taken advantage of by murderous Intel wolves who exist only because of the true belief of those idiots and corrupted media. America is the most effective con ever perpetrated.

      1. I don’t think the situation has changed much for 2,000 years, so it’s important to maintain some perspective and realize that reformations to the power dynamics will be difficult. In the meantime, those who understand the real situation are the truly enlightened among us and they just need to spread enlightenment in the hope the democracy our founding fathers intended can return some day.

        1. Williams takes a mistake by Armstrong and tries to conflate it into a total debunking of the Harvey & Lee theory. People like David Josephs and Jim Hargrove have really fleshed out Armstrong’s evidence. Hoover desperately confiscated school records for Oswald in Texas the night of the assassination before he had determined whether there was a conspiracy. He was going after the records of the two young Oswald youth that were established in the 1950’s long before anyone would have a reason for impersonating Oswald. This record of Oswald doubles continued in New Orleans with work records and witnesses.
          Williams misses the fact Marina was KGB and spoke good English. She was a spook. She had another false defector, Webster’s, information in her address book and confused Webster for Oswald in an interview once saying Oswald worked for Rand corporation.
          Williams needs to actually read all of Armstrong and reflect it in his work. The Marines at El Toro Marine Base San Diego said they called Oswald Oswaldovich because he was practicing Russian all the time in the barracks. Gerry Hemming was a CIA associated anti-Castro spook who sought out Oswald at El Toro because Oswald was appearing at the Cuban Consulate in San Diego and threatened to blow his cover. Hemming had a friend watch to see how Oswald showed up at the Consulate. The friend watched Oswald arrive with binoculars, seeing him get out of a military car. After the assassination FBI came and interviewed those Marines. They said FBI didn’t seem to be seriously seeking information in those interviews. They came away from it thinking Oswald was a spook and FBI was just going through the motions.
          CIA payroll master James Wilcott said a fellow CIA agent came to him seeking funds for the “Oswald Project”. There was a file Wilcott saw this man in possession of that said “Oswald Project”. Wilcott said Oswald was on regular CIA payroll.
          Laura Kittrell was a Texas employment agency employee who witnessed the two Oswalds in person and noticed the difference.

          1. Oswald was an operation from an early age. But don’t swallow every story or even every document that comes down the pike. Intel operations can be intensely cloaked. Someone was impersonating Oswald in Mexico, but he looked and sounded nothing like Oswald. Someone shot Tippet and fled to the Texas Theater. Most witnesses couldn’t ID the man as Oswald. If there was a body double they would have recognized the Tippit shooter. So much explosive evidence later turned out to be booby-trapped. They flood this case with faked info. Kerry Thornely, Thomas Valley, and Robert Webster all have interesting links to whatever operation Oswald was drawn into.

    2. The other survivors are people who know how to shut up and bide their time, like Jim Jenkins who has very good information from the autopsy.

  6. You wrote a great article, hitting many great points, and then you veered way way off into never land with the oligarchy, Bush in Dealey, Mary Meyer, and the part about Mark Lane being a spook. Really? Do you realize that in December 1963 Lane wrote one of the first dissents to the case and couldn’t even get the story published by the American media? How could he be a spook when he was going completely against the official story – even before the WR got started? If you had just stuck to the credible points you made of what happened on 11/22, you’d have hit it out of the park.

    1. Did you ever meet Lane? I did. His closest associate was a man named Willis Carto, who funded the holocaust denial movement, an obvious spook operation. I thought Lane and others like him were real for decades, but eventually the wolf spots show on their sheepskins. You need to dig a little deeper into Lane because he was deployed in numerous sensitive cases involving mind control including Jonestown. He was not an organic person. The photo of the Bush-like person in Dealey is considered evidence and in no way discredits anything. You have only consider the memo from Hoover mentioning “George Bush of the CIA” reporting on the anti-Castro Cubans in Dallas, the ones who lived in a house in Oak Cliff no doubt.

  7. Since Lane is not really a focus in this blog, and just an addendum, and since Bush in Dealey never mentioned in the blog, nor Mary Meyer, nor any “oligarchy,” it would be more useful to comment on the substance of the blog, which is the existence of two Oswalds. Obviously, if someone was impersonating Oswald, that would be conclusive evidence of a conspiracy. The case is blanketed by spooks in many layers, and 8 out of 10 researchers have agendas and push rabbit holes, connecting dots that don’t connect, which means either they’ve been infected by disinfo, or are working spooks themselves. There is no easy route to the truth in this case, but several people have mapped out the path, and I’m happy to say I’ve tried to play my small part in exposing the disinfo because that’s been my specialty for 30 years.

    1. Steven, I did. In the very first sentence of the post. You did a great job on the Oswald write-up. And yes, there are just too many million to one coincidences in this case for it to be mere happenstance, which is what the WR supporters always say when they can’t defend the WR. Kudos to your article on the Oswald portion and I agree with almost everything you said about it.

      1. I appreciate the feedback. And I’m happy to debate the facts. I also know that a lot of the groundbreaking evidence is pre-salted with a discrediting time bomb. There was a staged op between Lane and Hunt that completely misdirected people into thinking Hunt was team leader and Sturgis the shooter, and not Shackley, Morales and Harvey. The waves of ops over the decades to keep mud in the water have been so complex and interwoven it’s taken decades for me to separate the threads. And I don’t pretend to have all the answers, or even close, and I’ve been fooled before and will be again. But I know now who the main players in disinfo are, and how their websites link, and how some of them actually stage fights between themselves to grab the center of attention. But you can’t address spooks head on because they are like tar babies and impossible to get the gunk out once you touch them.

      2. I do thank you for the comments, however, because it encouraged me to take another pass at the blog and add some important details about Sylvia Odio and Lane’s testimony to the Warren Commission where he planted a rabbit hole with a time-bomb.

  8. I don’t see any reply button to your last response.
    Steve, from your answers I don’t think you’ve studied Armstrong thoroughly. Trust me Armstrong has extreme merit and unlocks the key to the assassination as a CIA operation. They didn’t use the doubles in Mexico because it would have been obvious to the double that was being used that Oswald was being set-up as a patsy. Bernard Haire saw the Oswald double exited out the back door of the Texas Theater. Haire said the person looked just like Oswald. So much so that he had always thought when they arrested Oswald that he was led out the back door. It wasn’t until radio reporter Wes Wise interviewed Haire that he realized Oswald was taken out the front of the theater during his arrest. The same man whom Haire said looked just like Oswald was seen shortly after by mechanic TF White who saw the double in CIA Carl Mather’s car. This double was also seen by Air Force Sgt Robert Vinson on a CIA evacuation flight.
    Yes, Oswald was an intelligence operation from an early age. That operation was one that attempted to create identical doubles in order to penetrate the Soviet Union for espionage purposes. It was then turned against JFK in a CIA coup and the patsy was murdered.

    1. I won’t read the book because he charges $80, which is ridiculous. The other part that I find suspicious is that sites I know link to the disinfo network support the book, which is not a good sign. The important part is IDing the participation of Dulles, Angleton, Meyer, Philips, Harvey, Shackley and Morales in the JFK assassination. Oswald was a patsy and not the key to breaking open the case. If Armstrong’s book is a time bomb in a rabbit hole, it will be discredited down the line, but I find that analysis of his errors in Oswald’s Russian language skills to be telling. Keep an open mind and realize most of what happens around this issue is staged.

      1. Marina was quoted as saying Oswald was so fluent in Russian when she first met him that she thought he was Belorussian. If you study Williams’ evidence there is a disconnect between Oswald’s lack of Russian language skills and being able to fool a native Russian that you were Belorussian. Armstrong discovered that the Oswald twin in the Bronx that Marguerite Oswald and the younger Oswald lived near in the 1950’s in New York had Hungarian immigrant parents who spoke Russian. This is a background that would account for a native accent subtle enough to fool Marina.

  9. You don’t seem to understand, all this stuff you are bring up makes no difference one way or another. It’s a diversion. You have to be able to realize 8 out of 10 books are disinfo and no one is immune to misdirection. Oswald was just one of many undercover agents run through MKULTRA, and not the key to who killed JFK, just the patsy.

    1. I’m not sure I agree with that. The establishment of such an operation would evince serious CIA involvement and therefore indicate who murdered JFK. Allen Dulles had serious involvement along with the political approval of the East Coast establishment. The “misdirection” in Armstrong’s case was a CIA doubles program being used to frame a CIA operative as a communist assassin.

  10. About 1-2pm on 11-22-63, Oswald was making his getaway towards the theater to be extracted by an unknown handler. That’s why the wallet he had on him contained a dollar bill torn in half. His chauffeur would have the matching half. Wait and wait for him to come, that’s what suckered Oswald into waiting at the theater until they were ready to spring in the trap on him. As in silencing time. Oswald had a second dollar bill torn in half, to recognize his pilot at Red Bird Airport. Right. But it was a good enough story to make Oswald think he would be well looked after.

    During the 1-2pm time period, someone in Dallas claiming to be Oswald called the Soviet Embassy in Mexico City. They asked for Valery Kostikov, who wasn’t in. Curious– JFK had just been killed and Kostikov was KGB in charge of assassinations for this part of the world. Of course no Soviet agent would be stupid enough to make such a call on an obviously tapped line, but the people framing Oswald at least tried. The FBI was of course listening in. They knew Oswald’s voice and they knew it wasn’t Oswald making the call, just somebody framing him. That by mid-afternoon on 11-22-63. Side note: remember Hosty had to flush the Oswald note down the toilet because it showed he was an angry boy, not wanting Hosty to contact his wife? Chances are it really was Oswald’s warning to the FBI about what was scheduled for Dealey Plaza, considering “Lee” warned the FBI about the Nov. 2 Chicago plot.

    Dep. Chief George Lumpkin drove the pilot car, quarter mile ahead of Jesse Curry in the lead car. He was a bigshot in the 488th Military Intelligence Detachment, headed by GHW Bush pal Jack Crichton who lost millions when Castro kicked his oil operations out of Cuba and JFK didn’t get the US back into Cuba. At Houston x Elm Lumpkin got out briefly and mentioned something to the traffic cops at the intersection. They made sure to bottle up westbound traffic, and let it come barrelling through down Elm as soon as the motorcade got past. That, rather than holding up traffic to preserve a crime scene once three obvious sniper shots had been heard all over Dealey Plaza. The result was that once JFK was shot, the traffic on Elm St. kept people from getting across to the north to see what had happened at the grassy knoll, and that of course helped with snipers who needed to pack up their guns and slink off. All that was needed was busy traffic for a couple minutes to blockade the road and impede legitimate law enforcement and Good Samaritan citizens from getting across and catching any shooters as they fled.

    Roger Craig had been told to stand in front of the sheriff’s office, on Houston near Main, but not lend assistance in case anything happpened in the motorcade. “The Secret Service is fully equipped to take care of anything. Don’t get involved, just in case” were his approximate orders. But once he heard the shots he sprinted to assist. And once he got to the northern part of the plaza, on the south side of Elm, he was conveniently stranded. He couldn’t get across toward the grassy knoll because of the bottled up traffic that had been turned into a torrent. So he had to watch helplessly as he saw somebody (looking like Oswald) run down the hill and get into a station wagon (driven by somebody looking like David Sanchez Morales). It was done in a flamboyant show off way for everybody to see, and other citizens noticed the obvious and staged getaway spectacle. But the way it was rigged, Roger Craig couldn’t get through the traffic fast enough to get a license plate number.

    That afternoon, when Roger Craig confronted Oswald and his denials, he told Oswald, “I saw you run down the hill and jump into that car.” (He said car, not station wagon) Oswald replied something like “that was Mrs. Paine’s station wagon, and you leave her out of it.” How did Oswald know it was a station wagon when Craig had said car? Obviously, Oswald knew there would be a double to stage a fake escape to the west as he was calmly walking off to the east to his getaway bus. If the CIA engineers assured Oswald he was their Golden Boy, and so pampered there would even be a fake escape for him so pursuers would chase him in the wrong direction, that would make him feel spiffy and well taken care of. That would lead him to think it was a done deal if he did as told and faithfully delivered himself to the Texas Theater where there would surely be a CIA driver to whisk him to the Red Bird Airport for his getaway flight.

    Where Oswald was located at Beckley, there were at least two or three other houses to the rear from there that were designated as Cuban exile safe houses. Oswald was placed in that particular neighborhood among friends.

    Once Oswald got on his escape bus…. (like he was trained with the Gen. Walker sham assassination, just like he expected JFK to be a sham assassination so JFK would be pissed and finally do the Bay of Pigs right)…..he hopped off due to the traffic jams, and got his taxi. A minute or two later, the bus was pulled over by Westbrook, DPD chief of personnel, and Croy, a reserve officer. They searched the bus for Oswald but, surprise, he wasn’t there after all. Likely they would have killed him in a staged scuffle and planted a revolver on him once the witnesses were ordered off the bus. Tippit meanwhile was waiting for this Marsalis bus (he usually took the Oak Cliff bus to Oak Cliff) at the Gloco gas station in Oak Cliff. He was the only cop in Oak Cliff since all others had been ordered to Dealey Plaza.

    Once he heard from Westbrook and Croy that Oswald wasn’t on the appointed bus, that’s when he went crazy and dashing off to a panic phone call at the record store. No luck, Oswald wasn’t home yet. Tippit raced off to Tenth and Patton, where Westbrook and Croy by this time were in a back alley behind the houses. Croy had an Oswald wallet at the ready, which he later pretended was found on the street by an unknown person and handed to him. He then gave it to Westbrook, who after a few minutes used it to conclude the person who shot Tippit must be named Lee Harvey Oswald so it could be broadcast over the Dallas police radios to ID a suspect. That wallet soon disappeard and never was entered into any police evidence locker. So Oswald had a wallet on him at the theater, a wallet produced by Croy and Westbrook, and another wallet found later back at Beckley when it was searched.

    Tippit lurched to a sudden stop when he could see down a driveway that Westbrook and Croy were there. Tippit’s car had a spare cop shirt tossed in the back seat, likely worn by a former companion who was riding around as a cop, then changing to civilian status once the cop shirt was ditched. That would have been the second cop Earlene Roberts saw at 1:01pm at Beckley when there were two taps of the horn and she looked out to see a mysterious cop car. That was likely Oswald’s ride for the 0.9 mile trip from Beckley to the Texas Theater squeezed in hurriedly among all the other chasing around. Once Oswald was dumped near the theater, Tippit went where told to rendezvous with Westbrook and Croy for his next orders. He probably was told he would be the hero to lead the raid on the theater and would go down in the history books as the guy who shot Oswald.

    Local residents knew Tippit wasn’t shot by some guy walking down the street, but by some guy who came down the driveway from the back alley. Somebody Westbrook and Tippit had with them. It might have been the former passenger who got rid of the police shirt in the back seat going back and forth as a messenger of the moment. Tippit was in the habit of putting his uniform hat on after he got out of the car, always reaching up to snug it on from front and back. This was known to his fellow cops, and as he reached up to snug his hat his lifted arms made his ribcage fully exposed. He was shot three times in the chest, not twice. The shooter came around the back of the Tippit car and gave a single coup de grace shot in the right temple– same place where JFK was shot from the grassy knoll.

    Watching from across the street was a calm observer. As soon as Tippit was shot in the head, he calmly walked about a block and got into a car with Texas plates PP4537. Everybody else was assisting Tippit or else fleeing in utter panic. The PP4537 plates were there to disguise the car’s identity, and the plates actually belonged to Carl Mather, a neighber of Tippt. Carl Mather was an electronics expert with high-tech radios and had installed Vice President LBJ’s airplane radios in his Air Force Two. So, chances are PP4537 had a high-tech radio aboard from Jack Crichton’s 488th Military Intelligence Detachment. That way the observer could call in to Assassination Central Command at Dealey Plaza a coded bulletin to the effect of “Tippit is down on schedule, roll the enraged cop hornets to Oak Cliff to look for the assigned suspect.” Roger Craig was in the 6th floor of the book depository and heard at 1:06pm Tippit had been shot at, even though it wasn’t on the DPD radio until about 1:12pm. Once Assassination Central Command knew by phone that Oswald was munching popcorn in the theater waiting for a ride, and once they knew Tippit was sacrificed as planned, they knew it was time to send the cops to Oak Cliff as planned. A lookalike Oswald entered the theater without paying and sat upstairs. Jack Ruby’s pal across the street at the shoe store reported a strange character malingering and dodging into the theater. The cops weren’t worried about any $1.25 unpaid movie ticket, so it took 4 calls before they decided to check out the theater.

    Jack Ruby had another friend at the back of the theater showing the cops how to get in from the back alley. That morning the janitor had been shoved out of the way about 6am for half an hour so that Dallas cops could see where the halls connected to different rooms and plan their dance steps for the let’s catch Oswald matinee performance, pending in the afternoon. As the police were closing in on Oswald, George Applin says Ruby or a lookalike was watching from the back of the theater. Ooops! due to a fluke Oswald wasn’t shot after all as he was being arrested, so Ruby had to solve that problem all on his own a couple days later. In case Oswald had bolted and run and made it into the back alley, Roger Craig was there and said he saw cops in reserve with guns drawn, waiting to shoot Oswald had he busted out the back way.

    When the cops hustled Oswald out the front and drove off, they radioed in that they had arrested him. “Arrested?” asked the dispatcher incredulously. He knew another outcome had been expected. The fake Oswald from the balcony was hustled out the back and dropped off near PP4537. Mechanic T.F. White came by shortly after that and saw him behind the driver’s wheel. When fake Oswald saw he was being ogled by a curious spectator, he floored it and fled. Evidently the now two observers in PP4537 were supposed to hang around for a while for some reason and it was by another fluke that T.F. White passed by and happened to write down the license plate.

    Tippit had another neighbor besides Carl Mather. Across the street from Tippit lived Roscoe White. Nov. 23, 1963 Jack Ruby came there for the son’s birthday party. The same Roscoe White as who went to the School of Illusionary Warfare in Nag’s Head, North Carolina with Oswald. And who sailed off to Atsugi on the same boat as Oswald. And who worked at Jaggers-Chiles-Stovall alongside Oswald. Where the phony Hidell credentials etc. were doubtless faked, along with the multiple pictures of Oswald with a super-wide chin on top of Roscoe White’s body holding the rifle and pistol and waving copies of The Daily Worker and The Militant. Roscoe White ultimately had an interesting death to keep him shut up, and he had been installed in the Dallas Police a few weeks before Oswald was installed in the book depository. White may have been the cop without a hat on the grassy knoll confiscating film from the Army guy near the top of the concrete steps, and running interference for shooters and their spotters and radio men.

    When Michael Paine, Ruth’s husband, was at work and heard over the radio Oswald had been apprehended, he exclaimed to a co-worker words to the effect of, “Goddamit! That moron wasn’t supposed to have a gun on him.” Oswald was set up to be cornered and shot with no defense, but late in the game he figured that if JFK was supposed to be threatened but not shot, the fact that JFK was shot somehow meant he best stop by his rooming house (unplanned) and get a little protection.

    When Oswald was a no-show at the Gloco station, Tippit must have figured to check for him at the rooming house just in case. So Tippit was probably going to take Oswald to the theater from the Gloco station, ended up taking him from the rooming house, and then was going to go back to the theater later to shoot Oswald and become a hero. He thought. Just like Oswald thought he would be extracted from the theater. Expendables just don’t get filled in ahead of time as to how they are really going to be used.

    Not only did Ralph Yates get a look at one of the fake Oswalds who was generating a sheep-dip story of Oswald as a psycho. Robert Vinson was on a CIA flight from Andrews AFB that got diverted to Dallas. It was a clandestine pick-up the afternoon of 11-22-63 of a fake Oswald and a David Sanchez Morales lookalike. Another story with good explanations anybody can google.

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