Coming summer 2024: Camp Fun

Whee! ceremony for world peace.

Camp Fun Ceremony June 14-23, 2024, somewhere near Bethel, New York, site of first Woodstock festival.

Bring your useful junk to the Free Store. We will build a pop-up eco-village out of recycled and repurposed material that runs mostly on solar power.
Bring camping equipment and building supplies and especially bikes, even broken ones. We will paint them white in honor of the Provos and they will be free to all and there will be bike trails through the woods lit up with fairy lights at night. All the junk goes into the Free Store where it can be claimed by anyone.
Chef RA’s Psychedelic Kitchen will serve free food, 24-7. There will be a jar for donations, and donations buy most of the supplies for the kitchen. Anyone can volunteer and work on any of the crews, including the kitchen crew. If there is no crew to run the kitchen, help yourself snacks will be left out for anyone to forage.
There will be a solar-powered open mic stage. All attendees will be able to vend at the Barter Circle. There will be a peace pole erected during the event.
On Thursday, June 20, a 4:20 ceremony will be held at the pole. Anyone can volunteer to be in the ceremony. The script will be very basic but will have lots of action. There will be a confrontation between a group of monks dressed in white and a group of bikers dressed in black. It will result in the burning down of the monk’s paper temple and the death of everyone on both sides.
At exactly 4:50 (when the sun is closest to the earth), a giant phoenix bird puppet will appear in the distance and will come to circle the pole. A parade from kid village of only kids will enter with the phoenix. The kids will be singing: “All we are saying, is give peace a chance.”
The kids form a circle around the pole and hold hands. The adults form a circle or two around the kids and hold hands. When the circles are complete, the OM begins.

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