Manifesto for the Pot Illuminati

Devoted to the Welfare of the World

Cannabis has been a constant provider of human welfare throughout humanity’s long journey. The time has come for the Pot Illuminati to gather and take our place as stewards of Cannabis. We seek to help dissolve the oppressive laws against our sacrament. We also seek to harness the power and energy of Cannabis for the welfare of the world.

We have long celebrated the great gifts this unique plant offers such as medicine, food, fuel, paper, cordage, paints, plastics as well as the sacramental key to higher realms of consciousness (if used wisely and in moderation). We have patiently waited for humanity to awaken from the ignorance caused by forgetfulness and many of our members have suffered great persecution just for their acknowledgement and love for the many blessings Cannabis has bestowed upon us.

But we now stand at the threshold of a Great Cannabis Re-awakening, a Phoenix rebirth of the mighty healing spirit of Cannabis. The Pot Illuminati, as faithful stewards and advocates of Cannabis, claim our right to determine, shape and protect the future of Cannabis from state and corporate domination and exploitation.

The Pot Illuminati Lodge is a non-political entity that embraces all people regardless of race, religion or national origin. We seek to blend all the great religions, many of which have been perverted to manifest war for profit.  We also seek to disarm the dark lords who support Prohibition and we will do this by stealing their magic and bending it to our will.

Induction into The Pot Illuminati Lodge is by invitation only.

The Pot Illuminati Grand Lodge: Rules and Dogmas

There is no dogma: Do anything you like, as long as you don’t hurt anybody. However that does not mean we do not study and celebrate the poetry and myths of past religions. We do. However, we feel free to merge concepts from all religions because they are rivers flowing into the same sea.

Improvisation is encouraged at all times: always allow the inspiration of the moment to manifest and trust your instincts because they prove your heart is pure.

The main vibrations to manifest are fun and love and when we magnify these energies, our Temple fills with a palpable vibration that can heal damaged souls. One can feel that energy later in the empty Temple long after everyone has left.

Pranks and jokes are fine, provided everyone laughs when the prank is over, because if anyone cried, it’s a stain on the prankster’s karma.

When the Pot Illuminati gather for an improvisational ceremony, no anger or hostile telepathy should manifest in the Temple, and if someone’s energy is not correct, an Illuminated Master must rectify the situation quickly, often done by inviting the person to share some Cannabis.

If someone yells, or starts a violent confrontation inside the Temple, it must be cleared immediately, and everyone should vacate while a Temple Dragon resolves the situation. Members should not return until the perpetrator(s) have either left the Temple or been excused by a Temple Dragon, and the room should be blessed with sage and ceremony and members should pray in silence until the proper vibration returns and normal Temple functions can continue.

No member should ever lie, cheat or steal, and if caught doing so, they should be expelled. Such matters involve the entire membership, or whoever shows up for the trial, and the accused can be saved by a Temple Dragon if he believes the facts are in doubt.

A small jar of Cannabis should be placed on the altar in the Temple at all times in case of medical emergencies. Members always know they can come to the Temple should they require medicine. White powders, hard drugs, and alcohol are not permitted in the Temple. Do not bring weapons of violence into the Temple and the penalty for this violation is permanent expulsion.

There are no degrees in our society. Do not apply or seek membership if you have a history of hurting people or have been arrested for violent activities. The Deacons of our order are known as Temple Dragons and one or two is typically inducted every year.

Once you are inducted, you will be given a golden pin to wear, which you can display or hide. However, you should not boast excessively about your membership, but if someone asks what it is, feel free to whisper the words: “Pot Illuminati” and then put a finger to your mouth and go “shhhh.”

Please note: the society no longer accepts membership requests via email.

Welcome to the Pot Illuminati…..shhhhh…..

The Pot Illuminati is a dogma-free society devoted to stealing the magic of the evil Illuminati. It is free to join and free to attend our ceremonies but you have to be invited and you cannot have a history of violence or abusing people. You also have to promise not to hurt anybody.
If you’re interested in this concept, watch my facebook page, and you might get some hidden clues on how to find us.
You can recognize members by the golden pins we wear, It’s all very hush hush at this point, and it’s a miracle I can even put this much online about it.

Parable of the Phoenix

The Phoenix is a magical bird that re-emerges in cycles because energy pulses across the multi-dimensional universes. He/she stands for peace and love and harmony of all things, but is highly hunted and captured by Sharks also known as the Illuminati. The dark lords seek to clip his/her wings and lock the magic in a dungeon to wither without food or water so they can continue to rape the Apes, while profiting off arranging wars for profit, and plotting savage pump and dumps on Wall Street.

When Phoenix420 heard Caesar, smartest Ape in the galaxy, invited all Apes and Baby Apes to come to a feast he was planning called Gamestonk, he bought a ticket and soon discovered the Sharks were circling Caesar, planning to eat him. So he flew to the Alamo, where Caesar holed up for a last stand. And like Davy fucking Crockett, he came to hold the fucking line or die.

Do not be afraid, scared little Baby Apes. Phoenix420 walks among you with unicorn skills. He can Eurostep to the rim on Shark bots,  and fashion golden keys out of thin air, keys that open Shark dungeons and escape hatches from Shark rabbit holes.

But his magic is dyslexic and retarded in comparison to Caesar’s, who is the messiah of the New Era because he showed the way to unify the Apes and shower them in bananas.

This is the way.

And you had a chance to be one of the owners of High Times?

Did you know there are only four shareholders left at High Times? The founder’s great dream of a nation of workers didn’t really manifest exactly on course, but the few shareholders there are get together every year and plot the course for the year and discuss every aspect of all things marijuana. And, of course, we get to see all the financial information and hear the inside stories on whatever sagas are rumbling through the undercurrent of that scene. Lots of juicy gossip that you can never reveal.
I am selling 8 shares this year and since there are 67 shares  in circulation they represent around 12 percent of the company. Trust me, once pot becomes legal, the value of these shares will explode. Someday, this company will go public, and when it does, anyone holding a share will become rich in the process.

The mysterious death of Dorothy Kilgallen

She was a Roman Catholic, and worked for William Randolph Hearst, and rose to the top of journalism and even got onto a TV show, “What’s My Line,” on which she displayed her insightful and penetrating mind, although her co-stars were furious when private comments made in the dressing room began appearing in her widely circulated newspaper column.

She mostly covered show business, but loved investigating deep politics and organized crime as well. When a doctor in Cleveland was railroaded into prison for the vicious murder of his pregnant wife, Kilgallen began a crusade to get him released. She became the most famous and influential journalist in America and developed such a regal style that she could upstage a monarch’s coronation with jeweled tiaras and elaborate outfits.

It was likely after a cocktail party with a British intelligence agent that she rushed out her first front-page scoop regarding the existence of UFOs.

“British scientists are convinced these strange aerial objects are not optical illusions or Soviet inventions, but are flying saucers which originate on another planet,” she wrote, in a front-page story.  “The source of my information is a British official of Cabinet rank who prefers to remain unidentified. ‘We believe, on the basis of our inquiry thus far, that the saucers were staffed by small men—probably under four feet tall. It’s frightening, but there is no denying the flying saucers come from another planet.'”

Now what are we to make of this? Obviously Kilgallen was used to plant a rabbit hole of immense proportions, one that would soon explode and reverberate across the world: the aliens have landed! The purpose of seeding such disinfo into the press using an unwitting dupe like Kilgallen is obvious and bears all the markings of a Tavistock mind control experiment to see how far the alien rabbit hole could be stretched. Sheep-dipping her as a conspiracy kook was the easiest way to undermine her investigations into deep politics. Anyone asking prying questions is easily diverted with a tale of alien space ships, or “we never walked on the moon,” or those clouds in the sky?—those are chemicals and not just water vapor, or any of the rest of the paranoid rabbit holes disinfo agents like David Icke and Alex Jones keep jamming the Internet with.

But Kilgallen quickly abandoned the UFO story as she was a serious journalist and when zero proof appeared of little green men or a space ship, she moved onto other investigations. She was actually considered the nemesis of Frank Sinatra, who called her “the chinless wonder” and sometimes closed his shows by urging someone to please run her over. She broke the story of Marilyn Monroe’s affair with JFK, and Marilyn was dead within a few days, although Kilgallen never swallowed the story it was an accidental drug overdose and shredded the official story in her column. She may have sensed her column played a role in killing Marilyn, because it certainly appears that way in hindsight.

Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 8.45.14 AM
Kilgallen attends Ruby’s trial

Kilgallen was no saint: she was a snooty upper class type who frequently put down the lower classes and detested country music. But she was a romantic and a dedicated seeker of the Big Story, and had spent quality time in the Oval Office with the President with her 11-year-old son, and Kennedy had treated them both graciously and with utmost respect, so when he was assassinated later and then his alleged killer assassinated, she wound her way down to Dallas and scored a private jail-house interview with Jack Ruby, a conversation held out of earshot of anyone else. You see, four years earlier, Kilgallen had broken the story of the CIA and mob working together on a hit team for Castro, so it wasn’t much of a stretch to suspect that same team might have been redirected at JFK.

When she returned to New York after her Texas investigation, she told her friends she was going to blow the case wide open and began working on a book, one she probably expected to win another Pulitzer.

The reason Ruby had a conversation with Kilgallen was because he knew how significant she was. And he was also aware of her immense knowledge of organized crime, the CIA, and their connections with a nest of anti-Castro Cubans in Florida. He probably told her everything he knew. Kilgallen did a lot of footwork as well, tracking down key witnesses, including a witness to the Tippit shooting who was never called by the Warren Commission, who said two men, neither of whom were Oswald, fled the scene. She had a source inside the Dallas police department who provided the radio log, indicating the Chief of Police called for officers to rush to the top of the overpass. (Roselli’s shot had come from that overpass, but under it, as he was lying in a storm drain.)

Kilgallen spent a year researching the story and a huge break came when she landed a copy of the 102-page interview the Warren Commission had conducted with Ruby. She began publishing excerpts just to show how ridiculously incompetent it was. While Ruby pleaded with Ford and Warren to take him to Washington because he did not feel safe in Texas and was eager to talk in a safer location, they said they could not arrange that. He then tried to lead their questions deeper, but was rebuffed and the conversation misdirected elsewhere. Don’t you think it odd only two Commissioners, both of them high-ranking Freemasons, were sent to Texas to conducts the official interview with this key witness, instead of bringing that witness to the entire Commission? And why did they ignore Ruby’s pleas to get out of town, while asking the dumbest questions?

The FBI wanted to know where Kilgallen got the transcript and started a whole bunch of surveillance and harassment, although I’m sure Angleton had been closely listening to all Kilgallen’s phone calls as well as reading her mail after that private jail-house conversation with Ruby. Most likely, she’d been under intense surveillance the entire year.

Kilgallen was in close communication with Mark Lane at the time, who’d captured the center of energy on the investigation by posing as an honest researcher. Too bad Kilgallen didn’t know about Lane’s background in military intelligence. Even more suspicious was the sudden arrival of young Ron Pataky, the handsome ladies man who had been cruising Hollywood, stalking the rising ingenues. He was half her age but completely infatuated with her, and quickly became her closest confidant while pumping her endlessly for the latest breaks in the JFK case. He’d later claim the relationship was “platonic.”

On November 8th, 1965, Kilgallen was discovered by her hairdresser. She was lying in bed as if she had fallen asleep reading a book, although she couldn’t read without glasses, it’s a book she finished days ago, and the book is turned the wrong way around.  She is fully made up, even wearing false eyelashes, and also wearing some ridiculous outfit, not her usual worn out pajamas. Even more suspicious, she’s not even in her own bed, but one on a lower floor, a room she seldom visited. The hairdresser knows something is amiss with this picture, and calls the in-house staff, so they can notify the police. He immediately exited through the front door, where he was stunned to find a police car with two officers parked directly in front of the house, as if waiting for a call to come in, as if they knew a dead body was already inside and wanted to be the first at the scene.

Obviously, the autopsy was a joke and cause of death listed as “indeterminate.” Funny thing is, the doctor refused to sign the certificate and apparently had another doctor sign it in his name. Mark Lane showed up quickly hoping to score the accordion file on JFK. Kilgallen’s not-so-grieving husband turned him away and when questioned by anyone about the precious files, would only say “I’m afraid that will have to go to my grave with me.” The hairdresser was so upset by some of the attitudes, he refused to attend the funeral. Another strange person missing from that ceremony was Pataky. In front of everyone at the funeral, Kilgallen’s mom accused her daughter’s husband of complicity in murder. It must have been a very dissonant ceremony.

I know Lane has been sheep-dipped as a Knight in Shining Armor since the beginning of this saga. And he defended a famous libel case against Howard Hunt, but I am afraid it was all most likely a staged operation because Hunt was a rabbit hole Angleton had placed in the story, and numerous ops were run to point towards Hunt and Sturgis and make them the shooters, but if you check on Lane today, you’ll find him closely related to the Holocaust Denial movement, something obviously created by spooks.

Masonry is a clue to the JFK and Lincoln assassinations

I don’t practice spiritual intolerance, so I have deep respect for the Masonic traditions, just as I respect the histories of all the major religions that support peace, non-violence and the brotherhood of all mankind under the eye of the Great Spirit that Runs through All Things.

But if you have an understanding of the history of Freemasonry, it becomes clear the JFK and Lincoln assassinations are peppered with high-ranking members of the craft holding down strategic positions at crucial vantage points, which is not to blame masonry, just to point out the obvious.

There’s a lot of angles to this story, but one thing to keep in mind is that at the time of Kennedy’s murder, there was supposedly no love lost between Masons and Catholics in the USA. Several Popes had issued edicts to forbid Catholics from participating in the “satanic” ceremonies of Freemasonry, possibly because Masons had the audacity to put a Koran and Torah on the altar alongside the Bible.

However, we know now this was always a hoodwink because so many high-ranking Catholic officials in Italy turned up on the membership list of Propaganda Due, a highly secretive masonic lodge with links to the CIA that plotted false flag terror events to be blamed on Communists so as to turn the Italian people away from Marxism.

After Lincoln was assassinated many books were written attempting to prove the Vatican had been behind the plot, although it’s hard to say what the Pope’s motivation would have been, and the first was suspiciously written by the military trial judge, who was most likely trying to worm his way out of complicity in the cover-up after most of the trial witnesses were exposed as perjurers.

Original East India Co. flag

Many people realize our Revolution was organized almost entirely by Freemasons, but the truth is very complicated because while there was a renegade lodge in Boston that plotted the tea party that included Paul Revere as a member,  most lodges during the Revolution were packed with Tories and stayed loyal to the Crown throughout the war, and maybe even afterwards if they were doing business with the powerful East India Company, which was undoubtedly being run by Masons. Is it worth noting that the original flag to have 13 red and white alternating stripes was the flag of the East India Company?

Of course, the most prominent Mason in America at the time was George Washington, and he led one of those renegade rebel lodges and invested Masonry with tremendous sparkle and that’s likely why our Capitol is so incredibly Masonic. The second most prominent American mason was Benjamin Franklin, and he definitely turned out to be a British spy, and is celebrated today in England for his loyalty to the crown.

Before he got disappeared, Charles Beard was considered the greatest historian of Colonial times, but that all changed after he published An Economic Interpretation of the Constitution, a meticulous examination of how the banking interests steered the composition of that precious document to serve their interests, and not for the rights of man in general.

William Morgan

In 1826, a whistle-blower named William Morgan suddenly emerged to announce Masonry was a plot by the British to manipulate the country from within, a plan that was working and had already infested the upper reaches of finance, government, law enforcement and the military. Well, Morgan was suddenly arrested on trumped-up charges and put in jail, but whoops, he mysteriously disappeared off the face of the earth while in police custody. And all the police involved are Masons and so is the Judge and the entire Grand Jury that has been called. This was just too obvious a cover-up of immense proportions. Well, the ensuing outcry over the cover-up unexpectedly reached epidemic proportions creating the first third party in America, the single-issue Anti-Masonic Party, whose goal was to elect anybody to any office but a Mason, and especially police and judges. Among its leaders was John Quincy Adams, one of the more powerful Boston Brahmins.

Harry S. Truman

Needless to say, Freemasonry was forced to get more secret and had to lie low after that fiasco, and it even seems possible someone might have immediately created Mormonism (which looks a lot like Masonry) as a possible fall-back position in case the craft had to be abandoned. And I say that because Morgan’s widow married into Mormonism and was one of the founder’s many wives. Regular readers may recall my blog concerning the vaporous nature of secret societies and how they can disappear effortlessly by sliding inside a new entity, like some alien life form.

But that wasn’t necessary because the Masonic scare blew over quick, and Masons were able to win the next election and wound up electing a remarkable string of Masons to the highest office in the land, including Andrew Jackson, James Polk, James Buchanan, Andrew Johnson, James Garfield, William McKinley, Theodore Roosevelt, William Taft, Warren Harding, Franklin Roosevelt and, most important, a former hat salesman named Harry Truman. You see, it was very important the 33rd President be a Mason, especially if he was just a lowly clerk from a Midwestern haberdashery.

Did the National Security Council have a role in JFK’s death?

President John F. Kennedy meets with the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Photograph includes: (L-R) United States Marine Corps. General David Shoup; United States Army General Earle Wheeler; United States Air Force General Curtis LeMay, President Kennedy; Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Maxwell Taylor; United States Admiral George Anderson. West Wing Lawn, White House, Washington, D.C.
“Robert Knudsen/John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, Boston.”

The JFK assassination was orchestrated by members of JM/Wave, the CIA’s largest station outside Langley, and the shooters included Johnny Roselli, and possibly Charles Harrelson and/or Charles Nicoletti and/or Charles Rogers and/or a French team that may have included CIA asset QJ/Win. There were five shots and two shooters from the rear, one on the knoll and one inside the triple overpass.

Harrelson and Rogers were photographed being led from the scene by two men in police uniforms that nobody on the Dallas police force could ever identify.
Sometime in 2017, the government was supposed to release all the suppressed files from the JFK assassination, something that could have shed light on whether anyone inside the National Security Council knew about the assassination in advance.

The CIA takes its marching orders from the NSC, but what if a majority of the NSC decides the president is an imminent threat to national security? Before WWII, American intelligence penetrated the Japanese codes but they did not share this info with the White House because they didn’t trust people on FDR’s staff, so there’s a documented history of crucial reports circumventing the president and going to the heads of the Armed Forces and intelligence agencies instead.

Just who was on JFK’s NSC?

McGeorge Bundy was a Yale Bonesman and protege of Secretary of War Henry Stimson (also a Boner). He was an Army intelligence officer during the war and wrote Stimson’s official biography after the war. (Stimson had devised the highly illegal Black Eagle Fund to hide billions in stolen loot taken secretly from the Nazis and Japanese.) Bundy’s role inside the Council on Foreign Relations reveals his close relationship with Rockefeller and Dulles, both of whom had become bitter enemies of JFK’s liberal policies.

General Maxwell Taylor was the first American officer to parachute into France prior to D-Day. He later drafted the first honor code for West Point. JFK made him his chief military advisor and brought him out of retirement due to his harsh criticism of the Pentagon’s reliance on nuclear capability over conventional warfare. It’s doubtful Taylor would have participated in any plot against JFK as he was viewed with suspicion from inside the Pentagon, possibly due to his squeaky-clean reputation.

Lyndon Johnson was a intensely corrupt Texas politician with ties to organized crime and big oil. He would have done anything if it meant elevating himself to the presidency. A cloud of scandal was hanging over him at the time and it was obvious JFK planned to dump him from the ticket for the second term.

Dean Rusk was a colonel during WWII and closely allied with the Rockefeller Foundation later in life, indicating that he, like Bundy, may have taken Rockefeller’s side in the confrontations over policy.

Robert McNamara was an accountant for Price Waterhouse before the war. During the war he applied his Harvard Business School degree to analyzing the effectiveness of bombing raids in order to maximize their impact. He went on to run Ford Motor Company, the first CEO from outside the family. Like Maxwell, McNamara pushed for enhancing conventional war capability. During JFK’s term, he increased troops in Vietnam from 900 to 16,000. After the assassination, he became the primary architect for the Vietnam War, although in 1967, he penned a memo to President Johnson recommending a troop freeze, end to all bombing and turning the ground war over to the South Vietnamese, a proposal rejected by Johnson. Later in life, he became president of the World Bank.

John McCone was a Berkeley graduate (like McNamara) and rose to the top of the American steel industry. He served on the Atomic Energy Commission and was alarmed when Israel’s nuclear installation in Negev began secretly producing materials for a nuclear bomb. Apparently, JFK appointed McCone to replace Dulles as the head of the CIA based largely on a fixation with monitoring Israel’s race to join the nuclear weapons club. After the assassination, McCone aided CIA’s efforts to conceal information pertinent to solving the crime.