Return of Babushka Lady

Babushka-LadyThe overdressed and remarkably calm Babushka Lady stands out as one of the most mysterious figures in JFK’s assassination. She was methodically panning the kill zone before the shooting started and continued to document as events unfolded. I have to wonder if she was James Angleton’s eyes and ears on the ground in Dallas that day, so well-positioned was she to capture the murder. Whatever film she shot has never seen the light of day, although it likely remains deep in some repository at the House of Langley.

Penn Jones was a veteran who owned a newspaper in a Texas town with a population 1,500. He was the first honest journalist to start investigating the assassination, and immediately suspected a military intelligence operation. Mark Lane, a former Army intelligence officer, quickly arrived on the scene, and elbowed Jones off the national stage. Meanwhile, Lane’s book was a confusing mess of details that failed to expose the plot’s center of gravity at JM/Wave, the largest CIA base outside of Langley at the time.

The spooks keep at least two steps ahead of any media coverage, and since they control most of the media, this is easily arranged. Jones was blacklisted from the national media, but he did pick up a young admirer named J. Gary Shaw, who claimed to have discovered the Babushka Lady.

Here’s a close-up of Babushka Lady from the front. Keep in mind it’s 67 degrees in Dallas and undoubtedly feels hotter in the full sun, yet Babushka Lady wears an enormous trench coat, fully buttoned, with a scarf wrapped around her head and neck.

She appears attractive and middle-aged. One must never discount the power of honey-traps in spook world and she could have been a player and certainly exudes self-confidence.

According to Shaw, Babushka Lady was really 18-year-old Beverly Oliver, an exotic dancer at a club across the street from Jack Ruby’s Carousel Club. Shaw and Oliver were members of the same Christian sect, and Oliver was filmed singing Amazing Grace for a documentary on the assassination featuring Shaw. Oliver took center-stage at a few JFK assassination conferences but her story grew more convoluted and less believable as time went on.

The art of hypnosis being what it is, it’s impossible to determine how many JFK assassination whistleblowers are real, fake, or delusional. Like all deep political events, however, this landscape is dotted with frauds and rabbit holes, and while I concede Beverly bears a resemblance to Babushka Lady, I can’t believe that photo above was her at age 18, nor would an 18-year-old dress like that on a hot day in Dallas.

Most important, nothing in Beverly’s story explained how she’d remained so calm when such incredible turbulence was taking place around her.

A few years ago, Judyth Vary Baker appeared on the JFK assassination scene and captured a significant amount of attention claiming to have had a great love affair with Lee Oswald. In fact, if you believe her story, the pair were about to be married. I didn’t know what to make of this story, so I asked Dick Russell, an expert in the field whom I trust and he said he checked her out and couldn’t verify her story, which grows increasingly convoluted and less believable as time goes on. Baker is supported by James Fetzer, who writes for Veterans Today, which has taken the place of The Spotlight as a fountain for CIA misdirection ops.

The Spotlight leaked an Angleton memo mentioning E. Howard Hunt that began a staged confrontation between Hunt and Lane, a meaningless rabbit hole since Hunt had nothing to do with the operation, other than being placed in Dallas that day by Angleton as a potential rabbit hole. This was soon reinforced when photos of the Three Tramps were first released and mistakenly ID’d one as Hunt.

Meanwhile, Veterans Today claims Sandy Hook never happened and Fetzer tries to position himself near the center of the 9/11 Truth Movement. I put him in the same bag as David Icke and Alex Jones.

(Excerpted from Killing Kennedy: The Real Story.)