Snowden is an intelligence dangle, not a real whistleblower

Notice how Edward Snowden released some juicy information on British intelligence right before the Olympics kicked off? The Olympics are a magical ceremony and manipulated for propaganda purposes. And what did Snowden tell us? That MI6 is ahead of the CIA and NSA in both technology (hacking) and in-the-field spy-craft.

And in a nutshell, here’s how the field system operates: A honey trap is set online via social networks and lures a target to a wired hotel. Snowden gives few details, but I would imagine these encounters take a wide variety of forms, and may involve documenting use of illicit substances for the purpose of getting a manipulation handle on the target.

My guess is honey traps are male for gays and female for hetros as both bases always need be covered. My question is: are these just working escorts rented for an hour, or real spooks? Although I imagine there must be a nexus where those two converge. And if so, why hasn’t the British honey-trap sex-kitten super-spook been more celebrated? Apparently, the world’s ultimate black widows work for MI6. Don’t these spooks deserve their own icons to accompany James Bond, the female version and the gay version? These spooks are not assassins, but high-priced escorts schooled in sexual services. This my friends is the real world of spooks and how they operate.

Amazingly, the heads of all British intelligence services held an unprecedented joint national press conference in which they solemnly declared many field operations were now compromised, and al Qaeda was certainly running amok with the aid of Snowden’s information.

The wag the dog movie continues.

Meanwhile, as investigators piece together Snowden’s history for a better understanding of his actions, it turns out he was using a common software to automatically download massive files to his own hard drives for a long time, something that could not possibly go unnoticed. And, in fact, Snowden was visited by an NSA team to investigate these massive downloads, and simply told them it was: “Part of routine maintenance.” And that transparent bullshit was accepted and the team returned to Washington with zero to report. Something is seriously wrong with this picture.

Unless you understand that Snowden is an intelligence operation and not a real whistle blower.