The Rise of Bot Nation

People wonder why social networks are filled with people pushing rabbit holes like: Sandy Hook never happened, Chemtrails are everywhere, or We Never Landed on the Moon. And why does a river of disinfo instantly appear after every single tragic event? Real researchers avoid this gunk.

It’s sort of like the boy who cried wolf: by blanketing every tragic incident with complex disinfo campaigns, the perpetrators are better able to hide their manufactured incidents. And they greatly inflate their powers through hints that everything is a grand plot under their control. Meanwhile, by constantly amplifying tragedy and creating paranoia, they spin the dials of PTSD inside the minds of the entire nation.

Masters of mind control have been around for a long time, and so has hypnosis and robot zombies. Fear has always been the essential key to opening these doors. All apocalyptic religions are mind control, and anyone who believes the world is about to end is running a mind control script, which is like changing the software operating system inside your brain. And we are talking millions, if not billions, of people on apocalyptic mind control.

When the internet came along, it provided global peer-to-peer communication for the first time, without the intervention of the media portals run by the military-industrial complex. This provided a tool for citizens to share information and expose the hoodwinks of war for profit. And in response, there’s been a rush by the National Security State to create a Bot Nation to create a false consensus in social media. These bots could be multiplying faster than real human beings.

One thing about these operations: you can recognize agents of disinfo because they go ballistic if you question their posts, almost as if they are running a script. There’s never a hint of discussion or debate over facts or evidence, because that would just serve to educate others monitoring the thread. Just all-out war and vicious character assassination.

It’s the flip side of what the media does should anyone mention we need a new 9/11 investigation. You just won’t hear that on the national news. And yet, that’s the way a lot of people in Congress feel, they just know you can’t talk about it and survive in politics. Just like many reporters know you can’t talk about alternative 9/11 conspiracies if you want to survive in the corporate media. So the only ones that get to go there and survive are the fake whistleblowers who serve as lightning rods, gathering oppositional energy into the control of the National Security State. Both Snowden and Wikileaks fall into this category. Anytime a whistleblower ends up on Time magazine, rest assured you’re looking at an intelligence operation.

The social media conspiracy community is dominated by bots running false memes, while the mainstream media amplifies tragedies as much as possible by showing as much blood and tears as possible, and jolting Americans into hyper states of empathetic fear.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we didn’t have to worry about our National Security State staging terror incidents in order to keep us under mind control? Because that’s what we’re looking forward to. The internet provided a tool for turning the tables and installing a democracy in the future, but the bots will take over if we let them. So please stop passing around those crazy conspiracy stories they manufacture.

Of course, if you’ve got something credible about the JFK assassination or 9/11, go ahead and share it. Funny how I see so little of that stuff going around. Wonder why.