What’s Really Going On?

After Kent State, I stopped attending college, even though I had a low draft number. Soon, I was forced to escape to Sweden, with the help of a sudden loan from my cousin, a vet who’d recently returned from Vietnam, someone who’d do anything to keep me from following those footsteps.

I might have stayed in Sweden (if I agreed to relinquish my USA passport forever) for I had a wonderful Swedish girlfriend, Marta, who cried hysterically at the airport when I was officially deported, accompanied by a police officer. Funny thing at the airport, I was handed a few American dollars. I’d not seen American money in months, and had a sudden flash on my father’s face. It was one of the few windows I’ve encountered overlooking my own subconscious.

A big part of magic is knowing how to create and manipulate symbols. Our telepathic collective unconsciousness is a dream emanating from millions of minds, a river never stagnant but filled with evolving symbols and archetypes, or if you prefer the more magic term, sigils. This energy stream is not the same everywhere because energy consciousness is based on propinquity, intensity and the flavor of the particular energy involved. Visiting the site of a violent crime one finds a much different energy field than one finds at a Rainbow Gathering or similar peace meditation. Some of the most intense energy synergies take place during sex between a couple, as their energy fields fuse into a single aura. But similar, though usually less intense, energy clouds form around families, congregations, communities, and even nations. The OM circle is one of the most effective devices for quickly establishing an energy field. Most ceremonies start by creating a circle so the telepathic energy flow can commence at high volume. The creation of sigils has changed dramatically since the invention of the internet and there’s a big telepathic cloud that has formed and it keeps getting bigger. It’s all an important part of evolution, and the internet is having a big impact on the evolution of our minds.

Father and mother are the biggest subconscious archetypes, and the most powerful by far, so they are the most often manipulated. In my dream world as a child, Andy Griffith, the celebrity who most resembled my own dad, was interchangeable with my own father and the two could morph into one creature at times. Long ago, the sun and moon were transformed into father and mother archetypes at the beginnings of organized religion and still retain some of that aura, but probably not much as ritual greatly evolved over the years, and the ancient pagan archetypes have likely suffered quite a beating in the process. When you spend a lot of time in church, praying to that cross or similar symbol, you’re actually investing ceremonial magic into a sigil, and, at the same time, tweaking your own internal center of psychic energy.

My mom, on the other hand, was often interchangeable with Judy Garland in my dreams, making the Wizard of Oz an extra-powerful affair.

In any democratic nation, the dark magicians in power seek to plant the President as a father archetype in your mind, which allows domination and control by the state. But if they can’t get you to buy into that game, they’ll create a rebel sigil that will lead you into actions that render you powerless. The teenage delinquent meme that was manufactured in the 1950s encouraged rebellious youth to steal cars and rob gas stations for fun just when television was impacting their minds. This lifestyle was easy to contain and helped unleash random terror on the population at large. When people start organizing against war, that’s when they become a real threat to these dark magicians, not when they rob gas stations and steal cars. Meanwhile, kids who don’t conform continue to be programmed into violence and mindless thrill crime.

The big thing about magic: it works when people believe it, but a real serious magician, one who works on a big scale, is playing with your subconscious, so his magic is working whether you know it or not. Hypnosis and modern advertising are not that far apart.

While there are magic sigils in the mind, these sigils often also have physical representations in the real world that can become quite powerful. When an army marches into battle, they carry battle flags which must be protected at all costs, for if your pendant falls into enemy hands, or even hits the ground, your side loses psychic energy. And by the same token, the capture of a sigil during battle was probably sometimes enough to defeat the enemy’s will to fight.

Think of the world as a giant go game and magicians of all stripes are constantly vying for territory. But there’s a big dog in this fight, and his share of the board keeps increasing exponentially. These are the dark magicians who manufacture war for fun and profit and one of their biggest American recruitment centers is the secret Skull & Bones society at Yale University, a society steeped in black magic. But, then, so is the mafia, or any other brotherhood of death, only the Bonesmen are operating on a bigger scale. And while the Sicilians eventually broke down and top insiders eventually told all, not a single Bonesmen has ever broken his vow of omerta. Do you think one of them ever will? I mean, one of them who really has something important to say? I do know three successful low-budget movies have been made about Skull & Bones, so the mining of the media franchise, so important with sigils these days, has probably already commenced. Somehow, if a whistleblower ever does emerge from Bones, my first thought will be, is this guy a fake? That’s about all you can hope for in this wilderness of mirrors we live in. But as Sam “Mooney” Giancana always used to say: “If you want to find the killer, see who survives.”

Shamans versus Sorcerers

Not too long ago, an elaborate theory was put forth claiming the JFK assassination was a Masonic ritual. Much of this had to so with randomly selected numbers, like the parallel of Dallas and the dates involved, etc. It was an obvious numerology rabbit hole with zero useful information. Which is not to say Masonry isn’t the largest of the secret societies the oligarchy controls, but that when crimes are committed, you have to study the codes and apply evidence that contributes to a conviction. Otherwise, you are spreading useless paranoia. And that pretty much sums up the Tin Foil Hat Patrol.

One thing for sure, the JFK hit was run through JM/Wave, and it wasn’t being set-up around a Masonic code. It was being set-up with the assistance of the Chicago outfit to happen whenever the conditions were favorable and they could get a clear shot.

Since J. Edgar Hoover was a devoted Freemason, and staffed the upper levels of the FBI almost exclusively with masons, and even held masonic ceremonies inside his building, you’d think the masonic magic connections to the assassination would be well-grounded. The reality, however, is that once the contract went out, hit teams were assembled in a variety of cities (Giancana said seven in all), and JFK was tracked everywhere he went. The hit could have taken place in any of those seven cities.

So I took the ritual magic conspiracy stories involving the JFK assassination as jive, and can’t help but notice these sorts of stories are suddenly amplifying immensely. And if they aren’t blaming the grandmaster of masonic magic, Albert Pike, then the theories point to Aleister Crowley, the grandmaster of Satanism.

There’s all types of magic and energy comes in flavors, especially telepathic energies, which are magical because we can’t see, touch or taste them, although we can feel them. Telepathic energy and magic move through us naturally, and manifest ceremony and ritual whether we realize it or not.

Most scientists aren’t interested in telepathic energies, so little is known for sure. Secret science was studied by the Nazis and then the results imported secretly into the CIA.

The global situation is a fixed game for generating profit to the coffers of the oligarchy.

The CIA and their Foundations have spent billions studying mind control technology and mass propaganda techniques  over the decades, the results of which are in constant daily use by the global corporations as they build brands while hiding secret monopolies.

Peace magic and love vibrations are the flip side of Dark Magic. Love is non-violent will never seek control, while Dark magic, on the other hand, is always about bending others to your will.

One is about respecting the tribe, the other about making the tribe respect you.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a peace shaman.

Unfortunately, it seems to be written somewhere that the sorcerer will slay the peace shaman. And this will not end until we can protect the peace shamans, something that can only happen by exposing the sorcerers among us.

President Bush read a children’s book about a pet goat during 9/11. The goat symbolizes Satan and is a psychological lever. Well, perhaps that’s true, or perhaps Bush introduced this detail as a rabbit hole. Every detail of the event can be staged, just as every random coincidence can become a deflection away from the truth.

If only everyone would agree to the one sacred rule: Don’t hurt anybody. Then world peace might actually manifest. I mean, how hard can that be?