What exactly is "the counterculture?"

In the 1950’s anti-establishment teenagers were carefully guided toward thrill crime and mindless violence. There was little hint of spiritual enlightenment or political consciousness. Notice rock’n’roll was bolted into this meme from the beginning, so rockers and delinquents were virtually indistinguishable? This was not an accident.

But did you ever consider how useful this meme was to the powers-that-be? By sheep-dipping anti-establishment teens as violent and dangerous, it made them so much easier to control, and encouraged mindless confrontations with police, a battle teens can never win. In truth, white teenagers were falling in love with black culture through the radio and shaking off some of the programming in the process and threatening to break down some establishment barriers.

In the same way, I’ve always wondered about the radical groups from the 1960s that encouraged violence and terror as legitimate, especially the Red Army faction from Germany, the Baader-Meinhof crew and the Weather Underground.

Personally, I never bought into Marxism, Communism, or any other ism, so when I see a logo with a red star and a machine gun, it doesn’t provoke my empathy. In fact, I’d view this sort of sigil as a secret emanation of a security service. Manufacturing violence is how the system works.

Whenever you see violence projected as a legitimate lifestyle, consider the possibility you’re down a rabbit hole, deep in some intelligence operation, lost in the wilderness of mirrors sheltering the sorcerers of death.

My favorite German radical from the sixties is Bommi Baumann, who turned away from violence after realizing he’d been programmed into accepting it since birth in the slums of Eastern Berlin.
Bommi wrote a book translated in English as “Terror or Love?” and in the summer of 1981 Des McEnuff staged an incredible version at the Public Theater in Manhattan. I wonder if Des will ever bring that production back? He’s a famous Broadway director of musicals now, and this was actually his first major New York show, but it was brilliant.

Which brings me back to the point of this blog: the mainstream current sucks people into violence, while the counterculture swims upstream against violence. All the elements of the counterculture were assembled in Congo Square in New Orleans, where a merger of all cultures occurred, one that held improvisational ceremonies. Since all cultures were invited, this culture was free of bigotry by design. This culture brought about integration. They were the activists of change. And this culture made reefer popular. And it continues to evolve today because it is improvisational in nature. And this culture has long been in conflict with the powers-that-be, who prefer to isolate people in groups to make them more vulnerable. Recreational drug habits of a forbidden culture quickly become persecution campaigns. The crime of the jazz heads was not they were smoking weed but they were mixing races. Reefer was just the easiest method of persecution, especially since its odor is so pervasive and distinctive.

So being “counterculture” has nothing to do with your haircut, the amount of cannabis you consume, what religion you follow, what clothes you wear, or what concerts you attend. It simply means you reject violence as the option of first resort and prefer to follow the path of peace. Wars are orchestrated for profit and both sides can be funded by the same banks. This is the greatest hoodwink of the ages, and the assassination of JFK and the events of 9/11 are but small peep-holes into this deeper reality.