The Truth about Princess Diana

1101960311_400England may be a matriarchy, but real strings of power are firmly controlled by men. When Diana married Prince Charles, she became the second most powerful female in the land on paper, but in reality, never understood her role was supposed to be as breeding machine and little else. After Diana realized Charles had no intention of dumping his girlfriend, she complained in the press, and began her own torrid love affair. As a result, the Queen sent letters to them both requesting a “quick divorce.”

Prince Phillip played the bad cop and warned Diana her titles could be taken away if she behaved badly. Diana replied her titles were older than his. Diana had been attached to over 100 charities, but quit all but six. She wanted to use her influence to build a better world, and had identified banning landmines as her primary cause. This raised hackles because Honeywell, Lockheed-Martin, Raytheon, Texas Instruments, and Rockwell were all making billions manufacturing mines. An angry call from Prince Phillip ensued and he ordered her to stop mucking about in affairs she knew little about. At that moment Diana became an official loose cannon in the files of MI5-6.

Diana’s second son’s resemblance to dashing cavalry officer James Hewitt, with whom she had an alleged affair after Harry was born, has been grist for the gossip mills, although in truth Harry looks very much like a Mountbatten. Since Harry was caught smoking pot at age 17, one wonders if he’ll be the one to take up his mother’s cause of ending the hoodwink that manipulates religion to manifest war for profit.

Speaking of which, Diana was not murdered because of her anti-landmine campaign or because she birthed a lover’s—instead a husband’s—child. She was killed because she was about to marry a Muslim and have his baby. But even more threatening, this Muslim was a talented and successful film producer who planned to move to Hollywood and open his own studio.

The happy couple had already picked out their Malibu beach estate. Dodi Fayed had a interesting pedigree, as his father was a billionaire businessman while his mother was sister to Octopus bagman Adnan Khashoggi, who had profiteered greatly off arms dealing and also from his Iran-Contra-Cocaine connections. For his first major film, Fayed had chosen Chariots of Fire, the story of a Jewish athlete who overcomes racism to become a British hero. The film’s success cemented Fayed as a serious player. But Diana and Dodi never made it to Malibu.

The designated patsies in this saga are the driver of the death car and the paparazzi photographers, and most of the world has swallowed the cover stories.