Buell Frazier is a clue to the JFK assassination

Buell Frazier was only 19 when he met Lee Harvey Oswald. They both worked at the Texas School Book Depository for minimum wage ($1.50) and Frazier sometimes drove Oswald the 15 miles to work if his broken-down Chevy was functional. The day of the assassination Oswald appeared with a two-foot-long package and told Frazier they were curtain rods. When they arrived at work, Oswald carried the package between his palm and armpit.

Frazier never swallowed the story that short package was actually a 36-inch Mannlicher-Carcano rifle. Nor did he swallow the story that soft-spoken, highly intelligent Lee Oswald shot JFK that day.

A much different, longer package from the one Frazier had seen that morning was produced for the media. Enormous efforts were made to connect Oswald to the murder weapon, and some of this activity seems to have involved fabricating evidence as it went along, which is why there was so much revision. The problem with the enormous bag shown to the media is it was put together with tape from the book depository, indicating it wasn’t the bag Oswald carried because his bag had been manufactured off-site.

I have no doubt Oswald was instructed to bring a package to work that day because he was seen departing the scene in a green Rambler station wagon driven by David Morales, or someone who looked much like Morales. Two others might have been hiding on the floorboards inside, one of whom could have been Ted Shackley.

Frazier was put through a 12-hour hostile interrogation and told at one point that Oswald had named him as a co-conspirator. He demanded and eventually got a lie detector test, which he easily passed. However, the hostility of the police towards his belief in Oswald’s innocence caused Frazier to lie very low for a long time. He was pressured to change his story and also change the length of the bag by the Warren Commission, but never wavered. The Commission eventually rejected his story and concluded his memory was not accurate.

In Defense of Religion

It’s interesting my junior high school buddy Stuart Vyse has become the go-to-guy for shredding superstitious nonsense, while I’ve become a post-modern shaman investigating magical energies. You can read about an interesting adventure Stuart and I had in 1966 in Urbana, Illinois, in my book Magic, Religion & Cannabis.

Stuart is now a columnist with the prestigious Committee of Skeptical Inquiry (CSI), and his debut column was: “Happiness, Religion, and Status Quo,” based around a study recently conducted by New York University. Stuart’s essay concludes religious people support the status quo, and that alliance provides emotional comfort.

I believe spirituality expresses in all living creatures, and state religion is an attempt to monopolize the telepathic airwaves. There are rational people who believe in science and evolution (and reject the fundamentalist doctrines of religion), but still attend services and show respect for the rituals of their ancestors because it provides a moral code as well as the necessary sense of enchantment that comes with magic. Our sense of ritual is easy to spot during birth, marriage, death and other major life events, and our behavior during these events provides a window on our soul.

There’s little difference between magic, religion and Santa Claus, and, in fact, the Santa Claus myth may have been invented by a Siberian shaman handing out psychedelic mushrooms. If we didn’t believe in the importance of ritual enchantment, why hoodwink all the kids with the Santa Claus myth?

Obviously, we do it because the myth provides an entertaining and powerful experience on Christmas Eve, when kids open presents for the first time believing they were dropped out of the sky by a supernatural being. And we know how powerful that experience is because we all went through it, and when this ritual is recreated for our children, we share that joy again.

Any and all attempts to attack religion will create martyrs, steel the minds of the believers, and strengthen the resolve of the congregations to keep their rituals intact because they are a lifeline to the ancestors. At the same time, it’s impossible to ignore the fact that religion has become the biggest problem, at the root of almost every war, despite their individual dogmas professing to honor peace. The only way to defeat the war octopus that dominates our global financial landscape is by entering the world of magic and religion, and helping religions evolve as they must, because nothing ever stays the same forever.

Paradigms & Perceptions

ParadigmbookcoverOnce I crawl into the archives, I can get stuck easily and that’s what happened when I retrieved the short story about my tragic love affair. While I was digging around looking for that ancient manuscript, I found something much older, something I wrote while a graduate student working on a Masters of Science in Journalism at the University of Illinois.

I have no idea what reaction this paper would get in today’s academic world, but I can tell you my professor gave me an A minus. When I asked why it wasn’t an A or A plus (considering the cutting edge brilliance I felt I’d displayed), he explained the paper was too short. Even though I had distilled my major points to their essence, I should have played the game of inflating the language, stacking the citations, and basically blowing hot air into everything, which would have made it a regular A paper.

I felt at the time I was being penalized for being succinct, which I considered the greatest trademark of a great writer, something Hemingway had actually instilled in me. And that’s the way it’s always been for me. I prefer to write short stories and my popular culture histories can all be read in one sitting. I don’t like long tombs. In fact, that was what was so great about Keith Haring: he had that ability to pack a tremendous amount of content into a very simple drawing.

Of course, I decided to update the paper by adding a couple more recent developments since the citations were all from the middle 1970s, which I’m sure seems like a very distant past to grad students today. The one concept I was trying to work out was how cultural symbols are manufactured and what ramifications they have on the subconscious mind. It’s still an area I consider worthy of study, although a lot of the research in this field, like Mark Passio’s, is sophomoric and doesn’t even come close to the truth in my opinion. As someone who worked inside the corporate media for most of his adult life, I can tell you the professional media experts are trained to sell products. They are mercenaries for hire, not Aleister Crowley dark magicians secretly holding black masses and implanting black magic sigils in your brain. The really good ones may get hired by the Pentagon to sell a war, but it’s just another product and another paycheck to most of these media shamans who have these magic skills of mental manipulation. Which isn’t to say they aren’t trying desperately to manipulate you, keep you complacent, filled with pills and booze and so many addictions (like violence porn) that basically render you helpless to resist any orders from the establishment if any of these addictions are suddenly cut off or tampered with. The control mechanisms have been functioning for 2,000 years, there is nothing new under the sun really. It’s a oligarchy running the shows with many secret agendas, but mainly fomenting wars for profit all over the globe, while selling guns in one direction and drugs in the other.

I actually put forth a solution for these problems in my paper, not that anyone will listen to me. I’ve been playing around with magic symbols for a long time, and got involved in a big way when I launched the Freedom Fighters with Jack Herer in 1988. I didn’t realize the full implications at the time, but that group was actually my attempt to recapture the flag and all the Revolutionary War sigils from the right wingers who had so carefully crafted them for propaganda purposes and hand these symbols over to the hemp movement where they belonged.

In order to instantly end all war, first you have to create a paradigm shift that harmonizes religions into one highway leading to one destination. Maybe someone will come up with a concept that can do this, something that would create an instant ceremonial altar, expressing respect to all spiritual cultures. If only someone could come up with a device like that. Maybe someday. Maybe.

On Magic and Religion

After I posted my take on Alex Jones’ ridiculous Madonna-Illuminati conspiracy theory, I got this response on facebook: “Illuminati conspiracy, today, revolves around the idea that some groups have been in touch with higher intelligence….”

Anyone who claims special access to information from other dimensions and or galaxies (ala David Icke), is a guaranteed 100% fraudster. This hoodwink is nothing new, by the way. It’s been going on for centuries and never seems to fail to capture true believers. In fact, this is how all religions start out. When spirituality moved from tribal shamanism to organized religions, the first thing the corrupt priesthood did was claim a special relationship with god. All religion is really magic. You can claim your messiah’s miracles are really real, but there isn’t any fundamental difference in the way Christianity, or Scientology, or Mormonism, or Aleister Crowley actually works—it’s all magic. And magic does work—if you believe in it, so it’s pretty much self-fulfilling.

I don’t doubt that telepathic energies exist, and some of those energies even travel through the dimensions of time and space. Also, some people, usually known as “psychics,” can occasionally tap into these telepathic energies. A good example would be George Washington Carver, who had the ability to “talk to plants.” But for every real psychic there’s always been ten thousand fraudsters, all claiming special access to hidden knowledge they will happily share with you—for a fee. Why anyone would ever believe any of this hogwash is beyond me. One thing about real psychics like Carver: they don’t use their abilities to manufacture religions or profiteer in any way from their special talents. And if they did, they’d likely lose those talents right away. So please don’t make the mistake of thinking the ruling elites have any special access to other dimensions or worlds in outer space or are really lizard creatures from another dimension. This is simply a hoodwink story made-up to justify their monopoly on power and keep the populace in a state of shock and awe, and prevent them from realizing the truth—that people have the power. It’s just a matter of waking up and shaking off the mind control mechanisms being manufactured to prevent that global wake-up from taking place. And claiming the Illuminati have contact with other dimensions is not part of the solution, but just another rabbit hole leading to nowhere.

Proof of God’s Existence

All matter is made of energy, and energy systems can harmonize (tune up). When you hug or kiss someone, your two energy fields (auras) are joined into a single field. Likewise, when you sit at family dinner, the family can harmonize into a single energy field and that’s one reason why family dinners can be crucial in raising well-adjusted children. The earth is a self-regulating energy system. Since my definition of god is “everything” and I believe there’s an energy field created by everything, I have no doubt of god’s existence. In Native American terms, the Great Spirit flows through all things. It makes no difference what name you put on this energy field, the fact it’s there is proof that it exists. I can’t really accept the concept of god as a white-haired gentleman who sits in the clouds with angels around him and sends people to heaven or hell.