Reflections on World War II

Although Admiral Wilhelm Canaris became head of the Abwehr (German military intelligence) soon after Adolf Hitler arrived in power, he quickly became a devoted anti-Nazi. Canaris was from a rich family and was married into the oligarchy, and the untold story of WWII is how he provided details of all Hitler’s military plans to British intelligence, information that was routinely ignored throughout the war until Canaris was finally uncovered by the Gestapo. The British may have suspected Canaris was a dangle, especially since they’d already tried to assassinate him once in Spain. They refused to believe that an organized resistance against Hitler existed in Germany, but it did, although Hitler was diabolically ruthless in eliminating all internal resistance by undertaking massive and secret extermination campaigns against his enemies right before he announced who those enemies were.

Think about it. Before Hitler’s Blitzkrieg swept across western Europe, Canaris sent complete details of the invasion, yet nothing was done to mobilize? How come no one ever talks about this stuff? Canaris begged for British assistance for years before he was discovered, and he mounted several assassination attempts on Hitler, yet never received any British support? Had England supported Canaris, Hitler would have been dead long before the Blitzkrieg.

Here’s another unfathomable detail. After the Blitz, when Hitler had captured France and Holland without suffering significant casualties, opposition against him inside Germany was driven deep underground. At this point, any badmouthing der Fuhrer, constituted a potential death sentence. Hitler has already announced his goal of ridding the world of the “international jew,” a likely reference to Baron Rothschild (and his friends and family), and yet, as Hitler stood on the shores overlooking his supposed primary target, what does Hitler do? He violates his crucial peace agreement with Russia and opens another front in the east, leaving England to suffer a rain of rocket bombs instead of an invasion. Of course this move was insane, unless Hitler had some ulterior motive.

It was during the move into the Ukraine that the brainwashed SS dogs that had been so carefully bred were finally unleashed. Many regular German army officers were appalled at the atrocities committed by the SS. Not just Jews were rounded up either, but an assortment of intellectuals as well as members of any clergy and nobility with titles who were suspected to be anti-Nazi. One captain told his commanding officer they had to stop an unfolding massacre in which hundreds of people were lined up naked in front of a large ditch. His commander told the Captain if they interfered with the SS, the entire battalion would be charged with mutiny, and Hitler had a specially-equipped strike force ready to deal with any potential problems like that. So the regular army stood down, but it’s not like they all wanted to go along with these crimes against humanity.

But the strangest episode in the entire war had to be when Rudolf Hess parachuted into Scotland wearing an elaborate ritual outfit covered in sigils. When captured he said he had an important message for the Duke of Hamilton. That’s another one of those stories they don’t tell: a significant number of the royal family were secret Nazi sympathizers. Hess wanted to broker a deal where England and Germany would join forces to destroy Communism, but Hess was thinking too far ahead, as this war had not yet been fully mined for profit.

During the war, Winston Churchill ignored all requests from the German resistance to Hitler, just as he ignored potential problems within the House of Lords? I think this stuff might even be a little bigger than the foreknowledge on Pearl Harbor and reveals that wars are likely orchestrated events intended to produce vast profits at the expense of human lives.