Sandy Hook Rabbit Hole to Avoid

sandyhookactorsphelpsfromflordiaEvery time a school shooting happens these days, there’s a blatant effort to create a cloud of confusion around the event. Either this is the work of the intel disinfo machine or the pill companies are manufacturing this crap to cover the tracks that lead to their culpability. When I took a preemptive approach to the latest school shooting, just to tell my readers to be on the lookout for the barrage of disinfo, I was immediately attacked by an anonymous troll calling himself Willie.

Let us examine Willie’s op in detail. I told him Sandy Hook really happened and among the possible real Manchurian Candidates are Oswald and Sirhan, so of course Willie attacked everything I said.

Willie claims the grieving parents presented on the news that day were actors playing a role. This is the story that was initially posted by Alex Jones and David Icke, the two most well-known disinfo artists. You’ll also find this bogus story on Veterans Today, which is why I don’t trust that site. Fake conspiracy stories are a big part of the problem because they lead people away from investigating important conspiracies like JFK and 9/11, while sheep-dipping all researchers as crazy kooks.

But since I know people who live in Newtown and since I have been there myself, I know better than to fall into this rabbit hole. I also find it incredibly insulting to the survivors and their families to keep spreading lies about how they never lost their relatives.

Consider this: all the Newtown hoax sites, and there are many, use faked documentation derived from the first few hours of the event, when confusion reigned, as it always does in times of great crisis when rumors spread and facts are hard to pin down. The disinfo machine milks these initial inconsistencies. But you’ll notice none of these sites have done any gumshoe reporting on the facts past those initial inconsistencies in the news. If all these people were actors, and no kids were killed, then the cover-up would create a trail impossible to conceal. This sort of trail is easy to follow in JFK and 9/11, but does not exist with Sandy Hook.

Willie: Take another hit off your bong! Because the bong is improving your IQ. Bonus points: the pot-advocacy (with a side-order of comic book metaphysics) definitely adds to your credibility, too! “ Me: As for the evidence Oswald was hypnotized, he was in the Civil Air Patrol with David Ferrie. Ferrie hypnotized all his cadets.” Uh huh. That’s really great “evidence”, Steve. You’ve still got those grainy photos of Ferrie wearing a turban, right?

Notice trolls attack the person before the argument. I’m a public person and have been an activist for cannabis legalization for over 30 years, so that means I have zero credibility? In fact, the opposite is true, Willie. Pot is about to become legal due to the efforts of people like me, despite 80 years of reefer madness lies and billions in propaganda from people like you. So who’s winning, eh? Stupid stoners? Or disinfo trolls? And as for David Ferrie being a hypnotist (who used hypnotism to seduce teenage boys among other things), many eyewitnesses and former cadets testified to Ferrie’s use of hypnotism, among them Perry Russo, who was interviewed by Jim Garrison and others. Here’s a partial transcript, although I doubt you are interested in any real facts:

Q: You mentioned that there was something involving hypnotism with Ferrie, that he had practiced it? A: Well, Ferrie had shown me that he had received, I think, a doctorate of psychology, he had received a medical degree that he could practice, and three other degrees, which I don’t recall at this moment, and in his house, his first house that I met him in, which was out near the Kenner area or the Metairie area, he had surgery equipment which was kept very clean and things like that, and I had occasion— that he gave us a demonstration in hypnotism at that time. Now, later on in talking to Al, Al Landry, Al told me that Ferrie had used hypnotism on the members of the Civil Air Patrol when he was making aggressions — sexual aggressions on them.

Next, Willie also tried to debunk evidence Sirhan was hypnotized. Me: “As for Sirhan, the evidence he was hypnotized is out on the web for anyone who cares to look.” Well there you have it! That’s a slam-dunk in *every* court of law, Steve. “It’s out on the Internet, your Honor! The prosecution rests!” Apparently Willie can’t do a google search, because if he had, he would have discovered Sirhan’s second lawyer presented this evidence in court and included the notebook in which “RFK must die” was written over and over. That sort of automatic writing is a technique used by programmers and real assassins do not create a trail of evidence against themselves like that. The fact Sirhan has zero memory of the assassination and cannot recall a single detail from the event is evidence he was placed in a trance.

Now, as to how many of you are actually being cut checks from Sunstein.Org I have no way of telling… but you certainly aren’t doing much to dispel any suspicions, are you?

Well, of course, accusing me of being a paid disinformation agent is always the last resort of a troll, isn’t it? I never heard of until this, but I can see Willie obviously has some knowledge about deep politics. Yet, I am a public person with a 40-year history of activism and Willie is an anonymous troll who is spending hours trying to ridicule me on my own blog? Who do you think is more believable in this situation?

If you agree with Willie and believe Sandy Hook never happened, please go to Newtown and interview some people involved. Get their reaction to claims they are really paid actors and no kids actually died that day. See what sort of reaction you get. Personally, I’m sickened by this sort of disinfo and it’s sad to see how easily some people are led into it.

As for the photo above, what happened was that someone trolled the internet for pictures of people that looked like Nick and Laura Phelps of Newtown and then used those pictures to claim Nick and Laura are actors. Now how hard would it be to expose something like that if it was true? Why not track down Nick and Laura and confront them, Willie? Get out your camcorder and start harassing them with stories about how their kid didn’t die and they are paid actors playing a role. See where that gets you. And until you do produce some actual real evidence to support this insane story you pedal, please stop spreading bogus lies. And if you can’t do that,  just stop posting on my humble blog while announcing “I have won this argument!!” That is really the silliest statement yet because you are such an obvious shill for disinfo and have won zero arguments except in your own mind.


Inside the Shooter Rabbit Hole


There’s a lot more disinfo than real info going around these days, and nothing demonstrates this trend better than the stories circulating about the recent shootings in Colorado and Connecticut. Since the fathers of both shooters are in the banking industry, some now claim both events are tied to the LIBOR rigging scandal. What evidence do they put forth? Nothing. Just working in the banking industry is enough evidence it seems.

This sort of disinfo reminds me of that recent book I panned, The Most Dangerous Book in the World, which purports to reveal how the world is being run by a black magic cult that worships Aleister Crowley. In this scenario, any bird image is secretly a reference to a Masonic phoenix, just as any town or building near the 33rd parallel is secretly an illuminati operation. As I have tried to explain in the past, you can filter any story through this sort of template and come up with all sorts of coincidences. By trailing these coincidences into some master theory, the disinfo machine creates the chaff and flares used to divert researchers from investigating real conspiracies while leading people into a fake rabbit hole.

Creating a Manchurian Candidate is a complex operation. One thing we know about the Connecticut shooter is he lived a solitary life with his mother, and both were virtually estranged from the rest of their family, especially the father, who seems to have had little contact other than providing $200,000 a year for his estranged wife and son to live on.

My question is, where is the evidence of CIA involvement in these two shootings? There is none. Instead, the disinfo artists take fragmentary info from the initial news reports and pretend some enormous coverup is going on. In both cases there were initial false reports of other people being involved, just as there were false reports that the shooter’s mother worked at the elementary school, as well as false reports that the shooter was let into the school because he was recognized. In fact, the shooter shot his way into the school. He was likely seeking vengeance for being kicked out of the school many years earlier. Or maybe he was bullied there. We may never fully understand the motives, but they are not rational whatever they are.

One thing I’m pretty sure of however, and that is we won’t be uncovering any evidence of CIA mind control being used on either of these two kids. Brainwashing is a complex operation and it can’t be done without leaving a trail of evidence. In the case of Sirhan Sirhan, this evidence is apparent for anyone who looks deep into the case. Sirhan is an excellent example of a probable Manchurian Candidate, while the shooters in Colorado and Connecticut are not. But by claiming they are, researchers are led off on a wild goose chase to nowhere.

So please don’t spread fake rumors on the internet that have zero evidence to back them up. Try to focus on the real issues.