The Truth About Stanley Kubrick And The Illuminati

Stanley Kubrick has provided more fodder for the disinfo mills than any other single person in history, and I don’t think it’s an accident.

Maybe you saw the French documentary about Kubrick being hired by Nixon to produce a fake moon landing just in case something went wrong with Apollo 11 so the world would not suspect the USA had failed. That film was a masterful hoax, built on top of a swelling rumor that The Shining was actually a puzzle intended to tell the world that the moon landings were faked. You can’t believe the number of so-called serious researchers who have been hoodwinked by this scam.

This rabbit hole was the beginning of a new sort of counterintelligence op, one very popular today, in which movies are read as containing secret messages about what is going to happen in the next few years. According to this meme, a black magic cult that worships Aleister Crowley runs the world, and the media is a tool for conveying secret mind control messages. I speak, of course, of that group popularly known as the “Illuminati.”

I have no doubt a powerful oligarchy runs secret global operations through a wilderness of mirrors shielding their true intentions and identity, and sometimes deploy tactics invented by a Bavarian professor of Catholic law at a Jesuit university, but they probably also deploy lessons learned from Machiavelli, Clauswitz, Sun Tzu, Bernays, and all the great masters of mass mind control. I also I know a tremendous amount of hoaxing is going on around who the Illluminati are and what they are planning to do, and a bunch of this involves scapegoating Kubrick as part of their inner circle, a man who was supposedly murdered because he released Eyes Wide Shut and revealed a secret ceremony in an attempt to warn the world.

Kubrick did die shortly after finishing that film, but after all, he was 70 and passed away comfortably in his sleep with zero signs of foul play. His widow participated in the French film hoax, probably because she was tired of dealing with the rumors of his supposed connection to NASA and the moon landings. You can’t believe the number of people who still swallow the story, despite the many clues throughout the film it’s a joke.

And by the way, I’m sure NASA is stacked with Masons of the 33rd Degree, as well as having been built on the backs of Nazi scientists secretly reconditioned with new identities (although Werner Von Braun was allowed to keep his), but I also believe the “faked moon landings” is a meme constructed as a propaganda op. In order to conceal real conspiracies like the JFK assassination and 9/11, they create a Tin Foil Hat Patrol, whose real objective is to make all conspiracy theory seem ridiculous.

The name of this game is to get millions of Americans believing the most ridiculous shit possible and they test the boundaries all the time, primarily with click-bait websites designed like the supermarket tabloids. The edge keeps moving deeper into delusion all the time. The more they spread ridiculous conspiracy stories, the more ridiculous they make all deep political researchers appear. And that’s why disinfo reverberates all across the internet while real research has trouble finding an audience.

Numerology plays a roll in these ops because numbers are easy to play with and can always be deployed to connect dots that don’t really connect. According to one dude, the shirt Danny wears wears is a reference to Bill Clinton, the 42nd President.

I find that a bit of a stretch considering Kubrick is a Jewish kid who grew up in the Bronx in the 1950s, a time and place when “42” stood for Jackie Robinson. But is it worth mentioning that in the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy the number 42 is the secret meaning of everything? I could go on forever like this.

Of course the key number in The Shining is 237, after the room where the dad goes crazy. There’s even a entire documentary just on 237 conspiracy theories. Some will tell you 237 is actually also a reference to 42, as in 2x3x7. Others will claim it’s a reference to the moon being 237,000 miles from the earth (it’s not). See how easy it is to play this game?

Reality is you can mine a movie for details and numbers like this and produce any sort of complex dogmas you want. But none of it means anything real. Kubrick worked almost exclusively with books and scripts and his core ideas stemmed out of other artists. In the original book by Stephen King, the dangerous room was #217, so of course Kubrick had to put his own spin on it. Why he referenced 237 could have been for purely personal reasons, or because he wanted the numbers to add up to 12, or because that was the number on a house he once lived at. It doesn’t matter and it plays zero role in understanding or appreciating the film either way.

The Stanley.

The Overlook Hotel, by the way, was modeled off two hotels, one in Colorado (The Stanley) and the other in New York State (The Mohonk Mountain House). King was certainly familiar with both. In fact, he stayed in room #217 at The Stanley (which is actually one of two rooms supposed to be haunted at that hotel). The Stanley was a playground for the rich and famous with a Rocky Mountain view, built by the founder of the Stanley Steamer. The Mohonk Mountain House (which is actually a huge Victorian castle) was built by a Quaker and used for world peace conferences before the United Nations appeared on the scene. It’s the Mohonk Mountain House that has the crucial labyrinth that plays such a key role in the climax of the film. Another nearby hotel that may have played a role was the Overlook Mountain House just above Woodstock, New York, which burned down in 1875, was rebuilt, and burned down again in 1921.

So please don’t fall for the disinfo so we can better support legitimate conspiracy research.

The most interesting tidbit I came up with while researching this blog? After United Artists bought the film rights to Lord of the Rings, the Beatles wanted to play the hobbits and asked Kubrick to direct, but he declined, saying the story was not suitable for film.