The Success Secret

If you’ve never heard of Napoleon Hill this may be one of the most important blogs you ever stumbled onto. Personally, I never heard of him until very recently, even though he’s the father of positive thinking. The recent film The Secret is really just a bland retread of Hill’s incredibly effective insights. Without knowing anything about him, I’ve been practicing some of these strategies most of my life, starting when I visualized myself into a garage rock band at age 15.

Hill was a journalist sent to interview Andrew Carnegie, and that interview changed his life. Carnegie convinced Hill success in business could easily be achieved by virtually anyone, provided they followed a few simple rules involving telepathic energy.  A lot of Carnegie’s insights are surprisingly similar with my concepts on energy, or, as others like to call it, spirituality, although I’ve only recently stumbled onto these insights through Hill’s book. The basic concepts include the ability to form group telepathic mega-minds capable of visualizing a path to success while banishing all thoughts of failure.

Just as Carl von Clausewitz wrote extensively about the telepathic energies of war (fog, friction and centers of gravity), Napoleon Hill outlined the telepathic energies of success in business. This only happened because Carnegie encouraged Hill to visit hundreds of successful people and document the similarities of their strategies for success. The result became one of the top ten best-selling books in history: Think and Grow Rich, published in 1937 after 20 years of research. It’s not really a book about making money, however, but about how to architect a telepathic environment that assures the success of any endeavor. Ken Norton attributed his success against Muhammad Ali in 1973 to having recently read this book.

Think and Grow Rich is in the public domain and can be downloaded in pdf form from a variety of sites.