Debunking Zeitgeist

If you are going to investigate the origins of Christianity, it’s useful to examine the lies of Zeitgeist, a propaganda film released in 2007 that gives a distorted view of history, and ignores the cannabis component, while creating a personality cult around the film’s director, Peter Joseph. So understand Zeitgeist is part of the mind war and intended to lead you into a rabbit hole and not enlighten you about the truth. But once you know where the magician wants you to look, you can sometimes figure out what he is hiding with the other hand.

Zeitgeist states the obvious: Jesus (like most avatars at the time) was constructed from previous solar myths. The film draws most analogies fromĀ  Egypt.

Most of the inspiration for the Old and New Testament was not coming from Egypt, but the opposite direction, the east, which birthed a religion that swept the world, born out of great fire temples where cannabis flowers and hot milk had been mixed for centuries to make the world’s greatest medicine.

The prophet Zoroaster had an epiphany after drinking this elixir, and suddenly realized everything in the universe was related by some great spirit flowing through all creation. He named this great spirit the Mind-Being, “mind” being female, and “being” male, and together they made the great Mind-Being spirit found in all things. Zoroaster also believed in an Evil One, not related to the Mind-Being. He wrote these beliefs in the Avesta five hundred years before Zachariah rediscovered the oil in Judea.

There’s a central sacrament for his ceremony, and it looks exactly like the sacrament of the Rig Veda, Soma, which predates Zoroaster, but in Iran where Zoroaster lived, they had changed the name to Haoma.

If Zeitgeist truly wanted to enlighten us about the origins of monotheism versus the goddesses and gods of paganism, the film should have been talking about how the active ingredient in Soma and Haoma is the same as in the Holy Anointing Oil, created by Moses, rediscovered by Zacharias, made popular by John the Baptist, and employed by Mani to heal the blind and the lame.

All my research indicates Jesus is a myth Constantine invented to replace Mani. Mani was the real peace avatar who had successfully combined all religion in a quest to end war. What he didn’t understand was that most religions are constructed to help wage war.

Blaming Zeitgeist

Peter Joseph
Jared Lee Loughner

The first time I saw “Zeitgest” by Peter Joseph, I assumed it was a counter-intelligence propaganda film. The second time I viewed it, I found it nearly impossible to sit through the first few minutes of shells being fired, bombs landing and general images of war and violence, which go on endlessly. (The first time you watch it, you don’t realize the conditioning involved in that opening sequence, and its importance in creating the final, fearful mood.)

Zeitgeist creates a feeling of dread and dread is the key emotion in crafting mind control propaganda. So, I assume the film is state-sponsored propaganda post-911. Of course, I could be wrong and there is a lot in Zeitgeist to love. Revealing the astrological connections behind the Jesus story, for example, even with some major exaggerations regarding other cultures. And Vanderbilt University just released a report claiming elements of astrology can be proven scientifically, so there’s yet another news hook to this blog. And, of course, I concur with the opinion of Peter Joseph that 911 was most likely an inside job designed to sweep us into war, although I also believe the so-called “911 Truth Movement” is heavily manipulated and a lot of what you find on the internet about 911 are carefully crafted rabbit holes leading off a cliff (or to nowhere).

So it comes as no surprise Zeitgeist is trailing into the shooting incident involving Jared Loughner. Apparently, it was Loughner’s favorite film, which may be bad news for Peter Joseph since he has recently started the worldwide “Zeitgeist Movement,” which someday may rival Scientology considering 50 million people have watched the film so far.

Will “Zeitgeist” become the first internet movie to be censored and/or banned from existence? Or will the NRA band together with Joseph to save our guns AND our dread-amplifying conspiracy theories?

Then again, this is probably just a public relations coup designed to increase the Zeitgeist brand immensely.

A final point worth noting: the lawyer who has emerged from the shadows to represent Loughner also represented the Unibomber, a man who participated in CIA-sponsored MKULTRA experiments while at Harvard before becoming a violent psychopath. If Loughner is one day revealed to be a Manchurian Candidate, it seems possible “Zeitgeist” could have been used in his conditioning, the same way Lennon’s shooter may have been programmed with “Catcher in the Rye.” The smiling face of the long-haired Loughner from High School seems is a long, long way from the shaved-head psycho taken into custody after the shooting. And if this is the case, what a clever move, to brand that film (and conspiracy theory in general) as being one of the biggest problems we face, why isn’t it obvious that this horrible conspiracy research is encouraging a wave of psychopathic violence through depressing factoids about the Federal Reserve! Pretty soon, anybody known as a “conspiracy theorist” better duck and cover. And that means you, Jesse Ventura.

And, by the way, if you want to watch a really good film about MKULTRA and mind control, check out “Human Resources” by Scott Noble. It covers some of the same ground as “Zeitgeist” but is a much better film. You can watch it free here: