Among the Truthers versus Extreme Prejudice

Jonathan Kay’s Among the Truthers is getting the most favored royal treatment in the press.  I like the Wall Street Journal headline best: “Beyond the Lunatic Fringe.” I guess that includes anyone who doesn’t swallow the official conspiracy story Al-Qaeda was the sole mastermind of 9/11?

This newly identified “lunatic fringe” would certainly have included John F. Kennedy, who warned his country about a global business cartel that opposed his policies. In fact, Kennedy made several speeches denouncing this cartel (which I call The Octopus, because its tentacles touch nearly everything and it creates wars for profit through dialectical processes).

“We are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy,” warned JFK on April 27, 1961. He began this speech by denouncing secret societies. And this happened at a formal press event that would have been attended by numerous secret society members from many societies, all working as PR shills for an Octopus media corporation. Kennedy was fearless and I guess that’s why the Octopus took him down.

But times have changed, and now there’s a new mindset being constructed. And in this new zeitgeist, anyone who doesn’t agree with the establishment version of events from now on…. is a disturbed lunatic needing psychiatric care and forced medication?

This campaign began slowly with the creation of the word “conspiracism” to describe anyone who believes the world is governed by shadow forces. And under the Patriot Act, these people can be forced into mental hospitals against their will. And if you doubt any of this insanity has actually come to fruition in America, consider that Susan Lindauer’s Extreme Prejudice came out the same time as Among the Truthers, but it won’t be getting the royal press treatment. It will be ignored. That’s because Lindauer was a Defense Intelligence asset who claims prior knowledge of 9/11 was widespread in the intelligence community. Immediately after she began speaking out after the event, she was charged with treason and forced into a mental hospital. Held in jail incommunicado for years and declared “mentally unfit to stand trial” because she would not submit to forced medication, she was finally released in 2009 after all charges against her were finally dropped.

Isn’t it transparent that the lunatic fringe, symbolized by its shining star David Icke, is an Octopus PR creation? First they create a lunatic, then they make sure all who don’t agree with them are lumped in with that lunatic into one big lunatic fringe.

And that’s how they eliminated dissent in our lifetime in America, the land of the free.

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  1. Well yes.Yet you seem to set aside,that often others know whats best.Six months before the tragic death of J F K-he put out a request to end the fed.Some seem to think that is a part of that sad drama.Yet surely if that was an item,then it could bother one’s lunch.Society needs more relax.Trust the powers that be.Hope for the best.Thanks for your labors.

  2. Wow. I was just reading “Among the Truthers” and I have to say that you fit into its descriptions of theorists very nicely. I especially like the way that truthers that have an embarrassing take on things (ie. Mr. Icke) instantly become part of the conspiracy. Having someone take the time to submerge themselves in this “movement” to document exactly how you work does make it a lot easier to dismiss your ludicrous claims.

    1. The use of “rabbit holes” to hide covert ops is nothing new and is certainly part of the planning of any major covert op. These false trails must be laid early to throw off honest researchers and also brand any investigators as quacks. If you don’t believe these are standard operating procedures for covert ops, you haven’t done much research on the subject. Icke presents some real information, but trails it into a fantasy story about lizards from space. This is why I strongly suspect he is part of the disinfo campaign to keep people confused. When you say “ludicrous claims” what are you speaking of exactly? That is Icke’s specialty, not mine.

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