The Truth About Sandy Hook

sandyhookactorsphelpsfromflordiaI’ve written about  Sandy Hook a couple times, mostly to complain about the rabbit holes that spooks dug around the event immediately after it happened.

All tragic events these days will immediately be turned into a giant government conspiracy, something done to sheep-dip conspiracy research as a tin-foil hat brigade. These rabbit holes are a maze constructed to shield real conspiracies like 9/11, and they are manufactured as chaff and flares tossed from a jet ducking a heat-seeking missile. And that’s sort of how I think about my blogs: heat-seeking missiles of truth headed for the cockpit of the Octopus manufacturing war for profit.

The other purpose of these rabbit holes is dividing the research community so it can be more easily defeated. Even though the mainstream media has never recognized the citizen research movement that appeared in the wake of the JFK assassination, it is this army of researchers that penetrated the wilderness of mirrors to find a cabal of Wall Street lawyers running a shadow government.

Martha Dean had a promising political career in Connecticut until she exposed some skepticism about the Sandy Hook shooting official story. She’s obviously a bright person, but somehow got sucked into the rabbit hole that Sandy Hook never happened, and a disturbed kid named Adam Lanza never existed.

Dean is correct in that the full story has not been told, and there’s a cloak of intense secrecy around the event now, but I also know people in the town, and therapists working with them, so real kids and adults died that day and the town may never completely heal from this immense tragedy, which is why there’s an immediate jihad in Connecticut on anyone who expresses any support for any Sandy Hook conspiracy story.

The big news on Sandy Hook is Peter Lanza broke his silence and did a seven-hour series of interviews with Andrew Solomon, whose father is a major player in Big Pharma. Solomon is a respected award-winning author of major books on psychology and distinguished member of the Council on Foreign Relations, the real seat of power since they write the wag the dog scripts before they arrive in Congress. Apparently, Lanza reached out to Solomon to tell his story? Excuse me if I suspect Big Pharma playing a role? And I wonder if the book/film deal is in the works, and may have been worked-out over those seven hour interviews?

Most of these shootings involve manic reactions to synthetic pills. And yet, every time a shooting happens now, a cloak of invisibility is put over the prescriptions given to the shooters. I have no doubt Big Pharma is running an op to keep this info quiet, because if everyone in America knew the connection between prescriptions and shootings, very few would willingly place their children on these medications. Over the past ten years, the use of mood medications has exploded by 700% according to some studies, although it’s virtually impossible to get a fully accurate picture on prescription drug use because patients records are shielded by law. Which is very fortunate for the pill companies.

In spook terminology, the “Sandy Hook didn’t happen” meme is a mirror spooks have constructed to hide the real story (and lawsuits), which is: kids are being medicated out of their minds.

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