Did the CIA plot Nixon’s assassination?

Tom Forcade came to New York City from Arizona to work for the Underground Press Syndicate (UPS) formed by six of the largest underground newspapers in 1966, a list that included John Wilcock’s East Village Other. When Tom arrived, the UPS offices and archives were located in Jim Fouratt’s apartment, but soon moved into Tom’s after he took over.

Tom was suspicious of Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin, and questioned their qualifications to lead the movement, so rather than join the Yippies, he created his own counter-revolutionary movement, and to make sure everyone knew where he was coming from, he named it the Zippies, implying it was the peppy alternative to last year’s revolutionaries. Tom would have been the public face, except he was also a pot smuggler and dealer, which forced him to stay in the background, which may have contributed to his jealousy concerning Abbie who was always on the mic. Tom eventually built a speakeasy in Manhattan that sold pot by the pound to dealers, a place where suitcases were stacked to the ceiling.

According to a major pot dealer of the period, Tom began working with a Mossad agent on some big projects shortly after arriving in New York. Apparently, this agent eventually committed suicide. Tom used to tell this dealer if the Feds ever came after him, he had information that would embarrass them. But soon Tom committed suicide as well.

A.J. Weberman was one of the biggest weed dealers in New York at the time, and he became Tom’s co-conspirator in creating the Zippies after he discovered Tom had a better, cheaper connection than he did. Weberman also ran a weapons training camp in the Catskills for volunteers wishing to help defend Israel from Arab annihilation. After outing Bob Dylan as a dabbler in heroin, Weberman wrote a book on the JFK assassination stating Watergate burglar Frank Sturgis was one of the tramps and also a shooter, a view he holds to this day.

While Sturgis was up-to-his-neck in the plot, and may have even driven the murder weapons from Florida to Texas as he claims, he is neither one of the tramps from the famous photos nor a likely shooter for JFK. However, a new book by Roger Stone claims Stugis was enlisted a few years after the JFK hit to assassinate President Richard Nixon.

According to Stone, the CIA feared Nixon was going dovish on Vietnam, and they also greatly resented his detente move with China. Sturgis was told to procure weapons and make preparations for staging a confrontation between Yippies versus Zippies that would erupt in gunfire, and during this melee, Sturgis was to make sure Nixon got fatally shot.

Sturgis went ahead and got the guns, but when it was finally revealed who the target was, he backed out. Later on the CIA employed the Watergate burglary as a lever with which to unseat Nixon.

Last year, Stone released a book claiming Lyndon Johnson engineered the Kennedy assassination, and while I’m sure Johnson was aware of the plot, it’s unlikely his power extended to the top of the Pentagon and CIA. So even though Stone is a beltway insider once close to Nixon, I don’t fully trust his judgment on some key issues. But he does bring interesting information to the table.

Some say Nixon bought his detente move with China by returning one of hundreds of funds created from black market gold stolen during WWII and then disappeared. Much of that gold originated in China and had been buried in the Philippines for years before being washed by Opus Dei working with some Bonesmen. At least that’s the story I’ve been able to piece together.

But now I’m wondering more about the possible double agents planted inside the Zippies and Yippies who were going to instigate the melee so Nixon might be killed. It seems fascinating the Yippie-Zippie split was well-known at the highest levels of the CIA, almost as if they had a hand in instigating it, but as someone who once had access to Tom’s correspondence and private writings, I have to say I don’t believe he was a spook, although he may have been surrounded by them, some of whom have yet to be identified.

End of the shooter rabbit hole?

I remember when X came to the Peppermint Lounge in 1981. Jim Fouratt was wearing a red sportcoat and looked a bit like David Bowie that night.
The club that had launched the “twist” craze of the sixties transformed into a notorious gay disco before returning for a brief fling as the coolest spot in New York, home of the reigning garage-rock kings, the Cramps.

X represented the best of the LA Punk scene and Exene Cervenka was their female vocalist. Their first excellent album had been produced by Door’s keyboardist Ray Manzarek, and the second was even better. I especially loved the song, Universal Corner.

A few years ago, Exene re-invented herself as a “conspiracy theorist” in the vein of David Icke and Alex Jones, both of whom support the most paranoid rabbit holes possible in a quest for views because paranoia sells. Whether knowing or unknowing, paranoid ops are designed to give a bad name to all conspiracy research, and especially attempts to peer inside events like the JFK assassination or 9/11.

You don’t hear much about 9/11 from Icke, Jones or Exene, but a few years ago all three began jumping on every shooter incident, claiming they were all MKULTRA-style mind control operations designed to promote gun control laws. Actually, the NRA is one of the strongest forces in Washington and has no fear of Congress or its laws. More important, almost every shooter incident I’ve investigated involved pills. We have an explosion of mental health problems created by chemical pollution, and some of that pollution involves SSRI’s, the use of which is exploding despite evidence of negative side effects.

The most incredible nonsense has been spread online concerning the Sandy Hook event, much of it manufactured through the obvious disinfo site Veteran’s Today. Exene was pushing this crap on her Youtube, but when she tried to play that card with the more recent Santa Barbara shooting, the outcry was so great, she apologized and removed the video from her site.

So I hope this spells the end of attempts to capitalize on tragic events by claiming they never happened, a great insult to the victims and their families. And maybe Exene will stop pushing apocalyptic memes of alien invasions and actually do some real research into 9/11. We can only hope.

Next time you run across clickbait concerning a shooter incident, like it didn’t happen, please give it a wide birth and realize this the muck being manufactured to obscure 9/11, not reveal it.