Guide to Some Occult High Priestesses

mogambo-4The Cannes Film Festival opened in 2014 with a Grace Kelly bio, a film that had some internal issues as the Weinsteins and Royal House of Monaco had trouble agreeing on the final cut.

I’m pretty sure the mysterious last month of Grace’s life wasn’t delved into in any significant detail in the film, at least not the part about her initiation as a High Priestess in the Solar Temple in Switzerland.

The list of famous beautiful women drawn to secret sex societies is probably quite extensive, although far as I know a book on this subject has yet to be written.

I recently wrote a blog about Jinx Dawson, who founded the Chicago band Coven in 1966. Jinx obviously had a taste for sex magic, as this photo of her in ceremonial action shows. I think the fantasy of being tied down to an altar and ravished by costumed people from both sexes may be the flame that drew some moths to these ceremonies. Later in life Jinx was convicted of torturing an elderly man for months. Jinx initiated the now-ubiquitous two-fingered salute employed by every heavy metal fan and practicing Satanist around the world. But she ended up being dropped by her label and never achieved the sort of international fame and glory she’d been seeking.

“I was born into the Occult,” explains Jinx.  “I came from a background as a child where my great grandfather and great aunts were part of the Post Victorian Spiritual Age where popular interests were anything from Houdini to ghosts to seances to mesmerism to pendulums and fortune telling to Hoodoo and casting spells…and powerful secret societies were very much in effect of which they were head members. They had an extensive library of Occult books in their large Italianate mansion which I eagerly read. They held many rituals in that house. There were Hoodoo Obeahs working in the big house who also taught me their special brand of magic.  I am from a very long lineage of Occult Adepts and Practitioners of the Ancient Arts. Some of them were members of the United Ancient Order of Druids. Others were members of the Rosicrucian group Order of the Golden and Rosy Cross. I am of the Mayflower Society, a direct descendant of John Howland, 13th signator to the Mayflower Compact. My father was a 33rd degree Scottish Rite Mason, and my grandfather, a former Lt. Governor of Indiana, was High Priest of the Royal Arch Masons.  My great grandfather was in the private circle of U. S. President Teddy Roosevelt. And we are listed in the book ‘The First Families of America’. So I am steeped in American Illuminati.”

Around the same time Jinx started Coven, Anton LaVey started the Church of Satan in California. Jayne Mansfield was initiated as a High Priestess. Although considered an heir to Marilyn Monroe by some (she was seven years younger and bigger breasted), Jayne’s career seems to have taken a nose-dive before her interest in Satanism blossomed, when she was still a practicing Catholic. Jayne had many pregnancies that caused her to lose out important film roles and died in Mississippi while out on the nightclub circuit. By that time she was having weight problems and Hollywood offers had dried up, forcing her to a life on the road.

Jayne wasn’t the only high priestess working with LaVey. In fact, his early favorite for this position seems to have been Susan Atkins, who would later achieve fame as “Sexy Sadie” in the Manson cult. Manson was deep into Satanism, and well-versed in most of the Satanic societies in Hollywood, as well as the OTO and Scientology. The Process Church of Final Judgment, the most sinister of the bunch, seems to have been his greatest inspiration.

Here’s a shot of Sadie during one of LaVey’s rituals. Manson’s closest ally in Los Angeles was Bobby Beausoleil. Bobby and Atkins were involved in the murder of Gary Hinman, which kicked off the killing spree that followed. And both were involved with LaVey before falling into the Manson group.

It’s hard to imagine the situation in the late 1960s, but cannabis and LSD had opened many people up to the study of telepathic energies, and many flavors were available. Obviously, a large number started investigating the dark side simply because those energies are easily accessed and very powerful. People were seeking to throw off the chains of social convention and experience something deeper. Problem is most of the dark-side cults turned out to be exploitative. But then that’s pretty much the same with all religion.

51QBq+K64SLThis book came out a few years ago, but it’s impossible to find a copy anywhere now. The cover looks like one of the out-takes from one of Jayne’s Playboy shoots. I don’t think there’s any connection between Jayne’s traffic accident and her involvement as a High Priestess for Satan.
Someday, an enterprising filmmaker is going to put all this together and realize those scenes of Jayne tied naked to an altar while being ravished by members of both sexes in costumes is actually cinema gold, at least as far as sales go, so I wonder if Strip Nude and Die for the Devil has sold its option yet.

If you poke around this story, one of the things that pops up right away is that Jay Sebring was one of the biggest Satanists in Hollywood. And he knew Sexy Sadie through those associations. All of this adds another level of intrigue to the murder of Sebring and Sharon Tate, both of whom were probably well-versed in Satanic sex play. First Sebring was brutally murdered in front of Sharon, then Sexy Sadie brutally stabbed the pregnant Sharon over and over while she begged for the life of her and her child.

Here’s another shot of Sexy Sadie performing another Satanic ceremony. She had a child with Charlie that they named Zezozose Zadrack Glutz, but they lost custody during the murder trial and the boy was secretly adopted and re-named, so we’ll likely never find out who that person is, unless he decides to dig up his past and exploit it for some purpose later in life. Sadie died in prison in 2007 from brain cancer after running up a $2 million health care bill paid by the state. Shortly after receiving her life sentence, she met Jesus Christ in her cell and wrote an autobiography: Child of Satan, Child of God. The hardback edition can be found for a few dollars on Amazon. Many reviewers do not believe the conversion detailed in the final chapter, and believe Sadie is a compulsive liar.

Which brings us back around to the goddess who started this blog, Grace Kelly.

A few months before her death in 1982, Grace was recruited by the Solar Temple (not to be confused with the OTO splinter society called the Solar Lodge), and lured to Switzerland for an initiation into the order. Apparently, she stripped naked while an acupuncturist placed needles into sensitive sexual sites, after which she may have been tied to an altar and ravished by members of both sexes in costumes. At least that would have been the ceremony if the Solar Temple followed the footsteps of Coven and the Church of Satan.

Grace was supposed to give the order a lot of money, but apparently they got greedy and demanded too much. Legend goes Grace decided to back out of the agreement, and was dead within days. Her car went off a cliff, landing, strangely enough, on the property of a member of the Solar Temple. Between 1994 and 1997, almost all members of the Solar Temple were either murdered or committed suicide at the time when various crimes fomented by the leaders were unraveling.

Magic Signs and Sigils 101

Sometime in the late 1500’s, an Arabic astrologer drew this portrait of the Devil (left). Note the position of the fingers on both the Devil’s hands, forming perhaps the first ever “Hail, Satan!”, a sign soon employed by Christians in Italy to ward off evil spirits for a few hundred years, and perhaps still in use in that form somewhere today.

Strangely, however, the sign didn’t surface in American popular culture until the late 1960s.

Around 1966, a band called Coven formed in Chicago, Illinois, and they were the first occult band and influenced everything that came after. Anton LaVey had just formed the Church of Satan in San Francisco, the first officially-recognized Satanic cult, but Coven was doing their own thing, surfing their own vibrations thousands of miles away.

Jinx Dawson was a magical child, a Nordic princess with long blonde hair whose twin sibling had died in birth. She grew up in a mansion outside Indianapolis and her family stretched back to the Mayflower and many were high-ranking masons. Apparently, her family was involved with many other secret societies and Jinx had a lovely, innocent voice. Most know her as the voice on “One Tin Soldier,” an anti-war song used as the theme for the film Billy Jack. But that was just a gig for hire, and her own material was drenched in satanic symbol and ritual. A song on her first album was titled, “Black Sabbath.” The band enacted a Satanic Mass during the show and employed a lot of very effective theatrical embellishments. Jinx dressed all in black and is credited today as being the Queen of Goth despite being a mostly unknown personality.

Jinx would open and close every show by making the sign of the horns with both hands, arms crossed exactly as the image above. And Coven was getting some pretty high-profile gigs, opening for the Yardbirds, Alice Cooper and others. Far as I know, Jinx never revealed her inspiration for the sign, although she may have seen that image of the Devil from the 16th Century as she was quite studious in her investigations into the occult.

Jinx developed a dispute with her record label, and upon forced exit, all her material was offered to an unknown English band called Earth, who soon renamed themselves off the title of one of her songs. But while Jinx was a serious student of the occult, Ozzy was an entertainer looking for an act. The sudden unexpected demise of Jinx opened a path for Ozzy to mount the satanic throne.

The nail in the coffin was an article in Esquire published in 1970 (“Evil Lurks in California”). The story linked Coven to Charlie Manson. Los Angeles at the time was a hotbed spawning grounds for Satanism, and many societies were trying to one-up each other with dastardly deeds of evil magical intent. The nastiest of the bunch was probably a British splinter from Scientology called the Process Church of Final Judgment. After the article appeared, Coven was dropped by their label and the album taken off the shelves and destroyed.

So that’s the story of the origins of the now ubiquitous “Hail, Satan!” sign. You probably thought it was something invented by Aleister Crowley, didn’t you? But Crowley does get credit in some quarters for inventing the peace sign, and how’s that for a topsy-turvey twist of events to this blog?

This story starts with Victor de Laveleye, a liberal Belgian radio host during WWII. On January 14, 1941, Laveleye urged his listeners to employ the letter “V,” and cited the words for victory in French and freedom in Dutch, both of which begin with “V.” I imagine the letter was soon painted in streets all over Europe as the magical antidote to the spreading Nazi sigil, the swastika.
At the time, Aleister Crowley was a British spook embedded in a German secret society, writing pro-fascist propaganda, while secretly reporting back to MI6. Crowley was actually a master spook at the height of his game, and was never unmasked as a spook during his lifetime. It would take decades of research to connect all the dots, and the key evidence became a letter written by Ian Fleming, creator of James Bond.

There is no real evidence Crowley told Laveleye to employ a finger version of the “V.” Transporting that finger sign to England was somewhat touch-and-go, as it had already been established earlier as a lower-class insult similar to giving someone the finger (but only if you turned the back of your hand outward). Yet, a few days later, Churchill introduced the finger “V” in a major address and from then on, this “V” sign took on great magical power and was used to keep spirits pumped-up during the Blitz. The BBC built an entire campaign around it, although the campaign only lasted one year before it was dropped. The morse code for “V” was also worked in, and how nice that it replicated the opening of Beethoven’s most famous symphony.
Many years later, Bertrand Russell was manifesting the anti-nuclear movement and decided to employ the “V” as a universal peace sign. The well-known sigil version, invented by Gerald Holtom, came a few days later and was based on the semaphore codes for “N” and “D,” meaning: nuclear disarmament.

But in the 1960s, hippies adopted the hand sign as a friendly way to greet each other, and that has become its most widely adopted use around the world today.