Return of Babushka Lady

Babushka-LadyThe overdressed and remarkably calm Babushka Lady stands out as one of the most mysterious figures in JFK’s assassination. She was methodically panning the kill zone before the shooting started and continued to document as events unfolded. I have to wonder if she was James Angleton’s eyes and ears on the ground in Dallas that day, so well-positioned was she to capture the murder. Whatever film she shot has never seen the light of day, although it likely remains deep in some repository at the House of Langley.

Penn Jones was a veteran who owned a newspaper in a Texas town with a population 1,500. He was the first honest journalist to start investigating the assassination, and immediately suspected a military intelligence operation. Mark Lane, a former Army intelligence officer, quickly arrived on the scene, and elbowed Jones off the national stage. Meanwhile, Lane’s book was a confusing mess of details that failed to expose the plot’s center of gravity at JM/Wave, the largest CIA base outside of Langley at the time.

The spooks keep at least two steps ahead of any media coverage, and since they control most of the media, this is easily arranged. Jones was blacklisted from the national media, but he did pick up a young admirer named J. Gary Shaw, who claimed to have discovered the Babushka Lady.

Here’s a close-up of Babushka Lady from the front. Keep in mind it’s 67 degrees in Dallas and undoubtedly feels hotter in the full sun, yet Babushka Lady wears an enormous trench coat, fully buttoned, with a scarf wrapped around her head and neck.

She appears attractive and middle-aged. One must never discount the power of honey-traps in spook world and she could have been a player and certainly exudes self-confidence.

According to Shaw, Babushka Lady was really 18-year-old Beverly Oliver, an exotic dancer at a club across the street from Jack Ruby’s Carousel Club. Shaw and Oliver were members of the same Christian sect, and Oliver was filmed singing Amazing Grace for a documentary on the assassination featuring Shaw. Oliver took center-stage at a few JFK assassination conferences but her story grew more convoluted and less believable as time went on.

The art of hypnosis being what it is, it’s impossible to determine how many JFK assassination whistleblowers are real, fake, or delusional. Like all deep political events, however, this landscape is dotted with frauds and rabbit holes, and while I concede Beverly bears a resemblance to Babushka Lady, I can’t believe that photo above was her at age 18, nor would an 18-year-old dress like that on a hot day in Dallas.

Most important, nothing in Beverly’s story explained how she’d remained so calm when such incredible turbulence was taking place around her.

A few years ago, Judyth Vary Baker appeared on the JFK assassination scene and captured a significant amount of attention claiming to have had a great love affair with Lee Oswald. In fact, if you believe her story, the pair were about to be married. I didn’t know what to make of this story, so I asked Dick Russell, an expert in the field whom I trust and he said he checked her out and couldn’t verify her story, which grows increasingly convoluted and less believable as time goes on. Baker is supported by James Fetzer, who writes for Veterans Today, which has taken the place of The Spotlight as a fountain for CIA misdirection ops.

The Spotlight leaked an Angleton memo mentioning E. Howard Hunt that began a staged confrontation between Hunt and Lane, a meaningless rabbit hole since Hunt had nothing to do with the operation, other than being placed in Dallas that day by Angleton as a potential rabbit hole. This was soon reinforced when photos of the Three Tramps were first released and mistakenly ID’d one as Hunt.

Meanwhile, Veterans Today claims Sandy Hook never happened and Fetzer tries to position himself near the center of the 9/11 Truth Movement. I put him in the same bag as David Icke and Alex Jones.

(Excerpted from Killing Kennedy: The Real Story.)

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    1. She does remind me of Babushka Lady, and maybe Oliver was telling the truth, or maybe not, maybe Judyth too. I have no solutions to these mysteries. Meanwhile, I couldn’t help but notice AJ Weberman suddenly attacking Judyth on facebook and comparing people who believe her story about doing weaponized cancer research as a teen with people who believe 9/11 was an inside job. It’s weird and getting weirder all the time.





  1. Too many “decoy’s” on THAT playing field to spot the True snipers(4 or more and NOT LHO). Any “lady” like the Babushka woman who just stands there “under fire” is either a “trained” person or a “crazy” female. Over dressed like a few dozen others who were also wearing Trench coats who ran away from the area ,opposite the real snipers, while others at a distance were escaping.
    I don’t think anybody would have a chance with all that activity there and the SS First Team pulled off the POTUS Car at the last minute.
    I was not there that day and later became USSS in 1974 and I could still see the remnants of the LBJ influence even back then at the White House.LOT a nice person and there are plenty of stories on how bad he really was.
    I am beginning to think some SS men benefited after 11-22-63…..and Not for “good” things….
    Some of those in power in the last 25 years were connected to Dallas that day.
    GHW Bush still can;t remember where he was that day??
    I know I remember even though I was 10 years old in 1963.

      1. You keep saying that like my research is not “honest.” I’m as honest as I can get. And Judyth is just not a place I want to put my energies. Yes, I realize Beverly is around, but I don’t believe her story anymore than I believe Judyth’s, which was the whole point of this blog. But then, I also don’t believe the “Badgeman” story or most of the JFK developments over the last few decades. This case is salted in every direction. If you watch close, however, most disinfo goes off the rails pretty quick. Judyth doesn’t need me to “investigate” her story. She’s already been well-covered by the BBC and Nigel Turner. She had no real forensic evidence of her supposed torrid affair with Lee. You must take her word on everything. Yet, Lee wrote letters and she has none from him. Also, she claims love letters she wrote to Lee and shows a letter with the recipient’s name torn off? Seems very odd. I think there’s enough at this link to raise suspicions.

        1. First off I was responded to Mark’s comment. And yes, do some real research not just regurgitate gossip. And to say that you don’t want to, and then just sluff it off, is dishonest rhetoric.
          Here you go using a straw man of Badgeman to knock down Judyth. Again use honest discussion not fallacies. And using McAdams as a source is ludicrous.
          There is tons of documentation to back up her claims. Prove her wrong instead of passing on gossip.

          1. You are her publisher, and I certainly understand your desire to defend her. But I’m not required to believe her story. And I don’t. The onus is on her to produce evidence. I don’t use Badgeman as a straw man, as I could come up with a dozen intel ops like that, including Basbushka Lady, Umbrella Man, Tramp-as-Hunt. The point is this case is heavily salted and you need to remain dubious. You say “tons of documentation” all of which could have easily been manufactured. She hasn’t a single letter or note in Lee’s handwriting. I have such letters from all my torrid love affairs. On this issue alone, I pass. But please don’t let this disagreement interfere with our relations, as I respect your efforts to bring the truth to America. But I also know the “truth” is clouded with ops, always, so keep up your guard.

          2. This is about history and the truth of the matter, again I see you lumping people together calling them intel ops, yes some are suspicious, but there is no factual basis for your assertions. Just because salt is there doesn’t make everything salt.
            Whether I was her publisher or no, is no reason for me to defend her. I defend her because of the truth of her story that I have personally checked on and spoken with witnesses who were there. She is one of the most important first person witness around, and you want to dismiss her because she has no love notes, because in your experience you have love notes. I had many girlfriends I have no notes from. That is no basis for making a decision.

        2. Specifically, Baker claims she and Lee were going to a big romance rendezvous at some Cozumel luxury hotel right after the Big Event 11-22-63. Unfortunately, back then it was just sand dunes, and hotels weren’t built until 1970.

  2. We’re not talking about a casual romance, according to Judyth, they were engaged to be married. And she has not a single letter, note or photograph of the two of them? That is not believeable in anyone’s book and certainly a sound basis for rejecting her wild claims. But the key element for me is her alliance with Jim Fetzer of Veteran’s Today, a man who claims “Sandy Hook never happened.” Birds of a feather, flock together.

    1. They were both married at the time, and involved in a secret project, its damn amazing that she saved the things that she did. I would say the majority of us, have had events such as fires, moves, etc and have very little ephemera from 50 plus years ago. And their love affair was a personal event, she was gone from New Orleans months before the assassination. Its not like she knew beforehand what Lee’s place in “history” would be.
      You have a very casual knowledge of the relationship between Fetzer and Baker. I have very close and personal knowledge. They are not bosom buddies, they both happen to profess the innocence of Lee Oswald, that is their working relationship. I do not agree with everything Fetzer says nor do I agree with everything Judyth Baker says, nor does she agree with everything Fetter does or says. I know both of them, but I am not defined by them. And again it is a straw man, trying to tie Judyth to someone else and then knocking them down.
      Peace, K

      1. It is not a straw man to suggest the field is salted, only a warning to remain on high alert. It is not straw man to say that disinfo runs with disinfo, only to point out the obvious. Veteran’s Today is the new Spotlight. Fetzer is the new Mark Lane. I asked the researcher I trust most on this issue, Dick Russell, the man who first convinced me JFK was a CIA operation, and he said he checked her out and could not verify her story. I think if you were to do a survey of leading researchers in the field, the majority do not accept her account. I am a small player in this game, and hardly worth the trouble to debate. Yes, I have not researched her, but then I don’t research Passio, or Icke, or Fetzer, or Lane, or anyone else I don’t trust because rabbit holes go on forever and eat up a lot of time. But I do feel free to blog my suspicions. And time will tell who is right. If you are right, I have done no harm by blogging my suspicions. If my instincts are right, then Judyth is a hoodwink even though she stays close to the real story as she can. When you told me to interview Beverley, I didn’t want to because she claimed Ruby introduced Oswald to her as “Lee from the CIA” As if deep cover ops go around saying shit like that?

        1. Goodness gracious, just read what you wrote. First off, yes you did use a straw man. You joined Baker and Fetzer and then said Baker is no good because she “flock[s] together.”
          And again you are denigrating without any research, and simply spouting gossip. You are wrong. You say you believe Dick Russell and don’t believe my years of hands-on research. Dick Russell spoke at Judyth’s conference in 2013at her request and didn’t say anything to denigrate Judyth.
          When I first brought Antony Sutton to your attention in the 1990’s you told me that he was disinfo also. Please do your homework. To simply say they are disinfo is disingenuous.

          1. I’m far more skeptical than you Kris. M. Ruppert, A. Constantine were also introduced to me by you, and I published their work, and later regretted it. We all get fooled some of the time. Just move on and accept the fact I find her story far-fetched. Why this upsets you so, I know not. There are much more pressing issues for us both.

          2. Straw man is when you avoid the issue entirely by substituting a fake issue that can easily be dismissed, which is a much different issue from patterns of similar issues in the past, or possible alliances in the present. I remember when Constantine and Webfairy joined forces. If I’m victim to a false argument, it is “argument from personal incredulity” which simply means the evidence mustered (that I have seen) is not sufficient to convince me. This should not require a year of study. In fact, the more complex the evidence, the more likely it’s been manufactured.

  3. OK, so you say. Yes, I introduced you to Ruppert. You also know that I called him out, and showed him to be a shill. You also had one of your reporters check out Mike. Peter Dale Scott vouched to me about Ruppert. I didn’t publish his book and started to confront him directly as soon as started to speak about peak oil.
    And so I introduced you to Constantine, I do not write is articles, if he was wrong, that why you edit and do due diligence. I have met the man once and have read his books. And for that you justify denigrating Judyth,I find that specious. Have you even read Me & Lee?
    Are you accusing TrineDay of manufacturing evidence?

    1. I don’t try to drag you into meaningless flame wars. My story on Babushka Lady is the most moderate of critiques, and hardly warrants a hostile reaction. Obviously, if she has embellished her relationship, then she is the one manufacturing evidence, and if the evidence is so strong, why not just post the essential documents instead of these emotion-laden attacks on me? I’m entitled to my opinion on any subject I choose, and obviously we don’t agree on everything, so what? There are much bigger targets for you to approach in this matter and there is no need to badger me with false claims of straw man attacks. What makes you think I believe Scott is real? You are over-reacting by a factor of ten. You must have more important fish to fry. This is my website and not territory you have to worry over.

  4. It’s not a flame war, it is a discussion, that you avoid by dragging in all kinds of other stuff.
    It is simple, you are my friend, and I do not like to see you making incorrect assumptions. Judyth Vary Baker is the real deal. She is who she says she is. She is one of the very few first person witness to secret history. If you really wish to understand our secret history I suggest you at least read her book and look at the documentation. Yes, when I first heard of her, my first reaction was no way, she’d be dead, but I did due diligence and looked at her documentation and investigated her story for two years. Then TrineDay published her book. If you wish to deny her story I find it very foolish. And I will stand up for her when people spout uniformed gossip.

    1. We are both exceptional spirits, and on similar frequencies, so why concentrate on the issues that divide us? I find her unbelievable. The story is too melodramatic.

    2. Judyth Vary Baker said she and Lee were going to scurry off on a romantic trip to the luxury hotels of Cozumel right after the JFK hit. Problem is, they didn’t start to build the Cozumel hotels until 1970. Notice how there aren’t any love letters between the lovers, or photos of them together? Notice how there is money to be made from tall tales?

  5. Fantastic article, especially the photographs showing her smiling and the only standing figure when others have flattened to the ground to avoid crossfire.
    Puts an entirely new light on why the Babushka photographs have never surfaced in public.

  6. I’m confused. Wikipedia says that there are no clear pictures of the Babushka lady’s face because she was either looking away or her face was covered with her camera. Where’d you get that picture of her from?

    1. I think that “Babushka” female was a “marker” and everything else falls into place. Still too many things to type here.
      I am also former U.S. Secret Service 1974-1977(Nixon, Ford, Carter) and I saw the “Original” Zapruder tape AFTER it was altered by Government officials.
      I am aware of Dan Rather making a “deal” with Zapruder on the Tape and it was later altered.
      I was also Briefed at the U.S. Secret Service specialized training in Maryland after completing FLETC in Wash.D.C in 1974.
      The USSS Agent who gave the “Brief” was a bit “Stern” and did NOT wish to answer any questions.
      He referred everybody to the WCR(Warren Commission Report) which was full of LIES and cover up material.
      I think LHO did NOT shoot any weapons that day in 22-22-1963 and there were more than 6-8 shooters from everywhere else and LHO was on the bottom floor of the School Book Depository where GHW Bush was the whole time and Refuses to tell people where he was that day in history.(GHW Bush was also picked up by Dallas Police and later released after they figured he was CIA etc..
      I will also refer people to Robert “Tosh” Plumlee as there is not much time or space here to type a “book”.
      MLK was also hit by a U.S. Military Hit Team and James Earl Ray was also innocent.
      There are also doubts as to whether Sirhan shot Robert F. Kennedy as well.
      I also personally interviewed John W. Hinckley in front of the White House in 1976. When I referred Hinckley to the Duty Agent, the White House Secret Service duty agent FAILED to admit Hinckley to St. Elizabeth’s Mental Hospital.
      Just 5 years later in 1981 Hinckley was arrested for the assassination and shooting of Reagan and several others.
      Problem is Hinckley already shot ALL of his bullets before Reagan was Hit.(See You Tube on John Judge Re: Reagan)
      Reagan did NOT get hit with a “bullet” which means a Conspiracy and Not a “lone gunman” theory.
      The CIA was involved.
      Do you know who the VP was at that time who have to take Office of President if Reagan died?
      It was GHW BUSH !!!
      Remember Dallas ???
      VP LBJ got that job after JFK was killed.
      Contact me for interviews….

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