The Coriolis Effect

Why do we pass joints to the left-hand side? Perhaps it has something to do with why hurricanes rotate counterclockwise in the Northern Hemisphere? All energies, including the telepathic ones, may, in fact, be subjected to similar forces. As above, so below. But sometimes, I wonder, if that is true, do stoners in Australia, Southern Africa and South America realize they’re likely supposed to pass joints in the opposite direction? And by the way, it’s a fantasy that water going down a drain flows in the same patterns as hurricanes. In fact, water down a drain is a micro event governed by much different forces.

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  1. I thought it was because right-handers (most people) light a joint with a lighter in the right hand, and tokers get habituated to holding a joint in their left hand — then, it feels natural to pass the joint to your lett.

    1. Maybe, Paul, except people have been making circles (and passing within them) long before the invention of lighters and even joints. But I do think you have hit upon something regarding left, right-handedness. To be polite in olden times, one might have passed to a person’s right hand, and never to his left, as people often reserved that hand for wiping their butt and the other hand for feeding their mouth. Stuttering, an affliction I suffered as a child, seems more common with left handers who are forced to become righthanded. When I was in school in Germany, the teacher was astonished that my parents allowed me to be a left-handed writer. But when it came to baseball, my brother and I were forced into rightnandeness because those were the only mitts we could find.

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