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Can you tell the difference between a legitimate area of deep-political research and a carefully constructed rabbit hole leading nowhere? When navigating the conspiracy wilderness of mirrors, it’s important to realize 90% of the so-called “research” is garbage being spread by kooks or people pretending to be kooks, unless, of course, it’s a mainstream book parroting the official government line, in which case it will be praised to the skies in all the major media from far and wide.

This is how the entire spectrum of conspiracy research has been removed from the accepted borders of reality. In the jargon of mind control ops, all researchers have been “sheep-dipped” as lunatics. Good or bad, crazy or sane, every deep-political researcher is just another conspiracy crackpot. So much for investigative research. Investigative research is practically extinct at this point.

So the kookier the stuff that gets published, the farther they drive the center of gravity away from uncomfortable realities that might stir people into action, and the deeper they go into the designated rabbit hole, a place filled with fearful sheeple and paranoid delusions. Manufacturing all this noise is a sophisticated mind game played out on several fields. Most religion (and any other mind-control cult) works by first leading the gullible down into a state of fearful resignation.

This test is designed to measure your ability to navigate the many rabbit holes that dot the conspiracy landscape, so I invite everyone to take my Disinfo Quiz. Most of the theories listed here are discussed in greater detail elsewhere on my blog.

All conspiracy research falls into one of three categories:

1) credible research; 2) manufactured rabbit hole leading nowhere; or, 3) limited hang-out, a deflection of the real story, usually scapegoating the designated patsy.

Limited hang-outs are often employed as lightning rods to capture the center of energy on an emerging consciousness.

So tell me which of the following categories do these popular internet conspiracy theories fall into?

Credible story? Rabbit Hole? or Limited Hang-out?

1) The CIA killed JFK

2) We never landed on the moon.

3) 9/11 was a ritual event based on Crowley magick

4) Chemtrails are poisoning the world

5) Fluoride is poisoning the world

6) Cannabis cures cancer

7) The Aurora shooting was a magic ritual event

8) Madonna is Queen of the Illuminati

9) Circumcision is a form of ritualized child abuse

10) Albert Hoffman, of LSD fame, secretly worked for the CIA

11) A vaccine given in the 1950s is contributing to the explosion of cancer in Baby Boomers

12) The Jews are secretly running the world

13) JFK Jr was murdered

14) Elvis is alive

After you compile your score (answers below) find out how you rank, Magus  or Sheeple?

13-14 correct: Magus

11-12 correct: Senior

9-10 correct: Junior

7-8 correct: Sophomore

5-6 correct: Freshman

4 or less correct: you are undoubtedly a member of the brainwashed sheeple


1) credible

2) rabbit hole

3) limited hangout

4) rabbit hole

5) credible

6) credible

7) rabbit hole

8) rabbit hole

9) credible

10) credible

11) credible

12) limited hangout

13) credible

14) rabbit hole

7 Replies to “Take the Disinfo Quiz”

  1. Steve,

    Please read what I wrote. I did not accuse you of shilling for anyone. I said who do you say we are shilling for?
    The book points out facts surrounding the 9/11 event. We didn’t make anything up.

    It’s about mind-control. The Kennedy assassination was also a ritual.

    Skull & Bones was called The Brotherhood of Death before I was born. Their symbols and rituals are full or magickal portent. Why deny it?

    Or are they just a college fraternity?


    1. All acts of terror are rituals of one sort or another. And the study and application of terror has advanced significantly since the time of Pike and Crowley. All religion is mind control and you know full well I was about the only magazine editor who’d print your exposes, and I know full well the power the Bonesmen wield, especially in the realms of publishing. Hey, in this latest book, the most dangerous in the world, the author states an apocalypse is going off in Phoenix this Christmas, right? When that happens, I’ll submit my mea culpa. In the meantime, excuse me for not swallowing what this neoconservative is saying.

      1. Again you disassemble. It’s called the most dangerous book, and yes there is a piece of predictive fiction about Phoenix, and one reason for publishing it, is to stop that operation from happening. Which I think can be done, and then we all can continue our work to restore our republic and put the criminals in jail. For if Phoenix happens, it is Katy-bar-the-door.

        You have declared to me that the videos at http://whatonearthishappening.com/ are a disinfo rabbit hole. I do not agree. I think they are a very good presentation showing the methods of the psychological warfare being used against us hoi polloi by the sorcerers of the the secret society structure.

        We need to see the truth of the matter.

        And what, pray tell me, are “they” hiding by me printing this book. What is the positive accomplishment for them? Me wasting my time and energy? I can’t get any mainstream support, and most alternative news won’t support us. So what dastardly is accomplished by us printing this book? Why not just let people read it and make up there own minds, instead of trying to put up roadblocks so people won’t read. Why do you want folks to dismiss this book or these lines of questioning and learning?

        To catch the real criminals? Who are they? I say it is the secret societal structure. With a large visible one being The Order of Skull & Bones that meets in their Temple every Thursday night. And yes they use sorcery.


  2. Well that’s a win-win, ain’t it? If the Phoenix apocalypse doesn’t go off, the most dangerous book in the world saved us, and if it does happen, well, can you say Nostradamus? This sort of predictive apocalyptic thinking, however, reminds me a lot of Ruppert’s Peak Oil scam and seems pretty transparent fear-mongering, just the sort of op the author is accusing the Crowley acolytes of perpetuating. I haven’t watched all those videos but I wasn’t impressed with the first one. Like I said, I much prefer “Evidence of Revision” as a much more empirical and balanced look at mind control technology.

    1. I said on my own blog – until you’ve watched Evidence of Revision, you’ve watched nothing. I would also highly recommend the Doug Horne multi-hour epic going through the JFK body swap, film alteration and other detailed evidence. He does very solid work which has unfortunately been appropriated mangled and discredited by cockholsters like Jim Fetzer and friends.

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