Why David Icke and Alex Jones are Disinfo Artists

Maybe you’ve noticed the appearance of insane ninja shooters is increasing exponentially, a disturbing trend nowhere so prevalent as in the good old USA? My theory is this unfortunate situation is the result of a perfect storm of three trends: pills for all, violence media for all, and guns for all. With the possible addition of some MK/Ultra-style experiments in mind control.

A sideshow to this problem is the way the Tin Foil Hat Patrol jumps on all current events as being created by sinister forces. The world is filled with coincidences and you can connect dots all day long that don’t really connect, so that’s an easy game to play. The disinfo machine ignores real info and diverts people into rabbit holes leading nowhere while helping brand researchers as kooks who believe in nonsense. That’s the purpose of disinfo, which is really a well-practiced art the FBI and CIA learned from the Nazis and British intelligence.

To give a specific example: When Sandy Hook happened, it was immediately branded by David Icke and Alex Jones, the two biggest disinfo artists in the world, as an example of a government-inspired plot. According to them, more than one shooter was involved. Initially, they claimed the event was orchestrated to pass Obama’s assault weapon ban. But then, a few days later, it turned out there were no assault weapons at Sandy Hook, just four hand guns. So how does that help pass an assault weapon ban? Just another case of reality blowing a giant hole through a pet theory advanced by Icke and Jones.

And please don’t make the mistake of thinking either one of those two dudes actually knows what’s going on in the world and is on the inside of the real power structure. They only understand one thing: paranoia sells. And that’s really the only aspect of conspiracy theory banksters are willing to bankroll. Secret societies will always seek to control dialogue by inventing extremes. Somebody big in England is behind Icke, just like somebody big is behind Jones in the USA. It could even be the same person, although you can see major differences in their approaches. Icke is pushing the “Rothschilds rule the world,” essentially the same course charted by the John Birch Society in the 1960s. Today we know the JBS was set-up inside Freemasonry and was involved in the JFK assassination cover-up. The JBS was created as an extremist group to hype the Cold War and they promoted the idea the Rothschilds were secretly running Russia, as well as the State Department. In reality, the Rothschilds evolved as the court bankers of Europe.

Jones, on the other hand, talks about the elites but avoids discussion of both the Mossad and Opus Dei, two of the more important secret societies helping orchestrate world events. You cannot understand what is happening in the world today without studying the primary secret societies, which includes MI6 and the CIA.

Antony Sutton, one of the few deep political researchers I trust, claimed the Rothschilds control less than ten percent of the world’s wealth, and the majority is in the coffers of old money families of Europe and North America. They were eclipsed by the rise of Rockefeller, who has been eclipsed by the computer/internet revolution. Researching the truth of money is beyond my ability, but I believe anything promoted by the corrupt John Birch Society is far more likely to be a rabbit hole than the actual truth. Yes, in many cases, the man running the bank might be Jewish, but that doesn’t mean Jews own all the money in the bank.

The most important financial secret in the world was the recovery of billions of dollars worth of gold stolen by the Japanese and Nazis during WWII. Once recovered, this treasure was hidden inside the world banking system and that crime seems to have been conducted jointly by Opus Dei and Skull & Bones, neither one of which has Jewish heritage inside the upper ranks of its power structure.

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  1. You have rained on my parade, Steven! David Icke a disinfo guy? I will take your view under advisement. Is there anything abt Icke that stands up? While I am at it, would you care to share your assessment of Web Tarpley? I am currently reading “9/11 Synthetic Terrorism”. Can a guy who compounds Plato, Machiavelli and Liebniz into a method, or claims to, be all bad? Thanks for the post.

    Les Jordan

    1. Tarpley is a legitimate scholar (unlike Icke and Jones), but I’m afraid his trajectory is somewhat suspect. He grew up in the Lyndon Larouche organization, which is extremely suspect as a disinfo operation. The best book on 9/11 in my opinion is War on Truth by Nafeez Ahmed. It avoids speculation and just deals with verifiable facts.

      1. I got all the exposure I need to Alex Jones when I caught his pro-gun rant on Piers Morgan a short time ago. A mite unhinged. Tarpley and Larouche huh. Did not know. Thanks for the tip on the Ahmed book. I found Icke’s descriptions of his “religious” experiences in S. America compelling. But there is little abt a subjective confession that you can hang your hat on.

  2. as faulty as i find jones’ analysis , he should be given some credit for not falling in with the anti-semitic, “jews run the banks” theory. he admits that , in the usa, it’s mainly presbyterians, Episcopalians and secular folk who are in charge of most banks.as for the piers morgan episode , it could be taken 2 different ways. 1. morgan is polite while alex is rude , overpowering and loud, as evidenced by his interrupting morgan. 2. having seen morgan interrupt bully and scream insults at (polite professor of the “more guns-less crime school of thought) john lott (“liar !”), jones reacted based on his childhood experience of being bullied. at some point, he had to stand up to that bully and he keeps re-enacting that scene. i agree with you about the jbs influence but jones has distanced himself from , not only the anti-semites, but the anti-catholics. he doesn’t ignore banco ambrosiano and the vatican connections but refuses to blame things on catholics in general and thus avoids opus dei the same way he kind of avoids the zionist discussion. but do go on about the japanese gold. i thought it was the german gold that was smuggled.

    1. The German gold was stolen too, but most of that was recovered through the BIS and the rest was probably stashed in Holland. The Japanese gold had to be buried in the Phillipines and dug up slowly.

    2. Alex is pretty silent on Opus Dei and the Vatican? Alex is a demagogue. It is an act. Alex is silent on Zionism? Sorry, but you can’t ignore two of the largest centers of corruption in the world and act like you are uncovering the truth of anything. But the most telling fact about Alex is how he jumps on stories like Madonna: Agent of the Illuminati. He promotes unreasonable fear. As the years go by, Alex will become more transparently disinfo.

  3. im pretty sure they found an assult weapon in the boot of a car at sandy hook although anyone who talks about reptilions deserves to be ignored

  4. Hasnt there been a move to ban assault weapons? Only hand guns were used in the Sandy Hook affair, but the news reported an assault weapon having been used (even though police helicopter footage shows it being found in the boot of a car). The push to ban assault weapons has surely been strong since Sandy Hook, so whether or not they were used, the perception of them having been used has been created since the news coverage sold it that way… so your specific example falls a little flat imo…

    1. Yes there was a brief and doomed effort to ban assault weapons that is already fading into the past as we speak, and yes the media incorrectly reported that an assault rifle was used in Sandy Hook and then Sandy Hook was used as the lead item in the assault weapon ban proposals. I’m just reporting the facts here, not pushing any agenda, other than you can’t trust Jones and Icke.

  5. the portion of your argument on the Sandy Hook shooting is absurd and backwards…people still think he used an “assault weapon” and the anti-gun people directly use Sandy hook to aggressively push their agenda of banning..high capacity/assault weapons,disarming citizens…this fact has nothing to do with Alex Jones…look at what has transpired since Sandy Hook…most people still think he used an assault weapon…sorry,that is not conspiracy…that is a fact that is still happening and I don’t even watch or listen to Jones…

    1. Well, I guess since you don’t listen to Alex Jones you don’t realize Alex immediately began calling Sandy Hook a government plot and a huge cover-up. What argument do you think I am making? Other, of course, that Icke and Jones can’t be trusted. These are just facts I am relating. So who is being absurd and backwards? Not me. Perhaps you have an agenda. Mine is to expose disinfo agents.

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