Remembering Philip Marshall

marshall-murder-suicideI bet you never heard of Philip Marshall. He was a pilot and worked directly under Barry Seal in New Orleans at the height of the Contra-Cocaine effort, when planes full of guns were flying south and coming back stuffed with happy dust. Barry was one of the biggest spooks in history and ran an immense operation, but he turned on his CIA masters and went rouge and was soon dead.

Philip was his aide at the time, and he went on to write a “novel” about those years called Lakefront Airport, after the New Orleans airport Barry first employed for smuggling operations, a site later switched to Mena, Arkansas, after a favorable Governor to the CIA was installed there no doubt.

Marshall used his spook connections to write an expose on 9/11 that tied the event to a Bush-Saudi alliance. But there’s a price for telling the truth in America, and in this case, that price included his assassination as well as the murder of his children and dog.

They were all found shot dead. The kids were arranged on the couches as if they were sleeping when murdered with a bullet to the brain. There was zero investigation and it was immediately ruled a double murder suicide perpetrated by Marshall, who by all evidence was a devoted single dad who would have done anything for his kids. But one day, he woke up and decided to kill off everyone.

The story does not hold water, however, as there is no way Marshall could have fired all those bullets without the shots being heard by neighbors. And since there was no disturbance, that means a supressor was likely used, something not found at the scene. But since the crime scene was sanitized, and no forensics conducted, we will never come close to the truth.

Oh, and Marshall’s relationship with Barry Seal is well documented, as was Seal’s long history running guns and drugs, and some of those operations were reportedly done under the guidance of Oliver North.

There’s a famous photo online of the notorious Operation 40 crew assembled as a CIA assassination squad. Seal is the third person sitting on the left.  Next to him is Porter Goss, eventually to rise to the top of CIA. The guy across the table hiding his face is Frank Sturgis, who would soon start work on assassinating Fidel Castro. The Latin guy in front with a cigarette in his hand is Felix Rodriguez, who will soon kill Che Guevara, along with many others no doubt. I show you this photo to explain how real Seal and Marshall are in the kingdom of spookdom, which is why this death should have been taken very seriously by local law enforcement, and not shoved under the rug so quickly.

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  1. Several months ago, I read The Big Bamboozle by Philip Marshall. As was your post, it was a great read. The book was full of a huge amount of solid, powerful information relevant to making a case for who was responsible for the false flag of 9/11. It is the only book that I have kept close by for further research based upon the references provided. In the back of this book, there is a call to action to support demanding a trial for Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in the United States. As Marshall writes, “the rest will happen with due process.” Certain forces in this country and in the world do not want this to happen. In the forward to the book, Marshall quotes Carl Sagan; “One of the saddest lessons in history is this: If we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle.” I have not yet thanked you for your previous recommendations on the 9/11 videos. Thanx for that and your other blogs and writings.

    1. I’ve just finished reading: “THE BIG BAMBOOZLE” for the third time. I can’t stop reading it. The profound information found in this book is most disturbing!!! I am so saddened by what Philip reveals in this book. I wish that I had the power to bring Bush, Sr., “W,” Cheney, and the rest of the INSANE GLOBALISTS to justice via a WORLD COURT. What Philip writes about the multi-billion dollar “GEORGE H.W. BUSH MEGA-SPY H.Q.” (my terminology) just outside of D.C. is quite shocking, as well. I would be dismantling this sick perverted complex, too. I would put Prince Bandar Bush on trial while at the same time surrounding his MONARCHY with every military resource we had at our disposal. I would be the first to enlist in the effort to overthrow this sick, sick, sick monarchy. How have we gotten to this point in our history?! I keep repeating the “GETTYSBURG ADDRESS” to myself over and over again. I have been to Gettysburg, PA many times, and I can just see President Lincoln looking out over this battlefield where 50,000 soldiers had just given their lives in a most horrific series of battles on July 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, 1863. I can just imagine what was going through his mind (before it was blown to bits not long after speaking these truths — as was the case with Philip Marshall & Family) as he gave this speech: “FOUR SCORE AND SEVEN YEAR’S AGO, OUR FATHERS BROUGHT FORTH ON THIS CONTINENT A NEW NATION – CONCEIVED IN LIBERTY AND DEDICATED TO THE PROPOSITION THAT ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL. NOW WE ARE ENGAGED IN A GREAT CIVIL WAR TESTING WHETHER THAT NATION, OR ANY NATION SO CONCEIVED AND SO DEDICATED, CAN LONG ENDURE. WE ARE MET ON A GREAT BATTLEFIELD OF THAT WAR. WE HAVE COME TO DEDICATE A PORTION OF THAT FIELD AS A FINAL RESTING PLACE FOR THOSE WHO HERE GAVE THEIR LIVES THAT THAT NATION MIGHT LIVE. IT IS ALTOGETHER FITTING AND PROPER THAT WE SHOULD DO THIS. BUT IN A LARGER SENSE, WE CANNOT DEDICATE, WE CANNOT CONSECRATE, WE CANNOT HALLOW THIS GROUND. THE BRAVE MEN, LIVING AND DEAD, WHO STRUGGLED HERE HAVE CONSECRATED IT FAR ABOVE OUR POOR POWER TO ADD OR DETRACT. THE WORLD WILL LITTLE NOTE, NOR LONG REMEMBER, WHAT WE SAY HERE, BUT IT CAN NEVER FORGET WHAT THEY DID HERE. IT IS FOR US THE LIVING RATHER, TO BE DEDICATED HERE TO THE UNFINISHED WORK WHICH THEY WHO FOUGHT HERE HAVE THUS FAR SO NOBLY ADVANCED. IT IS FOR US THE LIVING RATHER, TO BE DEDICATED HERE TO THE GREAT TASK REMAINING BEFORE US — THAT FROM THESE HONORED DEAD, WE TAKE INCREASED DEVOTION TO THAT CAUSE FOR WHICH THEY GAVE THE LAST FULL MEASURE OF DEVOTION. THAT WE HERE HIGHLY RESOLVE THAT THESE DEAD SHALL NOT HAVE DIED IN VAIN. THAT THIS NATION, UNDER GOD, SHALL HAVE A NEW BIRTH OF FREEDOM, AND THAT GOVERNMENT OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE SHALL NOT PERISH FROM THE EARTH.”
      What were the founders of this NATION so concerned about as to where the ULTIMATE threat may come from??? Wasn’t it INTERNAL???!!!!

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