9/11 Survivors won’t go away quietly

Ricki DeSantis may a true American hero, or he may be a spook using a false ID. He claims to have worked in the penthouse of the Adams Express Building and to have had a strong premonition of danger on September 11th. He says he helped to get all people out before The Towers came down, and also had the incredible good sense to grab a disposable camera to document what his eyes were seeing.

He kept silent for thirteen years, but the wounds he suffered that day have never healed, so now he seeks closure through showing his photos and talking about the event. There’s an interview with Gary Null on Youtube that is mind-blowing, if it’s true.

DeSantis is convinced the plane that struck the South Tower was painted grey and had no windows. According to him, it looked like an enormous drone and seemed to move relatively slow, certainly not the 500 mph speed range claimed in the official report.

According to DeStantis, many of his employees saw this plane and would testify in court it was not a commercial airplane. I would like these employees to come forward asap.

DeSantis is also convinced the fire was completely out long before the Second Tower went down. The released photos reveal the northern side of the structure, but one photo of the south side supports DeStantis’ claim the jet fuel fire was out prior to collapse.

There were a few squibs that fired prematurely, as shown clearly in this photo.

The misfiring of charges was documented on many home video cameras, although the government claims these projections were caused by the stress created by the collapsing structure. But I wonder if many unbiased engineers would agree with that assessment.

The most revealing photo is a detail of the top of the South Tower just as the building was about to come down. It shows that a powerful explosive force blew apart the top of the building right before the collapse. Such an explosion would be standard procedure for initiating a controlled demolition.

I suggest every American consider the evidence. Why can’t we have an independent investigation into the collapse of these three steel buildings, considering that over 3,000 professional engineers and architects have already signed the petition demanding one? And why can’t we see the missing 28 pages on Saudi involvement removed from the 9/11 Commission Report

Isn’t it about time we stood up against whatever cabal orchestrated this terrorist attack that quickly led to over 2 million deaths worldwide?

Feel free to leave your opinion on this blog: Is Ricki an undercover spook seeding disinfo, or a real 9/11 survivor?

Top 4 Lincoln—9/11 connections

Deep political events follow similar trails, and with study you can read the footprints. I’m on a mission to blow open the Lincoln Conspiracy in time for the 150th anniversary this April, and I’m hoping to open some minds along the way.
1) Rush to Judgment
9/11: Within seconds of the first plane hitting the World Trade Tower, television commentators identified Osama bin Laden as the primary suspect.
Lincoln: Within 48 hours, eight are arrested and all will be quickly convicted to bring closure. How this entire gang was rounded up so quickly despite none testifying against the other remains a mystery.
2) Key witness eliminated
9/11: Instead of being rendered back to the USA for trial, Osama bin Laden is murdered in his bedroom in the presence of his family, and the corpse dumped into the ocean so identification can never be achieved with any satisfaction.
Lincoln: John Wilkes Booth is locked in a tobacco shed and surrounded by Federal troops who’d been dispatched from Washington to his exact location. A fire is started, but before it catches hold, a shot rings out. Booth is soon dead from a bullet in the back of the neck, and a former hatter with mental issues claims responsibility. There will be no photos, and DNA testing of the remains will be blocked endlessly, despite appeals from Booth’s descendents, some of whom believe a look-alike was substituted.
3) Military Justice
9/11: All suspects rendered to a prison off USA soil in order to deprive rights. Many will be tortured for over a decade. Eight will die in detention while the trial stalls endlessly on National Security concerns and defense teams are harassed by the FBI.
Lincoln: Suspects placed into solitary confinement with canvas bags permanently placed over their heads. The bags have two small holes for eating and breathing, but pads pressed against eyes and ears prevent any communication. They are allowed one day to organize a defense for the closed Military Tribunal held on an army base. None will be allowed to make any statements in their own defense, before during or after the trial, although by the time the trial commences some are showing signs of mental illness caused from the bags.
4) Evidence of Propaganda
9/11: No national news outlet will investigate the official story, yet all will ridicule any attempt to do so. A virtual cottage industry of disinfo sites appears instantly, all leading into rabbit holes.
Lincoln: An independent researcher gains access to official records in the late 1930s and claims evidence of a cover-up. He’ll soon be castigated in dozens of books, while his evidence ignored or ridiculed unfairly. Lack of scholarship on the assassination is scandalous because most books support the official story, something peppered with proven perjuries.

The wheels are coming off the 9/11 hoodwink

What passes for a “free press” these days in America is pretty sad. Recently Ron Paul incurred the displeasure of the Washington Post website Daily Beast by suggesting there might be more to 9/11 than the official story. For this insult to the accepted dogmas of the state propaganda machines Paul was branded a “truther.”

It is positively Orwellian how they’ve morphed “truth” into “lies.” I have to think some CIA-funded psychologist came up with this strategy.
After 14 years, it’s amazing how tight a lid the media keeps on this story.

After much study and meditation, I suspect a drone hit the Pentagon, mostly based on the limited video evidence released. But even if it was a bigger plane, there’s no explanation for the amount of damage done to that highly fortified structure.

Unless, of course, you realize all files regarding a missing trillion dollars were also destroyed that day, ending any attempts to track where that trillion went. But then there’s no accounting for the Twin Towers and building 7 collapsing at free-fall.

Unless you realize the towers were condemned and needed a billion dollar gut renovation to remove asbestos.

How much easier just to blow that asbestos into the air and blame it on 19 dudes with box-cutters commanded by two dudes in a cave in Afghanistan.
911coach2Pete Carroll got the “truther” treatment and was similarly admonished from coast to coast before he won the Super Bowl for suggesting there might be missing pieces to the story. Funny how not one major news outlet ever published anything substantial regarding revelations against the official version of 9/11, and none of them ever wasted any time doing any independent investigations of the crime, except for a superficial whitewash of the designated straw men by Popular Mechanics.

Meanwhile, like a scene out of The Bridge on the River Kwai, the muddy river is descending, and lines into Saudi Arabia are visible in spots. Funny how close allies to the Saudis inside America were installed at operational command points in the national security system prior to 9/11, and why was a head of the CIA spending so much time at the Saudi ambassador’s home? Evidence collected by the 9/11 Commission on the Saudis was so damning that 28 pages had to be blacked out of the report in the “interest of national security.” But many in Congress have read those excised pages, and want them released so everyone can have a deeper understanding of the event. Meanwhile, a suit regarding Saudi complicity in 9/11 has 6,000 plaintiffs and is winding its way through the courts of New York, propelled by massive Freedom of Information Act requests.

All this despite the fact we supposedly killed the primary suspect in his bedroom in front of his family and then dumped his corpse into the ocean. If the police ever gave you a story like that would you buy it? Bin Laden’s family was put into immediate seclusion and moved back to Saudi Arabia, while most of the Navy Seals who supposedly assassinated him mysteriously died shortly after that assassination. Recently the shirt worn by the assassin during the assassination was put on display at the 9/11 museum in NYC.

Then there’s suspect number two, who has been held incommunicado in a military prison in Cuba and tortured endlessly for over a decade with all the latest torture techniques. The FBI has already been discovered planting spooks and bugs on his defense team, while the judge discovered he’s not really in charge of the “mute” button when anything compromises national security. Does this sound like a fair trial in progress because it all reeks of corruption and hidden agendas to me.

End of the shooter rabbit hole?

I remember when X came to the Peppermint Lounge in 1981. Jim Fouratt was wearing a red sportcoat and looked a bit like David Bowie that night.
The club that had launched the “twist” craze of the sixties transformed into a notorious gay disco before returning for a brief fling as the coolest spot in New York, home of the reigning garage-rock kings, the Cramps.

X represented the best of the LA Punk scene and Exene Cervenka was their female vocalist. Their first excellent album had been produced by Door’s keyboardist Ray Manzarek, and the second was even better. I especially loved the song, Universal Corner.

A few years ago, Exene re-invented herself as a “conspiracy theorist” in the vein of David Icke and Alex Jones, both of whom support the most paranoid rabbit holes possible in a quest for views because paranoia sells. Whether knowing or unknowing, paranoid ops are designed to give a bad name to all conspiracy research, and especially attempts to peer inside events like the JFK assassination or 9/11.

You don’t hear much about 9/11 from Icke, Jones or Exene, but a few years ago all three began jumping on every shooter incident, claiming they were all MKULTRA-style mind control operations designed to promote gun control laws. Actually, the NRA is one of the strongest forces in Washington and has no fear of Congress or its laws. More important, almost every shooter incident I’ve investigated involved pills. We have an explosion of mental health problems created by chemical pollution, and some of that pollution involves SSRI’s, the use of which is exploding despite evidence of negative side effects.

The most incredible nonsense has been spread online concerning the Sandy Hook event, much of it manufactured through the obvious disinfo site Veteran’s Today. Exene was pushing this crap on her Youtube, but when she tried to play that card with the more recent Santa Barbara shooting, the outcry was so great, she apologized and removed the video from her site.

So I hope this spells the end of attempts to capitalize on tragic events by claiming they never happened, a great insult to the victims and their families. And maybe Exene will stop pushing apocalyptic memes of alien invasions and actually do some real research into 9/11. We can only hope.

Next time you run across clickbait concerning a shooter incident, like it didn’t happen, please give it a wide birth and realize this the muck being manufactured to obscure 9/11, not reveal it.

The real 9/11 suspects

Probably the best book on 9/11 is Another Nineteen, Investigating Legitimate 9/11 Suspects by Kevin Robert Ryan, a book that peers deep into the biographies of those suspiciously residing in key strategic positions. If 9/11 was a deep intelligence project designed to jump-start a war, this trail should be an effective one.

I don’t pretend to know what happened on 9/11, although I do know the Commission that supposedly investigated it was handcuffed from the start and much has been obscured and hidden and many lies told by the backpedaling Pentagon. When two Congressmen recently read the deleted secret pages concerning Saudi complicity removed from the final report, it put them into shock and completely rearranged their understanding of the event. Citizens of New York City are also pressing for an investigation into why Building 7 collapsed without investigation.
Meet Paul Mlakar (above). While working as Vice President of JAYCOR, unofficial spinoff of SAIC, Mlakar obtained a number of patents on explosive containment devices for aircraft. In 1998, he performed classified simulations measuring the damage the Pentagon would suffer from a truck bomb.

After 9/11 Mlakar was put in charge of investigating the crash at the Pentagon.

Interestingly enough, Mlakar is married to the daughter of Col. Robert P. Halloran, a former intelligence officer and acting director of the NSA under Allen Dulles (1960-61).

What Ryan’s book does primarily is show how a small cabal of 19 inside America could have easily run the event, and what is truly scary is the dots point to a NATO connection. In other words, this cabal has close ties to European centers of power, so when people say 9/11 was an “inside job” I don’t think that comment is necessarily completely true, although certainly a few major players inside the US establishment and military were involved, the conspiracy stretches across the pond to our mother countries.

The Rise of Bot Nation

People wonder why social networks are filled with people pushing rabbit holes like: Sandy Hook never happened, Chemtrails are everywhere, or We Never Landed on the Moon. And why does a river of disinfo instantly appear after every single tragic event? Real researchers avoid this gunk.

It’s sort of like the boy who cried wolf: by blanketing every tragic incident with complex disinfo campaigns, the perpetrators are better able to hide their manufactured incidents. And they greatly inflate their powers through hints that everything is a grand plot under their control. Meanwhile, by constantly amplifying tragedy and creating paranoia, they spin the dials of PTSD inside the minds of the entire nation.

Masters of mind control have been around for a long time, and so has hypnosis and robot zombies. Fear has always been the essential key to opening these doors. All apocalyptic religions are mind control, and anyone who believes the world is about to end is running a mind control script, which is like changing the software operating system inside your brain. And we are talking millions, if not billions, of people on apocalyptic mind control.

When the internet came along, it provided global peer-to-peer communication for the first time, without the intervention of the media portals run by the military-industrial complex. This provided a tool for citizens to share information and expose the hoodwinks of war for profit. And in response, there’s been a rush by the National Security State to create a Bot Nation to create a false consensus in social media. These bots could be multiplying faster than real human beings.

One thing about these operations: you can recognize agents of disinfo because they go ballistic if you question their posts, almost as if they are running a script. There’s never a hint of discussion or debate over facts or evidence, because that would just serve to educate others monitoring the thread. Just all-out war and vicious character assassination.

It’s the flip side of what the media does should anyone mention we need a new 9/11 investigation. You just won’t hear that on the national news. And yet, that’s the way a lot of people in Congress feel, they just know you can’t talk about it and survive in politics. Just like many reporters know you can’t talk about alternative 9/11 conspiracies if you want to survive in the corporate media. So the only ones that get to go there and survive are the fake whistleblowers who serve as lightning rods, gathering oppositional energy into the control of the National Security State. Both Snowden and Wikileaks fall into this category. Anytime a whistleblower ends up on Time magazine, rest assured you’re looking at an intelligence operation.

The social media conspiracy community is dominated by bots running false memes, while the mainstream media amplifies tragedies as much as possible by showing as much blood and tears as possible, and jolting Americans into hyper states of empathetic fear.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we didn’t have to worry about our National Security State staging terror incidents in order to keep us under mind control? Because that’s what we’re looking forward to. The internet provided a tool for turning the tables and installing a democracy in the future, but the bots will take over if we let them. So please stop passing around those crazy conspiracy stories they manufacture.

Of course, if you’ve got something credible about the JFK assassination or 9/11, go ahead and share it. Funny how I see so little of that stuff going around. Wonder why.

Please Remember Rainbow Farm on April 20th

On Labor Day week-end, 2001, President George Bush was attending a Teamster Rally in Michigan, the first President to attend such an event and in his usual jovial, cocky mood. He spoke about his wife being on the tour with him, which he thought was a great idea. It was typical G.W., all mom, flag and apple pie.
A photo from the rally hit the national news and was published everywhere, showing a Arab-looking child holding an American flag looking up at Bush. When I wrote about the importance of 420 being a ceremony for peace, Brian MucCullough reminded me to light some candles for Tom and Rollie of Rainbow Farm, who were just a few miles away that day about to be assassinated by American soldiers.
Tom and Rollie were gay biker dudes when I met them, and really into weed and throwing massive parties. They showed up at the Cannabis Cup and got pulled into the Temple Dragon Crew and fell in love with the ceremonies. It changed their lives.
Next thing I knew, they were throwing major ceremonies on their immense property in Michigan and invited me to come all-expenses-paid as a ceremonial chief and do 420 Peace Ceremonies, just like the one I’m doing in New Jersey at the Piscataway Hempfest on April 5th.
They called their property Rainbow Farm and licensed the WHEE! from High Times one year and spent a fortune bringing in the Cannabis Cup Band and other acts. But that was their last big event and it broke the bank. They could have survived, only their survival plan involved growing weed in the basement of their home, and once they got ratted-out and lost custody of Rollie’s son, they both went insane because they were loving and devoted parents who doted on the boy.
I was in Woodstock all that week and weekend, and didn’t return to New York City until the following Tuesday. I stopped off at B&H to pick up some video tape for my camera and the clerk told me: “A plane just flew into the World Trade Center.” Of course, I was thinking it must be some little prop plane. I continued to work on my motorcycle and by the time I got upstairs, the office was all abuzz and one tower was burning. I went to my office, where I discovered a string of voice messages on my phone.
I wish I’d taped those messages, because it’s the last time I heard Tom or Rollie’s voice. They called to let me know they were making a last stand, and wanted it to be a huge media event like Waco to draw attention to the War on Marijuana, and they needed me to be the spearhead in this attack. Only they didn’t have my Woodstock number, only my office. The messages got more and more frantic, and it pained me I was never able to contact them because I looked online and immediately discovered they were both already dead.
Tom was shot in the head by a sniper he never saw from a great distance. Rollie set the house on fire the next day and got shot in the neck as he exited the burning structure. Police or soldiers hand-cuffed him, then kicked the testicles out of his scrotum. When they delivered his corpse to the coroner, Rollie was still wearing their handcuffs.
But I didn’t know any of this yet, only that they were both dead, and that I might have had a chance to talk them out of this crazy idea that something good might happen for the cannabis legalization movement from them committing suicide by cop.
So that’s why I’ll be lighting candles for Tom and Rollie of Rainbow Farm on April 20th and I hope you do to.
And when I went to the roof after listening to those heartbreaking messages, I watched a giant pillar of smoke blowing towards Brooklyn, and the main thought in my mind was how this was going to obliterate all news of Tom and Rollie’s death. And that’s exactly what happened. You think maybe it was planned that way? I mean, there was no reason for the police and soldiers to storm the property so quick. They could have negotiated for days with no violence, especially since they had the son as a bargaining tool, and both men were desperate to have some contact. But then, that would have allowed Tom and Rollie to turn it into a giant media event, which is what they were wanting and expecting.
It sure felt like there was some angry rush to execute these two loving men who just wanted to devote their lives to cannabis legalization because it was the right thing to do and they loved the spirit of the plant. And somehow they knew if they got it done quick, something really big was coming down the pike to wash it all away.

Remembering Philip Marshall

marshall-murder-suicideI bet you never heard of Philip Marshall. He was a pilot and worked directly under Barry Seal in New Orleans at the height of the Contra-Cocaine effort, when planes full of guns were flying south and coming back stuffed with happy dust. Barry was one of the biggest spooks in history and ran an immense operation, but he turned on his CIA masters and went rouge and was soon dead.

Philip was his aide at the time, and he went on to write a “novel” about those years called Lakefront Airport, after the New Orleans airport Barry first employed for smuggling operations, a site later switched to Mena, Arkansas, after a favorable Governor to the CIA was installed there no doubt.

Marshall used his spook connections to write an expose on 9/11 that tied the event to a Bush-Saudi alliance. But there’s a price for telling the truth in America, and in this case, that price included his assassination as well as the murder of his children and dog.

They were all found shot dead. The kids were arranged on the couches as if they were sleeping when murdered with a bullet to the brain. There was zero investigation and it was immediately ruled a double murder suicide perpetrated by Marshall, who by all evidence was a devoted single dad who would have done anything for his kids. But one day, he woke up and decided to kill off everyone.

The story does not hold water, however, as there is no way Marshall could have fired all those bullets without the shots being heard by neighbors. And since there was no disturbance, that means a supressor was likely used, something not found at the scene. But since the crime scene was sanitized, and no forensics conducted, we will never come close to the truth.

Oh, and Marshall’s relationship with Barry Seal is well documented, as was Seal’s long history running guns and drugs, and some of those operations were reportedly done under the guidance of Oliver North.

There’s a famous photo online of the notorious Operation 40 crew assembled as a CIA assassination squad. Seal is the third person sitting on the left.  Next to him is Porter Goss, eventually to rise to the top of CIA. The guy across the table hiding his face is Frank Sturgis, who would soon start work on assassinating Fidel Castro. The Latin guy in front with a cigarette in his hand is Felix Rodriguez, who will soon kill Che Guevara, along with many others no doubt. I show you this photo to explain how real Seal and Marshall are in the kingdom of spookdom, which is why this death should have been taken very seriously by local law enforcement, and not shoved under the rug so quickly.

In Praise of Pete Carroll

911coach2Aside from Phil Jackson, Pete Carroll is my new favorite coach. He worked his way up from nothing and weighed 110 pounds when he entered high school. He had to get a doctor’s permission to even try-out for the football team because he was under the minimum weight. Everyone said he was too small and too scrawny to play football, but he became an outstanding quarterback.
Since we’re both born in 1951, and since Carroll has spent most of his life on the West Coast, it’s safe to say he was touched by the counterculture revolution, which explains why he remains a Grateful Dead fan to this day, leading to the possibility he may even be a secret stoner. I always thought Jackson allowed his players to smoke pot as long as they kept it concealed. In fact, Kareem later reportedly told someone he used cannabis to ward off migraine headaches and often took a toke before a game strictly for medicinal purposes. I know that info has never appeared in the media, but I believe it comes from a solid source.
Everyone is making a big deal about the “Stoner Bowl” because Washington and Colorado are the two legal marijuana states. But since this game is being played in New Jersey, one of the least pot-friendly places in the country, I don’t find that tag very appropriate. I could understand if the game was in a legal state, in which case I’m sure the stands would be filled with vapers, which would have been an amazing sight, although the networks will likely put the kabosh on showing that reality when it does surface in the future.
So this game really should be called “Skeptics Bowl,” or something similar. Anything but the “9/11 Truth” Bowl, since I hate that term and believe intel invented it as a means to bash the researchers. But then I also believe intel invented the term “conspiracy research” as part of a similar op because those two words are code for “nut-case” in the media.
Since Pete Carroll is one of the few people who have put their careers on the line to speak the truth, expect him to be treated very savagely in the press over the next few days for his political beliefs. But that’s just the way it goes in America. When you act like a real patriot and protect the Constitution instead of the Pentagon, the media turns against you.

Remembering Amiri Baraka

We always knew him as LeRoi Jones, member of the Greenwich Village beat scene, who inherited the mantle of Malcolm X after Malcolm was assassinated.

Echo boomers today have little concept of what life was like in the 1960s, when the FBI was murdering the best voices in the land in an attempt to keep the war economy on track. The beats were the heart and soul of the anti-war movement, and their passion for peace infected the next generation, who became known as the hippies.

I was super disappointed when LeRoi changed his name to Baraka and declared himself a Black Nationalist. The whole point of the counterculture was that everyone was invited to the party, and then he spun off and began writing anti-white propaganda. I lost interest in his work for a while, but there’s no denying he became the leading radical spokesperson for the black community, and he always had a knack for puncturing hypocrisy wherever he found it.

A few years ago Baraka was given a cushy gig making $10,000 a year as Poet Laurette of New Jersey. But shortly after capturing the honor, he read a poem about 9/11 called “Who Blew Up America?” in which he referenced foreknowledge of the Jewish community in New York City. New Jersey quickly fired him as their official state poet and then eliminated the position because they didn’t want any more rouge poets sprouting revolutionary rhetoric. Since we’re at the beginning of awareness of what happened that day, anyone in official positions who speaks out will be swiftly excommunicated from the power structure, just like Baraka was. This is happening in every industry and university. So any intelligent person understands that they can petition for a real investigation and lose their career, or keep quiet and have a comfortable life. The difference today is most echo boomers opt for the comfortable life, although I wonder if that might not start to feel empty later on down the road.

Baraka took on a most spiritual name when he threw off his slave name, and he played a major role in getting blacks to build their own local businesses as well as name their children with African names. He obviously had a high awareness of the magic involved with names as he changed his three times over the course of his life. “Barakah” in Sufi culture is the word for the great spirit that flows through all things. Certain things, however, can become much more highly charged with barakah: artists, poets, mystics, shamans, for example, as well as the tools they work with.

While I applauded Baraka’s speaking out on 9/11, I was saddened he supported the hoax that thousands of Jewish workers didn’t show up that day. I’m sure at least one CEO was told, but there’s no evidence thousands of Jews suspiciously avoided work. I always thought that meme was floated by spooks to discredit the 9/11 researchers. The guy who didn’t show up for work and lived is Howard Lutnik and his company seemed to have a lot of activity moving money around right before the buildings went down, not to mention his floor was the real ground zero. And then he cashed in with a book about 9/11.

As one of the most significant artists of his time, it will take time to sort out Baraka’s legacy. But it’s always sad to lose someone so filled with the spirit that flows through all things.