9/11 Survivors won’t go away quietly

Ricki DeSantis may a true American hero, or he may be a spook using a false ID. He claims to have worked in the penthouse of the Adams Express Building and to have had a strong premonition of danger on September 11th. He says he helped to get all people out before The Towers came down, and also had the incredible good sense to grab a disposable camera to document what his eyes were seeing.

He kept silent for thirteen years, but the wounds he suffered that day have never healed, so now he seeks closure through showing his photos and talking about the event. There’s an interview with Gary Null on Youtube that is mind-blowing, if it’s true.

DeSantis is convinced the plane that struck the South Tower was painted grey and had no windows. According to him, it looked like an enormous drone and seemed to move relatively slow, certainly not the 500 mph speed range claimed in the official report.

According to DeStantis, many of his employees saw this plane and would testify in court it was not a commercial airplane. I would like these employees to come forward asap.

DeSantis is also convinced the fire was completely out long before the Second Tower went down. The released photos reveal the northern side of the structure, but one photo of the south side supports DeStantis’ claim the jet fuel fire was out prior to collapse.

There were a few squibs that fired prematurely, as shown clearly in this photo.

The misfiring of charges was documented on many home video cameras, although the government claims these projections were caused by the stress created by the collapsing structure. But I wonder if many unbiased engineers would agree with that assessment.

The most revealing photo is a detail of the top of the South Tower just as the building was about to come down. It shows that a powerful explosive force blew apart the top of the building right before the collapse. Such an explosion would be standard procedure for initiating a controlled demolition.

I suggest every American consider the evidence. Why can’t we have an independent investigation into the collapse of these three steel buildings, considering that over 3,000 professional engineers and architects have already signed the petition demanding one? And why can’t we see the missing 28 pages on Saudi involvement removed from the 9/11 Commission Report

Isn’t it about time we stood up against whatever cabal orchestrated this terrorist attack that quickly led to over 2 million deaths worldwide?

Feel free to leave your opinion on this blog: Is Ricki an undercover spook seeding disinfo, or a real 9/11 survivor?

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