How to build a boogieman called terror

Meet James Cromitie who was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Many young blacks, especially those railroaded into prison by our racist and unjust drug laws, have two choices in life: join a gang or join the Muslims. Cromitie picked the Muslims.

But then he was unlucky enough to visit a Mosque in his hometown of Newburgh, New York, the same day an FBI informant arrived trolling for terrorist wannabes.

See the FBI has 15,000 informants on its payroll. I call these dudes “spooks.” Many are criminals who bartered their way out of a jam by turning into secret FBI agents. The FBI dude from Pakistan took an interest in Cromitie and asked him if he’d like to make $250,000.

As someone who has bicycled through the town of Newburgh on the way to Woodstock, I can assure you it’s one of the most poverty-stricken areas in upstate New York and the promise of a $250,000 payday is enough to get one of its poorer residents to agree to just about anything, although the FBI tapes reveal Cromitie would not agree to do any act that hurt anyone, only to destroy property that the FBI dude wanted blown up.

Meet Shahed Hussain, who hatched this plot and recruited Cromitie. He drove a different luxury car to every meeting with Cromitie and seems to have amassed a fleet of high-end vehicles from doing undercover work for the FBI the last few years, but then there are another 15,000 informants like Hussain some of whom must be trolling Americans, trying to recruit poor saps into jihad honeytraps, and some of them may have amassed their own luxury fleets.

After promising Cromitie $250,000 for a couple day’s work, Hussain asked Cromitie to recruit some more Muslims, as this jihad needed more terrorists in order to look more like a serious conspiracy. Hassain lured the four men across state lines to pick up a stinger missile launcher for him. Crossing state lines turned this conspiracy into a Federal matter and the stinger missiles made it a mandatory 25-year sentence thanks to the Patriot Act.

Eventually this gang that couldn’t shoot straight was asked to deliver two fake plastic explosive bombs into two cars parked outside a Jewish Temple in the posh Riverdale section of the Bronx. Someone had parked the cars and left the doors unlocked for this purpose. So you had a government informant from Pakistan, sheep-dipping four poor dudes who didn’t have ten dollars between them, none of whom even owned a vehicle, and these dudes are asked to pose as terrorists to make $250,000 each in one day? Since a mob hit typically costs $5k, one wonders how anyone could be dumb enough to believe they were going to get a million dollars for dropping a bag into a car in front of a Temple, but these guys did believe this was going to happen. They thought they were playing Hussain, when it was the other way around.

Over 100 police officers, support helicopters, riot vehicles, flatbed trucks, SWAT teams in full combat gear immediately surrounded the four unarmed men, smashed the windows of the vehicle they were inside (owned by the FBI informant) dragged them out of the car and paraded them in front of the national media as ruthless jihadists ready to strike at innocent Americans because they hate the west, not four slobs trying find a route out of poverty. Cromite and his unlucky friends are now serving 25-to-life.

But this is nothing unusual. This drama is played out every month in America because terrorism has to be manufactured or the wheels are going to fall off the hoodwink. In fact, no real Mosque in America has ever been found guilty of fomenting terrorism, and every legitimate Muslim knows when a newcomer walks in and starts talking jihad, he is a government agent trying to entrap people. Talking jihad in an American Mosque is the quickest way to get kicked out of any Mosque. But the FBI stooges have to troll real Mosques so they can make sure people realize this is a religious war.

“I believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that there would have been no crime here except the government instigated it, planned it and brought it to fruition,” said U.S. District Judge Colleen McMahon at sentencing. “That does not mean there was no crime.”

An amazing documentary on this case aired on HBO, The Newburgh Four. Why these men weren’t pardoned by President Obama just based on this film is beyond me. Will someone please reign in Homeland Security and not allow this sort of scam to continue? I just hope the Newburgh Four win their appeal with the Supreme Court because there’s never been a more clear-cut case of entrapment in history.

The wikipedia page on this case is a travesty and I hope someone can get some shreds of truth on that page someday, because right now it’s just an apology for a very weak case and contains few revelations from the documentary.

Update: In October 2018, a stretch limo supplied by Hussain’s rental company crashed in upstate New York, killing all 18 on board as well as two pedestrians.

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  1. it’s sad that  virtually  all ‘terrorists’ arrested were  talked  into carrying fake  bombs, etc., by the fbi.  did  you see the  page  by the lawyer  who  saw  the  ” panty  bomber” be allowed on his  plane  without a passport ? another  obvious  plant.  

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