Marijuana prohibition was a conspiracy

Reefer madness in North America may have begun a mere 80 years ago with the first anti-cannabis laws passed in Texas as means of controlling Mexican immigrants, but the persecution kicked off much earlier.

Funny the history books don’t mention that when cannabis and man got together around the Ukraine some 10,000 years ago, stoners soon domesticated horses and invented the wheel, and pretty soon hemp-covered wagons were traveling the silk road and over the Khyber Pass, dropping hemp seeds all along the way.

Eventually, great temples emerged along these trails, and even though we call them “fire” temples today, they were all serving hot milk and cannabis as a medicine and sacrament. A revolutionary idea emerged, the idea of a single great spirit uniting everything. It was an altar that unified everything and instantly transformed all the known gods and goddesses, angels and demons to the role of facets of the same crystal. This idea spread quickly from the East to the West and eventually threatened the power and prestige of the world-dominating Roman Empire, an oligarchy ruled by elite families bent on global domination.

But some sorcerers inside that oligarchy did an amazing trick. They co-opted the one-god concept, while removing the real sacrament. They also invented a ton of dogma designed to help keep the oligarchy in control. And they kept their original sacrament, alcohol, the sacrament of warrior culture. Skip forward a hundred years saying the word “cannabis” in a Catholic country might get you dragged before the Inquisitor General, even though everyone knew the rope was made from it. Francois Rabelais had to refer to the plant in code to avoid persecution, even though he was the leading doctor and alchemist of his time, and well aware of the plant’s powers.

But after the hammer of the United States government fell on cannabis 80 years ago, a small group in New Orleans who used it in ceremonies refused to give it up. Probably because some felt it made them perform better. These few unknown laid the foundation for blues, jazz, rock, folk, hip hop in a place called Congo Square, a place I consider the real Mecca of North America.

Now consider the great wheel of life and how it spins round and round and the same dramas appear over and over, and consider that the Inquisition really got started after a group calling themselves The Society of  Smokers appeared in Northern Italy and Southern France, who started writing the first secular sheet music, something that must have infuriated the Vatican, which held a patent on music. Whatever happened, the Society of Smokers were suddenly erased off the face of the earth with zero mention in the history books. Fortunately, a few scraps of sheet music survived and I’m sure the Vatican has the mother lode stored away. Just think about how the Society of Smokers and those pioneers of Congo Square in New Orleans were both using cannabis as a tool to elevate their minds and their music. And consider Congo Square manifested a culture that has used music as a tool to end both the War in Vietnam and marijuana prohibition.

A great re-awakening and remembering will soon flood across the land. All I ask is that you remember cannabis prohibition was a conspiracy and our next mission should be to dismantle the war for profit conspiracy.

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  1. Nice piece, Steve. And I like the suggestion of what’s next. Yay peace lovers. Also, I’m thinking the mother-load is probably a typo, but still an amusing pun 😉

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